Batman: The Court Of Owls Review - Snyder/Capullo I

I thought I might as well start using this blog feature, so what better way to start it than a review of one of the first ever comics I read? Now this review does get into spoilers, so if you haven't read it yet and don't want it spoiled then turn away now! Onto the review!

Plot and Characters

The plot of Snyder and Capullo's first collaborative Batman epic focuses around Batman following the trail of a deadly-assassin from the shadowy Court of Owls from Gotham Legend. So, how does the story hold up? Pretty damn well really. The whole comic basically focuses around Gotham and never before has the city been so fleshed out. It start's to feel less like "Batman's home" and more like a character itself. How Snyder explores the vastness of the city and its history truly is great.

The Court of Owls - The idea around the Court itself and the mystery of them is really interesting and having them woven into the history of the city works really effectively. Their designs (Both the Talons and the members) look equally visually appealing. How they just try and completely eliminate every important figure in Gotham is great as it just shows the sheer amount of power they hold over the city without it knowing. Their corruption of the children of Gotham into the Talons is also really interesting and their labyrinth was easily the best part of the book for me as it showed how creepy the Court are and that others have slipped slowly into madness there. Overall, a great addition to Batman's Rogues Gallery.

Batman - Batman is used really well in this with his initial denial of the fact that his parents death was a random mugging and wanting to believe that there was something more (He originally thought it was the Court of Owls). His slow decent into insanity in the Court's labyrinth is really fascinating as he refuses to give in and beats a Talon to the ground. His fight against all the Talons in Wayne Manor and against Lincoln March are all brillaint as well. Great overall.

Lincoln March - I like the ambiguity about whether or not he's actually Bruce's brother but I don't think it was really needed. I think it would've been better if they just had him be a high-ranking member of the court who tried to steal their money.

Nightwing - Personally, I thought the reveal that he was originally meant to be a Talon for the Court was unneeded as it just felt unnecessary and just like they tried to connect it when it wasn't needed. Other than that though, Nightwing is pretty good in this.

Alfred - Imo, Scott Snyder has written the best-ever Alfred. We really see the best of him in Snyder's work (Although he's good here, he gets even better).


Capullo's art is absolutely brilliant The fights look brilliant and Labyrinth scene looks amazing. Great artwork

Overall Score

Overall a really great comic which suffers from a few unnecessary reveals which ultimately don't drag too much from the story. My score: A-

And remember, the Court Of Owls is watching...

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