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The Boys #63 0

OverviewOver The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men Part Four; twists ‘a plenty, blood, flying heads, Mr. Vought America has a name, and the next chain of events which will lead to the climax of this series. Oh man… Ya want gum?What Rich likes…Three significant things happened in this issue, none of which I saw coming; the best thing about it? It’s all within the context of the story. Some people have criticised The Boys, suggesting that the antics which go on in each issue overshadow the ov...

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The Boys #62 0

Part three brings blood, politics, explosions, kidnapping and vomit. Anyone would have thought Garth Ennis wrote this shenanigan…What Rich likes…The pace of this arc has been consistent and there’s a gi-normous storm cloud hanging over my head, which gathers steam with every month. This arc is pushing me closer and closer over the edge of this metaphorical cliff.There’s a good ol’ fight scene to kick off this issue, leaving right from the climax of the last issue. There’s some serious imaginatio...

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The Boys #61 0

Part two of Over The Hill sees The Boys realise the damage that the changes in political power could have on them, Mr. Vought America and Ms. Jessica Bradley hire their own super-hero security, Mother’s Milk teases a way to infiltrate The Seven and Wee Hughie dreams about gay aliens.What Rich likes...I’m a soppy ol’ muppet at heart and I just want to see Hughie and Annie happy together. Again, Garth Ennis’ character development is superb and this issue highlights several of Hughie’s problems; th...

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The Boys #60 0

This issue signals the beginning of the end. We see a big political shake up on the horizon, one of The Boys flies off of the rails, the Homelander learns something of one of his own and Mr. Vought America shows a sign of weakness; imperfection.What Rich likes…The recent issues of The Boys have completely changed my perspective on the series. The parody-esque and lighter hearted feel have somewhat demised, to be replaced by a serious, yet still tounge-in-cheek ideology. For the first time, it re...

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