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Lets Roll Kato! 0

*Possible Spoilers* Im truely gutted that Kevin Smith's reign on this Green Hornet series is over... the first ten issues have been fantastic,  i have  thoroughly enjoyed reading them.  I could see the storyline hitting the big screen in a Green Hornet sequel if next years movie does well. The origin of the Green Hornet, fueled by revenge for the death of his father is superbly written, blended with kick ass art work by Jonathan Lau. The Green Hornet comes up against the Black Hornet, an evil ve...

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Spidey's hit the BIG TIME! 0

 *Possible Spoilers* Spideys Back!... I believe this new take on Amazing Spider-Man has come at the right time. The art work of recent issues has let it down, But now we have a new, fresh and exciting look as Humberto Ramos takes on our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The action begins as soon as you turn the page, with Spidey leading the Avengers to battle against Doc Ocks' Octobots ( try saying that 5 times fast ) which are attacking the city. Again, the artwork is fantastic in these openin...

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