The Hollow

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Name: The Hollow

Relatives: The Sentinel (Creator)

Affiliations: None

Base of Operation: The Mind of the Golden One

Identity: Secret

Citizenship: None

Martial Status: None

Occupation: None

Species: Singularity

Gender: Male

Age: 230 lbs

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable


(Under Construction)


Negativity Empowerment: The Hollow feeds off of the negativity of others worldwide. Hebecomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. from any/all forms of negativity, including including emotions, powers, concepts, lines of thinking/thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc. of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing he existing powers. He is able to draw sustenance from the negative aspects and can even slow or stop aging. At his full power he his power is virtually unlimited

Disintergation Wave: He can cause targets (whether organic or inorganic material) to lose cohesion in various means. Some can make matter fall apart, wipe away their target on a molecular/sub-molecular level or even revert matter into pure energy by waves.

Magic Immunity: He is invulnerable to most forms of magic and magical powers.

Gravitational Singularity:Through Gravitational Singularity, the victim will be ripped to shreds when they enter a black hole. Their body would be stretched apart to a point of compression, causing a lot of pain and suffering. When they enter into a Gravitational Singularity, they would be erased to nothingness as body molecule, matter and energy will be absorbed, causing instant death.

Shape-Shifting: He can manipulate his form, transforming and reshaping himself potentially down to their genetic and cellular structure. He can impersonate others or enhance their own body for combat, either by turning into animals, monsters or by making the body stronger. He can manipulate his form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming himself.

Comsic Atmokinesis: He is capable of manipulating and creating cosmic weather (also called space weather), ie. the changes in the ambient plasma, magnetic fields, radiation, and other matter in space. He can create cosmic storms, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays, coronal mass ejection, etc. While remaining unaffected by the changes

Non-Atomic Structure: Although he is quite tangible his body has no atoms, particles or molecules that make it up causing him to be a living anomaly.

Seismokinesis: He can create, shape and manipulate vibrations, rhythmic movements of the target, including in themselves, others, objects, environment, etc., through the ground, water, or air.

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The Enigma

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Real Name: Unknown

Human Name: Jeremiah "Jeremy" Murr

Relatives: None

Affiliations: None

Base of Operation: The Beyond Realm

Identity: Public

Citizenship: Anywhere

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Unemployed/Knowledge Seeker

Education: Cosmic Super Genius

Species: Singularity

Gender: Agender (Appears Male)

Age: Forgotten

Height: Various (Appears 6'3)

Weight: Various (Appears to weight 230 lbs)


Date of Birth [12,000 Years Ago]: Separated from all universes and realities, there lays a plane called the Beyond Realm. It wasn't created from any deity. actually the creator of the Beyond Realm wasn't even born yet and the Plane Existed for centuries. It could only be accessed through mystic means ,as well as allowance. The Beyond Realm remained still, nothing to excite it's mystical clouds. No sound could be emitted, due to the plane having no molecules. This was the way the Beyond Realm would continue it's existence, but today was a different day. As a pair of blackened hands emerged from nothing. The blacken hands were molding a figure from the nothingness, a pair of legs were formed and the torso soon followed. The hands soon made a faceless head, only that it had depth in ways that none could imagine. The hands began to form it's own arms. The being that sat in the misty domain , has created himself and the beyond realm. It would look up and a swirling hole would appear, allowing him to see the starry cosmos. It tilted it's head in confusion, and entered the hole; appearing on the planet Earth.


"His powers and appearance depends on his connection and presence in the Beyond Realm. The longer he is away he begins to gain, weaker powers."


Personal Domain: "He" has The Beyond Realm in which he has omnipotence and absolute control over. How he has created the Beyond Realm remains an enigma.

Aseity: "He" manipulate their own origin, their birth, and event, (that occur without any other being present) that they choose as their own, regardless of the outside influences. However , he is still submissive to the outside's laws and rules.

  • Paradoxical Existence: "He"is a paradoxal existence, because "he" himself" is a paradox

Temporal Immunity: He is immune to temporal/time based powers, they cannot be frozen in time, slowed or even Time Travel, they are also immune to Temporal Slicing and having their age controlled by time manipulators.

[Currently IN-3 Years away]

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[Inconceivable Ablilites]

Reality Manipulation[High Teir]: "He" can change the laws of physics around him. Not only that, they can break the laws of physics, and can control the very rules of logic and reason, able to perform a feat that is not only impossible, but also inconceivable.

  • Reality Armour: He can warp/generate reality in order to create an armor composed of reality around themselves. By encasing themselves in the fabric of reality, they essentially remove themselves from reality and exist inside of the armor. Because they, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists in reality nor abides by the rules of reality, most methods of attack are rendered completely moot due to the armor flat out ignoring the attack. The user is immune to the reality warping and can perceive the true reality.

Science-Magic Ascendancy: He possesses abilities beyond the laws of science or magic, resulting in the user being of unfathomable power and capable of incredible feats; their powers are inexplicable to either side and seemingly accomplish completely illogical/irrational actions/effects to both. The potential effects are innumerable in possibilities, as they can accomplish apparently everything imaginable with very little exposition as to how it is done. The scope of this power can range from slight nudges to brutal disruptions in scale.

Concept Manipulation: "He" can manipulate all existent concepts, change concepts and their definition, create new ones by warping a universal ideas or create one out of nothing.

Supernatural Manipulation: He an manipulate the supernatural (Medieval Latin: supernātūrālis: supra "above" + naturalis "nature"), is that which is not subject to the laws of nature, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature.

A concept is an idea/definition for anything concrete or abstract (E.g.: Concept of Time and Concept of Space) in the universe. By creating a concept, the user is able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways or change existent concepts like reality or energy to enhance it or decrease its effects in various scales.

Cognikinesis: "He" can manipulate all perspectives about everything. Since everything, including reality itself is based upon one's perspective, this power can essentially create a new being, or denies the existence of a being. All the concepts like time, space, causality, (and so on) exist only because they are perceived to exist. Like its name would suggest, it embodies one of the fundamental forces of reality - that of change, interpretation, and ultimately, equality.

Paranormal Manipulation: "He" can manipulate the uncertain/unknown, manipulating everything that lies beyond his perception or understanding. In short, what cannot be perceived or the understandable at a given moment can be anything he chooses.

Dimension Creation: Hecan create dimensions and nearly anything within the dimension (objects, creatures, etc.) and travel to them by creating a portal or just by wishing. He can bring other objects and organisms to his dimensions, although they must use more energy and concentration to do so. One might make a dimension where only they are invisible, and thus hide whenever being hunted by others.

Superpower Manipulation: "He" has the ability to create, manipulate, remove, change, etc, the supernatural energies/properties in all beings that give them their powers, including themselves, thus allowing every variation of superpowers manipulative abilities

Biological Manipulation: "He" can manipulate life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.


Omni-Physics Manipulation: "He" can bend/manipulate physics of all forms, including Pataphysics and Metaphysics, Physics Manipulation, and Quantum Physics. This can include magic physics as well as natural physics.

Pataphysics Manipulation: "He" can manipulate Pataphysics: the ability to have control over the ineffable, the unknown and the unknowable, transcending metaphysical laws and boundaries. It also manipulates imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their Virtuality, to their lineaments.

The concepts are so ethereal that it doesn't have an unequivocal definition that passes easily from one state of apparent definition to another. Beyond truth, reality, and everything, this power is for all intents and purposes, all-powerful.

Imaginary Physics: He can manipulate imaginary physics, the part of physics that deals with things that either don't fit into standard categories or are not fully understood or unknown (Imaginary Mass, Virtual Particles, Imaginary Numbers, etc.), possibly relating to higher dimensions or what is now considered to be fringe science.

Since imaginary physics are considered to be a gray area, it may seem like magic, rather than science to others. In fact, some users may have enough skill to make it actually step into the realm combining them.

Science Manipulation: "He" can manipulate the laws of nature/science through a mundane method that manipulates reality to whatever effect they desire which can be interpreted as "super-science". The power of science does not obey the conventional laws of physics, since it created it, and can do whatever it wants with it.

Cosmic Manipulation:"He"can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortices, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness.

He can also call upon the comets, meteors, asteroids, stars, moons, planets, nebula, quasars, and dark matter. They can generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers.

Transcendent Science: He can manipulate and understand a level of science/knowledge that only god-like beings possess. Divine science allows the user to achieve nearly limitless and impossible results, due to being so advanced and complex that only higher beings can understand, most users of this use that type of science to enhance or bestow others with almighty powers like bend the laws of physics, create universes and warp realities those same feats are beyond the most advanced form of science.


Mystical Transcendence: "He" is a practitioner of the Magical Powers who possess the uncanny ability to transcend the very rules under which they operate.

  • Magic Destruction: "He"can utterly destroy magic, nullifying it to the point of nonexistence, reducing the amount of magic in an area, and destroy entities made of magic.
  • Omni-Magic: He has unlimited access to all forms of magic and other mystical and supernatural forces. They can bend, break, and even create natural laws, distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale, perform unbelievable miracles, and create things without limit. Users are also immune to all opposing magic and can even break through all outside mystic defenses.

Magical Energy Manipulation: "He"create, shape and manipulate magical energy to use magic for a variety of effects and purposes


Psychopotence : He has unlimited access to all forms of psionics and other psychic and mental forces. With this unlimited access, the user is capable of manipulating reality itself, allowing them to transcend the normal limits of psychic power. By their very nature, they are master-level reality warpers that are capable of manipulating existence itself.

Absolute Psionic Power: He can tap into infinite/absolute, pure, raw psionic might, and achieving an unimaginable level of psychic power, capabilities, and precision that surpasses any and all other psionic by an infinite margin

Absolute Illusion: "He" is able to generate illusions that are realistic to the point where they can confuse all the senses of the target, making it impossible to break free unless willed by the user. He can also create illusions on a large scale, from a small region to planetary or galactic region, etc.


Absolute Condition: "He" has perfect mental and physical condition.

Absolute Access: He can gain access or entry to any location, place or time. They can easily gain access to places that are spatiolocked, temporal locked, spatial-temporal locked, isolated, closed, even omnilocked locations. It doesn't matter where or what the location is, he can always find a way inside.

Spatial Immunity: He is immune to spatial/space based powers, they cannot be displaced, banished, warped, duplicated, devoured or closed. They are also immune to Spatial Slicing and having their space controlled by spatial manipulators.

[4 Years+]

The Illusionist

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Horror Manipulation: He can create, shape, enter and manipulate the nightmares of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, observing nightmares and turning dreams into nightmares. The overwhelming shock, fear, anxiety and terror can prove too suffocating for the victim in which their hearts might explode or brains might die.

Supernatural Condition: "He" is strong enough to lift large aircraft and destroy the toughest metals, fast enough to break Mach 1 (1,236 km/768 mph), durable enough to take powerful explosions.

Divine Weather Manipulation: "He" can assert control over all forms of weather available to divine entities or forces and utilize them in a variety of ways. The user can dominate atmospheric patterns which span over planets at a time and induce powerful forms of weather phenomenon. The user can also manipulate cosmic weather phenomenon, allowing them to assert their influence over patterns beyond that of those limited to planetary atmospheres.

Reality Manipulation[Middle-Teir]: "He" can perform seemingly impossible feats (e.g. producing a mallet out of thin air). He may be able to impose their laws onto others.

True Illusion: "He" can create illusions so powerful they outweigh reality. They can induce illusions into others and themselves, and freely shift the phenomenon from illusion to reality and back at any moment. They can change people, places, locations, rooms, events, etc, bring anything forth out of nowhere, make anything vanish without a trace, etc. However theses illusions have escape points and weak points that the victim can find.

Omnilingualism: "He" can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language, including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing with little or no training. He can even communicate with non-human animals or read body language

Telekinetic Energy Manipulation: "He" control the purest form of telekinesis, the generation and manipulation of telekinetic force itself. As a result, the possible applications aren’t nearly as numerous and diversified as the widely encompassing Telekinesis, but what is lost in subtlety is gained in sheer power. Users thus cannot perform complex telekinetic operations, like the manipulation of matter and energy at an atomic level, being limited to more basic applications. But these are performed with overwhelming power.

Dimensional Teleportation: "He" can travel between different dimensions and universes and cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality.

Anti-Magic: "He' the ability to use anti-magic which can nullify and destabilize most if not all forms of magic and even destroy a magic user's capability to utilize magic. However. a magic user's magic can disable his own, like the interaction of anti-matter ad matter.

Power Bestowal: "He" can give superpowers to others, either permanently or temporarily.

  • Divine Power Bestowal: He can grant Divinity or divine powers to others. Unlike Deification user only gains divine powers without actually becoming a god.

Shape-Shifting: He can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping themselves potentially down to their genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance their own body for combat, either by turning into animals, monsters or by making the body stronger. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.


Breakable Bond: Masterful users of the manipulation of both science and magic can temporarily.break his bond with the Beyond Domain, temporarily preventing him from returning.

Domain Reliance: The longer that he is away from his dimension the weaker he becomes, eventually becoming powerless.

[Current State]


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Jamel K. Blackwell

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Name: Jamel K. Blackwell

Alias: Blackout

Relatives: Michelle Blackwell-Brown (Wife), Linnea Q. Blackwell (Daughter) D.J Blackwell (6-Year old son)

Affiliations: FBI, S.W.A,T, (formerly) LAPD

Base of Operations: New York

Identity: Classified

Citizenship: American

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Counter-Sniper/ Investigator

Educations: Doctor of Philosophy(Chemical Engineering/Telecommunications/ Data Analysis/ Mathematics/ Operational Research) Masters (Psychology/Sociology/ Modern Languages & Linguistics/ Aeronautical,Maritime and Transport Engineering/Fluid Dynamics)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 120 (Appearances 30)

Height: 6'4

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair Color: None, (Originally: Black)

Eye Color: Black

[Origin Story (WIP)]

Date of Innovation [XX/XX/XXXX]: In Harlem, Manhattan the night was quiet. A group of men could be heard playing a game of street-ball. A woman was scolding her child for reasons unknown, and a teapot was left on for too long. A man in a tuxedo would exit his apartment while arranging the cuffs on his shirt and speaking on his cellphone. "Yes, I'm on my way. I'd never, EVER stick you up sweetcheeks" He would chuckle at her reply and would enter his car. He fumbled in his pockets, searching for his keys. After a few minutes of looking for his car keys, found them in his back pocket. He would start the engine and would look in the mirror for any mistakes to his appearance, that was when he heard a knock on the window of his car. A tall man with an ominous demeanor would hold a rifle to the head of Jamel, the name of the man in the car. The menacing figure would then speak into what seemed like an intercom on his chest, and two other men would emerge from a black SUV with tinted windows. They hastily made their way to Jamel, dragging him out of his care, and knocking him unconscious with the butt of the rifle. An unknown amount of time passed before Jamel would awaken, not knowing where he was, he would begin to panic. He would begin to frantically kick around and would lash out, in what seemed to be an empty warehouse. He would pause and would observe his surroundings, looking for any clues to where he might be. A few minutes passed, and the men that ambushed him would arrive, closing the door which they came from. They placed a metallic suitcase on the table in front of the restrained Jamel. One of the suited men would unlock the suitcase, revealing a metallic, but miniscule orb. The other men would hold Jamel down, while the other man would hold up the orb. Jamel began to viciously shake, however, his efforts were futile against the might of the two men. They would force Jamel to open his mouth and digest the orb. Attaching it'self to his DNA, once again turning him unconscious. He would wake up in his car, without any evidence of a struggle, and would look at his wristwatch. It was 5 minutes after he left, he discarded the situation as a dream and would drive off to his planned date.

[Abnormal Skills]

Accelerated Development: Jamel can improve his natural abilities far faster and to a greater extent or beyond the limitations of other members of his species. This applies at a genetic level, allowing the body to keep up with his own rapidly developing skills/physical attributes, and at an intellectual level, to which his mind/mental capabilities can develop beyond his normal limits.

  • Accelerated Activity: Jamel can do anything at a faster speed than what is naturally possible, including thinking, moving, etc. regardless of what speed time is moving at. This gives the user an advantage in battle as they can think of strategies and fight at a faster rate than most of his opponents.
    • Special Ops Mastery: He is almost super-humanly skilled in all forms of special operations including but not limited to Mercenary Works, Counterintelligence, Black Propaganda, Counter-Terrorism, Guerrilla Warfare, Direct Action, Counterinsurgency, Assassination, Close Target Reconnaissance, Unconventional warfare, etc
      • One-Many Army: Jamel is able to fight against seemingly, overwhelming odds with ease. He is a capable warrior on the battlefield, decimating the enemy single-handedly and with near supernatural finesse that pars with the skill of more experienced fighters.
    • Hypercognition: Jamel is able to instinctively or with little effort perform complex mental operations are beyond the capability of a normal human mind, making his mental actions/process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses more powerful than the average person.
    • Accelerated Perception: Jamel's mind and senses process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing them to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly.
    • Accelerated Thought Process: He can process information at incredible speeds, allowing him to analyze and come to conclusions at an unprecedented rate and perceive everything at a faster time frame.
    • Accelerated Probability: Jamel can perceive the information of any situation and use the variables of that information to predict/perceive the paths that lead to certain outcomes will occur, based on what choices are made. He can then accelerate themselves along the path of his desire, which causes them to reach the conclusion of the path taken.
    • Danger Intuition: Jamel can sense nearing danger, acute danger, potential immediate danger, or impending danger and sense unwanted or hectic threats to his well-being and evade it. The intuition usually regards himself but may include his surroundings (like a distant car-wreck).
    • Hypercompetence: Jamel possesses powerful/incredible skill in several fields and discipline, whether intellectual or practical, formal or mundane: mathematics, cooking, strategy, sports, games, politics, fighting, mechanics, psychology, economy, art, medicine, investigation, etc
  • Enhanced Condition: Jamel'sphysical and mental abilities are above natural members of humans, beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to fellow members of species, without being obviously supernatural.
    • Decelerated Aging: Jamel ages slower than the average human
    • Enhanced Accuracy: He can achieve complete and utter accuracy on distant targets, with the activity in their brain center for aim, accuracy, and precision is drastically improved. He only needs to aim for an instant before he can precisely hit a target with a projectile
    • Enhanced Combat: He is unbelievably skilled in most known forms of fighting. He can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), boxing, and wrestling. He also becomes superhumanly skilled in their use of weaponry.
    • Enhanced Memory: He can remember great volumes of information, in greater detail and for much longer than the average human, he can read books, listen to song lyrics, encounter people or experience events and recall a vast deal of the details of their experience. In addition, it takes less effort to recall the information he encounters and can remember it for longer without having to strain


Multilingual: Jamel is fluent in over 1,650 languages, including; Bengali,Bosnian,Bulgarian,Burmese,Catalan,Cebuano,Chichewa,Chinese,Corsican,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch.

Tactical Analysis: Jamel is a great strategist and tactician. Always mapping out his opponent's attacks beforehand.

Leadership: He has unmatched skills of leadership and management.

Martial Arts: Jamel has master a multitude of martial arts, including; boxing,jujitsu, karate, ninjitsu, taekwondo, Aikido,Judo ,Hapkido ,Kung fu, Capoeira, Krav maga.

Swordsmanship: He has extraordinary skill with a sword.

Tracking: Jamel is an expert criminal tracker.

Weaponry: He is a natural expert and master of all forms of tools and weapons.

Art of Shadow: Jamel is a master at stealth and capable of breaching high-security facilities without being detected

Marksmanship: One of Jamel's most dangerous assets is his unparalleled marksman and assassin skills, he has yet to miss his target.


The Carnage Chamber (TCC): The TCC houses his multitude of artillery in an anonymous location. Many of his weaponry was obtained through various missions, and some of it was built by his daughter. The TCC has a security system that would put the white house to shame, equipped with electrical floors, blackout systems, biological diseases, and other devices that would put an unsuspecting intruder in a quagmire.

No Caption Provided


Desert Eagle Mark XIX

A powerful killer with a sleek design, Jamel would carry at least one of these. They range from having a .357 Magnum, with a right flute. To a .50 AE with no flutes. However, they all are matte black with golden highlights across their barrels.

M16 Rifle

This was given to him by his squadron leader for a fearless act of selflessness. The weapon is equipped with many attachments, such as the M320 Grenade Launcher, M234 Riot Control Launcher, and flash and sound suppressors, many of the attachments have been modified by his daughter such as, shooting grenades many times or conceal the sound and flash completely.

CheyTac M200 Intervention (Carbon Fiber)

The Intervention was one of the guns that Jamel confiscated when he was dealing with weapon trafficking. It features all of the standard features of the M200 Intervention and also features a full-length Picatinny rails at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions for mounting various accessories, such as accuracy enhancements, a 29 in (740 mm) fluted barrel (custom lengths are also available), a barrel twist rate of 1:13.25" twist for the .408 CheyTac cartridge and 1:11.25" twist for .375 CheyTac cartridge, a detachable muzzle brake, a fully adjustable folding buttstock that has an adjustable cheek weld, a recoil pad and an optional monopod, an adjustable pistol grip, an adjustable match trigger and flush cups for weapon sling mounting.

Armour & Gear

Standard Armour

Jamel's standard gear is his most used amour. It is nothing more than tactical SWAT armor, containing, the standard US military helmet. Fire retardant balaclavas are often used to protect the face, as well as to protect the identity of team members. Ballistic vests, sometimes including rigid plate inserts, are standard issue. This vest is labeled with "SWAT" to allow for easy identification.

S.C.A.N Armour

No Caption Provided

Or oftentimes regarded by Jamel as "Sci-Fi Vest". The S.C.A.N (Sciencey. Computereey. Advanced. Network) armor was made by Linnea, for when Jamel has to deal with metahumans that are beyond his physical capabilities. It is equipped with plasmic shields, gas masks, invisibility, psychic shielding, storage compartments, EMP blasts, and chemical protection. Ironically, it doesn't scan beings, as the name implies. It also heightens Jamel's physical condition to supernatural levels.


Combat Knives

Flash Grenades

Smoke bombs

Infrared Vision Contacts

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Linnea "Lynx" Blackwell (WIP


No Caption Provided

Name: Linnea Q. Blackwell

Alias: Ultramodern

Relatives: Michelle Blackwell-Brown (Mother) Jamel K. Blackwell (Father) D.J Blackwell (Younger Brother)

Affiliations: None (Currently)

Base of Operation: Metro City

Identity: Private

Citizenship: American

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: College Student/ Part-time Inventor & Jeweler

Education: Highly Informative (Through Formal & Informal means)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5"11

Weight: 176 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

[Origin Story]

(WIP,)Linnea was born in Atlanta, Georgia in a low class family, with her parents. Linnea was the only child in her immediate family. She found an outlet to escaping reality, through tinkering with appliances around the house and improving them to lower the cost of utilities around the house, providing them with free cable and electricity. Although she was practically a genius, she was still discriminated by her race and gender, once being denied by a college cause "they had too much of your kind here ". Financially funding her working family through her patented inventions, she was struggling with gathering enough money for her college tuition. However, a scholarship from Stanford University for 20 thousand dollars


Intuitive Aptitude: Linnea can instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, regardless of how simple or complex. They can comprehend the complexity and exactness of events, organisms, objects, subjects, fields, powers, etc. without the need of long-term or special education, or explanation.


Scientific Prowess: Linnea has extraordinary skills with the study and utilization of the field of science to produce mass inventions, conduct experimentation and perform accurate calculations. She have vast knowledge in a variety of branches of science as well (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, technology, geography, etc.)

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Yaro Kalinin

No Caption Provided

Current Alias: Fusion

Alias(es): The Tsar , Fission

Relatives: Deceased; Brother (Ruben Kalinin)h


Base of Operations: Grimm City

Alignment: Lawful Good

Identity: Public


Marital status: Single

Occupation: Undecided

Education: Some Elementary (Though the Mutation made him reach some High school )

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Chronological Age: 9

Biological Age:14*


Weight:s 150 lbs

Hair: Blond (Dyed Green)

Eyes: Green

[Origin Story]

When Yaroslav was a little boy he loved superheroes and superheroines, he had stacks of comic books and action figures. His most favorite , The Supra-Man. He ,however, was not a part of a mutant nor alien heritage and wouldn't have powers naturally. So his brother Ruben Kalinin,an attendee at the University of Metro City and a major in genetics, took it upon himself to give him powers, by a genetic-altering vaccine he has created. He injected the syringe needle into Yaro's neck when Yaro was 4, and the calculations for Yaro's powers to begin to manifest are were 5 years after his injection. On his 8th birthday , Yaro's parents were killed in a S.H.I.E.L.D/Hydra conflict by an unknown radiation poisoning. Hydra, which won the conflict, convinced Yaroslav that they can help him and provide shelter, food, and water. Due to his powers not manifesting yet ,they saw him as useless and dropped him in Gothic city, without food or money. He lived in devastating poverty for 11 months.

On, the last week of that month he decided to take a trip to Grimm City by cab. Fortunately a nice family helped him get enough money for the trip. He was going to get a piece of bubble gum to celebrate his ninth birthday, when a some hero's dropped by the candy store to help him. One,of which is the hero Arnold Haas/Pinnacle ,who showed him a boarding school ,and how to keep his head high. His future his unclear to him but one thing he knows for sure is to "Stay Mighty!!"


Nuclear Manipulation:Kalinin can shape, create and manipulate the forces of nuclear reaction, including fusion and fission, which grant him near infinite abilities dealing with electricity, magnetism, heat, radiation, etc. This also grants him a form of immortality. It lengthens how long he can survive without his basic human need such as food ,sleep and thirst. This ability grants his immeasurable physical feats, when enough nuclear energies are absorbed. The downside to this ability is: He can't use all of its abilities in one go. He has built a strong resistance to diseases

Telepathy: Although currently unable to access it he has miniscule psychic abilities. He is capable of lifting cars with sheer willpower. He is also Most to some psychic attacks, however he isn't immune to telepathic mind Reading

Accelerated Healing Factor: He has the ability to heal from wounds faster than an average person. A fracture of a bone would heal in a couple of hours and a cutting off limb would heal back in a matter of days;the only wound he can't heal from is decapitation


Fast Learner : Due to his genetic mutation and his opened mindedness, he is able to learn quicker than others.


Custom: The one Kalinin wears helps contain the constant flow of heat he his producing in battle .




By Foot


Overuse: Abuse of this power leads to severe repercussions to his physical health, leading to possible fractured bones

(I'm aware shield and Hydra don't exist here, so substitute them for their

*[The Reason for his rapid maturity is cause the radiation drive through his cells, was the usually amount that would be collected during this long period of time. Hence, now he has an immunity to such things]

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Ruben Kalinin

Real Name: Ruben Kalinin

No Caption Provided

Current Alias: none

Alias(es): None

Relatives: Parents (Deceased); Brother: Yaroslav "Kali" Kalinin

Affiliation: The University of Metro City

Base of Operations: Metro City

Alignment: None



Marital status: Single

Occupation: Part-time electrical engineer, full-time student

Education: 2nd Year College

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 5'9



Eyes: Blue

[Origin Story]

His life hasn't been filled with action or adventure. He mostly lived with his two parents and his younger brother . He moved from Seattle, Oregon and to Metro City to pursue his dream job as a CEO ,in the IT (Informative Technology)


Bionic Physiology:

In the act of finding the cure to aging in humans; he discovered nanotechnology and nanites. He decided to use it on him and manifested this powers.


Geniuses Level Intellect


A fully fledged lab






Still Prone to damage

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The Sentinel

I am the Sentinel. How may I be of assistance?

No Caption Provided

Alias: The [Stellar]Sentinel/The Solar Solider/The Celestial Crusader/ The Astrological Angel/ Pulsar

Age: 230

Height: 6'1

Occupation(s): Unemployed


Birth Place: Musphelheim

Father: Surtur

Mother: Gaea


["Birth"-August 17 ,1788] Under Construction

[May 7, 1940]: In a city of Themyscira , a mother and her daughter in tattered attire run down a blazing road. Demolished buildings align along the side of the pit-ridden ground. Screams of distress and despair can be heard in the far distance as the family decides to hid inside of what remains pf a devastated structure. The mother places her back against the corner of the structure. The sun of that planet shines behind a figure in the distance, creating a silhouette of a caped man with long shoulder length hair. The man walked down the pitted terrain ,his footsteps were the only sounds in the otherwise silent area. A golden and radiant glow emitted from his eyes as he gradually progressed down the road. The Amazonian heard the footsteps and clamped her hand over her daughter's mouth, who was on the brink of crying, and indicated her to remain quiet until the man passed them. As the man proceeded down the road his silhouette has disappeared, revealing a combination of yellow and blue, along with an 'S' symbol across his stomach which also shined with a golden light. The father shivered as the footsteps of The Etheran Executioner approach them. The two hidden bodies remained completely still, ,until the daughter made a noise ,a whimper which was muffled by the mother 's hand . The warrior's heart beats hasten as the echoing footsteps ceased. A long silence, lasting a few minutes occurred, until a hand would grab the her and pulled her out of the building quickly. The hand belonged to Vaskrsija the Executioner. He would lift the woman over his head with his right hand and with his left hand an aura of energy appeared on the palm of his hand. The little girl began to cry for her mother and attempted to batter The Executioner's leg . He would then avert her attention to the little girl.

He would crouch down and attempt to grab the girl ,but a loud booming voice from the heavens yelled "ENOUGH!!! YOU, VASKRSIJA ,SON OF SURTR, ARE TO BE PUT ON TRIAL BY THE GODHEADS FOR YOUR DESTRUCTIVE AND MURDEROUS ACTIONS!!!!" Vaskrsija would disappear in a flash of blue light . He would would appear bound by metals enchanted by Zeus himself. At his side is the God of War,Ares and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. He was in the center of a Colosseum like area, where multiply deities from polytheist beliefs sit in the audience as they watch the trail of the Godhead take place. Inside the Colosseum there was three thrones of great beauty which belonged to Zeus ,Chief of Olympus,Odin King of Asgard, and Jupiter ,King of Gods in the Roman Pantheon. They were there to cast judgement on Vaskrsija for his involvement for the extinction of multiple species. Odin stood from his chair of authority and held his spear near him, along with a scroll with three golden seals on it. Odin would being to speak, "Vaskrsija Stošić, son of Surtur of Muspelheim and of Gaea of Greek, you have been condemned guilty for multiple acts of municdes , or destruction of entire worlds and all life on it. Your most recent event of your current invasion of Themyscrira, and the genocide of the Amazonians. We, The Heads of The Council of Gods, made the declaration hereby that you must provide your services to a planet of our choosing, for thousands millenniums. We have also given you a disease that will irritate you like you irritate us ." Odin is handed another scroll by Hermes and would gradually unrolled it "The planet that was agreed on was the planet Earth,inhabited by the Humans. Here are the regulations that comes with this is. 1) You are not allowed to marry a human, if you find a being that is partially human matrimony will be permitted. 2) Your are not allowed to kill a human, unless we deed it a righteous attack. 3) You must assist humans in their personal lives, but you must have their permission. If you have been denied permission ,then you must find another human to assist." Odin would hand the scroll to one of his crows and handed it to Vaskrsija and an inked feather. Ares let one of Stošić's arms go. He looked at the scroll and back at the multiple deities and sighed, he figured that if he fought against the Gods , his death would be certain. He took the feathers and signed the scroll with a sour look. The ink would turn into stars and Odin would speak one more time. "From now on you are no longer going to be labeled as The Executioner,but you will be called The Sentinel, The Amber Archangel of Dignity and Humanity."


Stellar Energy Manipulation: The Sentinel can create, shape and manipulate stellar energy generated by nuclear reactions in the star's interior, which in turn is balanced by the outflow of energy coming from the surface or a star

  • Astrokinetic Combat: The Sentinel is able to utilize stellar energies with their physical combat, granting them both vast power and flexibility to use several different powers.
  • Stellar Generation: The Sentinel can generate stellar energy/substances, allowing for constructs, attacks, etc.
  • Stellar Attacks: The user can release/use stellar energy/substances to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc., from huge rays of pure energy that can knock over or even obliterate dozens of targets, or slightly singe them.
  • Solar Constructs: The Sentinel can turn solar energy/substances into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence.
  • Star Creation: The user can create stars of certain sizes ,through various degrees of concentration. Ranging from baseball sized stars to sun-sized stars
  • Stellar Energy Absorption: The Sentinel can absorb stellar energy, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently. Various applications include channeling absorbed energy into strength, durability, regeneration or simple release of the energy from their body. He can also absorb various othertypes of energy and can convert them into stellar energy
  • Photokinesis: The Sentinel create, shape and manipulate visible light, commonly referred to as light and its properties. It is a electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye, and is responsible for the sense of sight.
    • Concussive Force: By hardening his light The Sentinel can deliver impact of concussive force, whether directly or remotely, which can knock the target back and cause internal and external damage. They can achieve this either by direct physical force, solid matter, pulse of energy or any other way that causes damage by collusion.
  • Superhuman Speed:The Sentinel can travel near the speed of light when infusing his speed with stellar energy.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Sentinel can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures, and concussions without sustaining injury.
  • Superhuman Senses: The Sentinel can see kilometers away and the faintest distinctions, track things too fast for the natural eye, hear through dense walls perfectly, listen to a sweat drop from someones face in another room, smell anything over vast distances and individual molecules/atoms, taste the smallest details to the extent of molecular distinguishment, and feel the slightest vibration in the air, ground and water.
  • Superhuman Stamina: The Sentinel can sustain for several days before fatigue toxins begin to build up and take effect
  • Superhuman Strength: The Sentinel is able to lift continents, planets and even objects of nearly infinite mass and weight, when infused with enough stellar energy. At base level he can crush cars with minimum effort and lift up large aircrafts.
  • Immortality: The Sentinel can't die from age.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Sentinel can heal from wounds that would be fatal to humans I.E decapitation.
  • Dimensional Teleportation: The Sentinel can travel between different dimensions and universes and cross over different planes of existence.
  • Telekinetic Blast : The Sentinel can release telekinetic energy over a specific target area causing great damage, repelling targets and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.


Experienced Fighter: Under the supervision of his father, The Sentinel has gained knowledge about multiple forms of martial arts .


Aquagenic pruritus: The Sentinel suffers from a rare disease which cause intense periods of itching when in prolonged contact with water. Other things may provoke this disease such as nervousness, irritability, hot and dry weather. The intense itching is also amplified by his superhuman senses and may revert him to a lesser powered being. [Indications of his depowerment is loss of color in hair, less yellow, , and foot length hair]

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Ekon (Uester)

No Caption Provided

Name: Ekon

Age: 1,000 (Appears:31)

Height: 7'1


Bio: Ekon is from an Elder race known as the Ylhaci. The Ylhaci are an extremely advance race,living in a pocket dimension. Ekon is a recourse extractor, an occupation of which you travel to different planets to extract resources at any means necessary. Ekon wields a techno-magical long-handled mallet and a shield, the actual hammerhead is 1 ft tall and a few inches wide. It has various purposes but the feature that Ekon uses the most is the Lighting feature which stores the individual charges of sub-atomic particles , which could be used as a concussive force, coming directly from the mallet, an area attack that electrocuting everything in a 34 meter radius, or/and an amplifier, super-charging his cell granting him strength levels no one from his realm has ever witnessed . Ekon calls his mallet Voltaic

Voltic's Origin

A war against the Ylhaci's few enemies,arose causing a nearby,civilization to collapse. Ekon and his squadron members (Ekon is not the captain) were assigned the mission to protect this crumbling community. Ekon and only two of his squadron members survived the tremors, hungry mobs, and the constant barrage of attacks coming from the enemies, they defend the village from the outside forceps until recovery could be made, which took a few months. After the village fully recovered. They rewarded the three with weapons made formed by their best blacksmiths, giving Ekon his long-handled mallet. His father, The Sciences Division Commander, wasn't satisfied with the gift the Ekon has received, so they took it. Hoping to upgrade it to modern technology, they were inspired by the Norse Legend,Thor the Lighting God, So they transformed Voltaic to mimic Mjölnir.

No Caption Provided

Ekon's Stats (Super-Charged)

Strength: 10 Tons (100+)

Speed: 74 Mph (740 Mph) (740,000 Mph, Flying)

Reaction Time: Approximately 2 secs (Nanoseconds)

Durability: Wall Lv attacks (Planet Lv attacks)

Fighting Abilities: Mastered Several Forms Of Fighting (Same)



Electro Manipulation

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Uester City

Welcome to Uester City

No Caption Provided

Uester City was founded by Xules Uester, a constant prize winning scientist, who's patented inventions helped bring this city to what it is today. She was elected as the Great Elder of this city.


(1 Billion+ Yrs Ago): The first sentient entities are made.

(1 Billion Yrs Ago): The First Major Civilization was made.

(99 million yrs ago): Space Exploration was achieved

(98 million yrs ago): Chxyles invented what is know as the Dyson Sphere

(96 million yrs ago): The first Great Elder ever was elected.

(93 million yrs ago): Kon invented the longevity injections

(90 million yrs ago): The Colan's War.

Fast Forward

(100,000 yrs ago): Xules was born

(10,000 yrs ago): Xules invented the Uester-System; a Utopian-like system.

(1,000 yrs ago): Xules's Uester-system has determined it's currency (1 chip= 20 U.S.Ds)

(100 yrs ago): Xules created the Uester City

(Current): Uester City is the most visited city in it's world.


1,000,000 (citizens)

Size: 1,720 x 620 square arces


Places of Interest

Purity Park

No Caption Provided

Purity Park is a place to escape the industrial city,and enjoy some time to your self or with some one you love. The park has paths, waterfalls, a playground, and a soundproof dome surrounding it. If you are stressed out take a walk around Purity Park and take in all of the aromas.

Cyrcus's Amusement Park

No Caption Provided

Cyrcus's Amusement Park us the perfect place to take the young one's and if you don't have any children,treat yourself to the bone-thrilling loops and hoops of Cyrcus's. (Price For Adults: 2 Chips. Children 1-17 1 chip)

Lode's Lane

No Caption Provided

Got some chips? Well spend them at Lode's where the latest in fashion, technology,accessories, and more are sold so bring your friends.

The Drinker's Well

No Caption Provided

This is the place to get your booze on. We have all kinds of drinks, but be warned some of these drinks could poison you, so be careful.

Gladiator's Heaven

No Caption Provided

Even though Uester City doesn't encourage violence, what's the harm of a little 1v1. This arena is full of the biggest, bloodiest, and most badass warriors ever. Wanna be a Gladiator just Pm me and you'll me accept just give me a time and a date.

Central Street

No Caption Provided

Central street is the heart of Uester City , where all the businesses are most active, but if you look past the crowds of people and look around, you will see the beauty of it, the music, the people, the events. The central street is where you should start socializing.


Embrax (Avatar)

No Caption Provided


Father::Nothing. .......

Mother: Everything. ...

Age: 10 Billion+

Birth Place: Big Bang

Orgin: I was born in the emptiness of this Universe. My brothers and sisters disappeared leaving me to drift the cosmics, to search for a host, we do not need host but the feeling of vulnerability is addicting. We increase our hosts existing powers, greatly. I will recall a few of my host. Ra, he was an abusive host using my power to rule, calling himself God. Hephaestus, using my power for blacksmith only. Embrax, a student who name himself after me, he later died in a war. Surtur, an Evil being who was a clear mistake. My current host Elio, an inexperienced student due to his youth.




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