When death is no longer a certainty, anything is possible.

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Legacy Funeral Services (CVnU Business)

Legacy Funeral Services

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We at Legacy Funeral Services strive to provide you with hope and guidance during this difficult time. As such, we have resident counsellors at each of our branches specifically to help you or loved ones through the grieving process. All of our staff are trained in multicultural awareness and are conscientious of religious practice and we will gladly work along side religious leaders of your choosing to provide the most comfortable passing experience. Our administrative team is licensed to offer our various services and provide financing for lower income individuals and family. They will work with you to schedule and plan wakes or funerals in the location of your choosing. They can help with the formation of wills and last testaments as well as plan in advance for preferred funeral arrangements.

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For our burial services we have multiple models of caskets in stock, with an endless variety available for order. Wood caskets can be carved to your specifications using the material of your preference with options such as mahogany, oak, cherry, and maple. Eighteen to twenty gauge steel caskets are available for a sturdier option. There are clearance items and orthodox variations, our selection capable of catering to every last wish. Tombstones and moments are ordered and crafted by our artisan stoneworkers and blacksmiths using the material of your choosing along with the desired inscription whether it be a small pillow stone or a grand statue. We will work closely with any cemetery or chapel required for your loved ones to find their peace. Transportation is provided by our fleet of hearses.

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Cremation is an increasingly popular option. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art furnaces, our staff trained thoroughly on dealing with ashen remains. We have a selection of urns and vases that can be laser-etched with designs or phrases fitting for a final resting place. Alternate means of transporting ashes are available such as our Dust To Dust programme that places the ashes in a biodegradable urn to be planted under a tree or other shrubbery to bring new life from the ashes. Greenery and floral arrangements can be assembled by our team of botanists.

A more recent addition to Legacy is our end of life programmes. We work directly with local hospitals to give dying people a dignified death by providing a comfortable environment for their last days. This can be financed in advance or by friends and family to ensure passing is peaceful. This ties in neatly with the overall mission of Legacy Funeral Services to provide peace at the end of life for individuals and their loved ones.

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Whether your funeral service is jovial and bright, dark and somber, large and prestigious, or small and intimate, we hope you chose Legacy Funeral Services to offer you our wide array of accommodations at one of your local branches and to make this time one to remember.

Gregory Reza

Gregory Reza, Founder of Legacy Funeral Services

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