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Catwoman : False Faces (My DC Film Universe)

Black Mask has returned and he wants revenge. Setting out to destroy Selina Kyle's life, Sionis will enlist the help of the Ventriloquist and his new False Facers gang. Will Selina stand by her lover's moral code or will she have to cross some lines?

  • Important Plot Points: Catwoman very almost kills Black Mask but realises that it'd be "Revealing her true self" which is exactly what Sionis wants. Scarface's sentience is only hinted at and is left unsure. Peyton's attraction to Scarface will only be hinted at and mentioned, she doesn't get Scarface yet. Riddler only appears in a small role and will mostly be foreshadowing. We see the collapse of Penguin's empire and he appears later in the film where he gives information to Selina but we don't see him build his empire back up yet. Black Mask, Peyton Riley, Shark and Matt Hagen are all arrested at the end of the film
  • This takes place around 3 years after my first Batman: Masquerade which is majorly connected to this.
  • If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below and I'll try and act on them if I can.

List items

  • Rather than getting involved in the "crime-fighting" business of her lover (Batman), Selina continues her cat-burgling ways. However, she is no longer doing it for personal gain (Well, not entirely) and uses the money stolen to help Holly Robinson (A young prostitute) and for several animal shelters. Selina only steals from those who have ties in crime but if in desperate need of money, Selina will break this code. When Black Mask returns to the east side of Gotham, Selina becomes a target for her former employer and Catwoman's sister Maggie and her husband Simon are both kidnapped by Sionis and brutally tortured. Catwoman is pushed to her utter most limits and must track down Black Mask. Suddenly, Selina's attitude to crime-fighting has changed, all though she's not afraid to cross some lines....

  • After 3 years, Black Mask has returned to Gotham and he is determined to "tie up some loose ends". Setting straight to work, Roman exposes Mayor Cobblepot as the crime-boss Penguin to the public of Gotham (With the help of the Ventriloquist), forcing him to resign and revealing his "true-face" to Gotham by "stripping his mask". Penguin soon loses control over the gangs of East Gotham (Containing some of the largest gangs) who view him as weak. Seizing the opportunity, Sionis takes control of the East Gotham gangs, rivalling Penguin's power and smiting him for his betrayal which led to the imprisonment of Sionis. Black Mask then kidnaps Maggie Kyle and her husband Simon, intending to draw Catwoman out. Sionis brutally tortures them, even killing Simon and forcing Maggie to eat his eyes in order to enrage Catwoman and get her to reveal her "true-face" whilst getting revenge for her betrayal. However, Mask comes to believe that when she hasn't found him in 1 week, that she has no mask and is unwilling to cross lines to kill him. However, Selina is more than willing to "strip her mask"….

  • Born into a powerful Gotham crime-family, Arnold Wesker became meek and shy after the murder of his mother. From then on, his only way to express himself was through ventriloquism. After accidentally killing a police officer during a release of his suppressed anger, Wesker is sent to Blackgate. There, his cellmate owns a Ventriloquist's dummy. Wesker became fascinated with the puppet but is beaten whenever he goes near it. Wesker plans to kill himself but is stopped when he believes the puppet talks to him and convinces him to kill his cellmate. Wesker does this, disguising it as suicide, and escapes with the dummy. Following Scarface's orders, they set out to become the crime-lords of Gotham. Now called the Ventriloquist, Wesker is the meek assistant to the violent Scarface (Who is an outlet for his violence). However, he is so insane that he believes the puppet is alive. Ventriloquist became a crime-lord for Penguin but Scarface desired to be more than that. Black Mask later approaches Ventriloquist and proposes a deal, if he helps bring down Penguin then Ventriloquist can have control over the gangs of Gotham. Accepting the deal, Ventriloquist aids Sionis in exposing Penguin. After this, Ventriloquist takes control of Gotham's gangs and gives Black Mask the East side. Now the kingpin of Gotham, Ventriloquist must face an unexpected threat - Catwoman...

  • A young prostitute, Holly Robinson became close friends with street-wise Selina Kyle who later took her under her wing. Now living with Selina who has become a mentor and protector to her, Holly aids Selina with information on gangs which she gains through her "night-time activities".

  • The younger cousin of Arnold Wesker, Peyton Riley helped him in his rise to power. Riley then took over the East Docks working alongside Black Mask. Riley was originally engaged to a prestigious doctor but due to Riley's crime background, the doctor's mother despised her which strained his relationship with his mother even more. His mother later wrote him out of the will entirely and in retaliation, he used Riley's contacts to kill his mother. They then burned his mother's changed will before the doctor abandoned Riley and disappeared. Riley discovered his plan and a fight ensued which resulted in Riley losing her eye. Her fiancee soon disappeared and Riley travelled to Gotham where she aided her cousin. Riley's hatred for her fiancee earned her favour with Black Mask who also resented this mystery man since he was tormented by him in childhood (As Sionis was forced to be friends with Bruce Wayne, Riley's fiancee, who was close friends with Bruce, hated Roman and would often physically abuse him). Riley, despite seeming saner than her cousin, is just as insane as Wesker and desires Scarface for herself, as she views him as her lover....

  • The puppet used by Arnold Wesker, Scarface was originally called Woody and used for the Blackgate prison talent show and made from the Old Gallows. Believing Scarface to be alive, Wesker kills his owner and escapes with the dummy. However, on the way out, Woody is scarred across the face earning his name. Scarface is used as an outlet for Wesker's anger and is considered the boss of his gang. Wesker cannot pronounce the letter 'B' in his ventriloquism which results in a 'G' sound. Is Scarface just an outlet for Wesker or is he something else?

  • After falling in love with Black Mask and being left for dead by Scarecrow after he experimented on her (Leaving her even more disturbed), Linda Friitawa went missing with Black Mask. 3 Years later, she returns with her lover as Fright, heading the new False Face Society. Not caring for what cause, Fright delights in the torture Sionis puts his victims through and has several times volunteered herself, enjoying the pain. However, Fright falsely believes that Peyton Riley and Black Mask are in a relationship and grows smiteful of Sionis. Fright tends to take more of a back-seat now but delights in torturing Roman's victims.

  • The Dark Knight continues his flirtatious relationship with Selina and encourages her to help him take on the crime of Gotham. When Batman learns of Black Mask's return to Gotham, he is determined to punish him for the previous kidnapping of Alfred and the scarring of Harvey Dent. After a violent fight with Sionis which Selina ultimately won, she manages to restrain from killing him and contacts Batman so that he can deal with Black Mask himself...

  • The Terrible Trio are Black Mask's three lieutenants in the False Facers who wear a fox, shark and vulture ballroom style mask respectively. When they take over the East Gotham Docks, Fox handles the trades on land, Shark handles the drug shipments and vulture handles the air-trade. The trio tend to stay away from Black Mask's torture sessions and are much more equipped for the usual gang business.

  • Fox is Black Mask's chief lieutenant in the False Facers. Warren Kawford wears a fox ballroom style mask and is in charge of the gang's operations on land.

  • One of Black Mask's lieutenants in the False Facers. Gunther Hardwicke wears a shark ballroom style mask and is in charge of the gang's operations via boats.

  • One of Black Mask's lieutenants in the False Facers. Armand Lydecker wears a vulture ballroom style mask and is in charge of the gang's operations via air-craft (Drug-Smuggling, etc.)

  • After being publicly discredited by Black Mask, Penguin is forced to resign from office but evades arrest. However, this lost him much favour with Gotham's gangs who viewed him as weak. Penguin managed to hold on to a few gangs but lost his title as Kingpin of Gotham to the Ventriloquist. However, The Penguin always rises back to the top...

  • Jim Gordon is much less tolerant on Selina than Batman but understands that she is a valuable ally, which is something especially rare in Gotham. Jim leads a task-force who are attempting to locate and arrest Black Mask which they later accomplish thanks to the help of Catwoman.

  • Alfred's kidnapping from 3 years ago causes Batman to become even more determined to get vengeance on Black Mask. Alfred has a particular fondness for Selina and secretly hopes that Bruce and she will get more... Permanent.

  • Dick is fond of Selina and has even become close friends with her, Selina sort of acting as a "Big-sister".

  • Sebastian Hady was the deputy-mayor of Gotham city and a corrupt official on the Penguin's payroll. After Penguin resigns from office, he makes Hady the mayor, deciding to secretly run his remaining gangs through him and try to regain his image among the gangs.

  • Rhino is the Ventriloquist's personal bodyguard and muscle. Rhino is incredibly loyal to the Ventriloquist but is dim-witted and believes Scarface to be "the boss" and thinks him to be alive.

  • Maggie Kyle is the sister of Selina Kyle. She became estranged from her in their teens when Selina went to live a life on the streets. However, they still love each other and sometimes meet up. Maggie and her husband Simon are kidnapped by Black Mask and brutally tortured. Maggie lives but was subject to such horrors (She was forced to eat her husband's eyes).

  • Simon Burton is the husband of Maggie Kyle. He, along with Maggie, is kidnapped and tortured by Black Mask. He eventually dies and Maggie is forced to eat his eyes.

  • The False Facers are Black Mask's gang.

  • Penguin's right-hand woman

  • Penguin's right-hand man

  • {Small Role} Karl Kyle is Selina and Maggie's brother. Karl lives in Star City but travels to Gotham when he learns of Maggie and is distraught.

  • {Small Role} Matt Hagen is the director of Gotham's Monarch art gallery. Hagen often works with the Ventriloquist by using the art gallery to smuggle drugs. Hagen is also a collector of fine art and often steals pieces from his gallery, replacing them with fakes. Due to Hagen's criminal activities, his house has been cat-burgled many times by Selina.

  • {Small Role} Branden is the leader of the GCPD SWAT division and works with Jim Gordon to bring in Black Mask. Branden is excessively violent and doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets the job done. This attitudes often leads to him butting heads with Jim.

  • {Small Role} Sylvia Sinclair is a childhood friend of Selina and a drug mule. Sylvia fell out with Selina after Selina tried to get her to stop her drug-abuse. Sylvia works alongside Holly Robinson.

  • {Small Role} Coroner for the GCPD.

  • {Small Role} Gilpatrick is a member of the Gotham SWAT.

  • {Cameo – Small Role} Edward Nashton (Going by the fake name Edward Nygma to hide his identity) is a mysterious character who has been tracking Selina for several days. When she finally confronts him, he claims to be a reporter for the Gotham Gazette. Suspicious, but not having time to deal with him, Selina lets him go. However, Nygma is not who he claims to be...

  • {Flashbacks Only} Riley's fiancee was a prestigious doctor and was a childhood friend of Bruce named Tommy Elliot. Despite Bruce being friendly to Roman Sionis, Tommy would often physically abuse him and mock him. Riley's fiancee later went on to become an esteemed surgeon in Metropolis and become engaged to Peyton Riley. Elliot had a very distant relationship with his mother as he desired her wealth so when she wrote him out of her will due to Riley's crime background, her fiancee was furious. He used his fiancée's contacts to kill his mother and he disposed of her changed will. Elliot then claimed her wealth and planned to abandon Riley. When she found this out, a fight erupted between the two which resulted in Peyton losing her eye. Tommy soon left her before disappearing before she could find him.

  • {Mentioned Only} The scarring of Harvey Dent is one of the driving-factors behind Bruce's hatred for Black Mask.

  • {Mentioned Only} Former Kingpin and Mayor of Gotham City before he was assassinated by Deadshot (On Black Mask's orders).

  • {Mentioned Only} Corrupt Mayor in Falcone's gang who was killed by Penguin. Mentioned when Jim Gordon says that Gotham goes through corrupt mayors like he goes through "cigs".