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Last year, I had received a request to do a fanfic of the old 1980's cartoon Silverhawks. The last time I had done a Silverhawks fic had been fourteen years prior, and I will admit that it isn't one of my best, but it isn't one of my worst out there. That fic had been an attempt to use another character to link different fics all together. That idea fizzled out, and I hadn't returned to Silverhawks fic writing for many years.

Now, Silverhawks had appealed to me in my youth. I was in 6th or 7th grade when the cartoon came out, and I was drawn to the show in part due to the characters, and in part that it had an educational section at the end devoted to Astronomy. I had watched every episode at the time it was on, and even collected the comic books. They are actually some of the only comics I still have of my collection. After the series had gotten an airing on Cartoon Network in 2000-2001, I had worked to get all the episodes on VHS. I had almost succeeded, missing only one episode, which I eventually got a copy of, it having been one of four episodes released on VHS. Since then, I picked up a copy of the series on DVD, one I had figured out was bootleg, but at the time I didn't care since I had yet to see the series officially released on DVD. I am currently debating pick it up to watch digitally, but that hasn't stopped me from working on this new story.

In time, I may decide to split up the first story into chapters, but for now, I shall place Infestation In Limbo up on Comic Vine. I have it up on and I am currently considering putting it up on Archive Of Our Own.

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Prelude: The ArrivalPrelude: The Arrival
Chapter 1: War on the HorizonChapter 1: War on the Horizon
Chapter 2: First StrikeChapter 2: First Strike
Chapter 3: The New FactorChapter 3: The New Factor
Chapter 4: (in early developement)Chapter 4: (in early developement)
(future chapters)(future chapters)
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