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Time to kick Some Supernatural Ass

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Name: Nathaniel Quieten

Alias: The Rule-breaker/Dr. Perspective/Mr. Right/All Might/ The Cosmic Pimp/

Gender: A damn MAN

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Identity: Public

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Base of Operations: (WIP)

Species: Human

Age: 35

Orientation: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: (WIP)is

Height: 6'

Weight:196 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Education: University (Forensic Science/Criminal Justice) MD

Occupation:Para Detective


Born in a raggedy apartment in Sans Francisco, Nathaniel had an unfathomable love for detectives and the forensic arts. He'd often watch many famous detectives ranging from Father Brown to Hercule Poriot, from Sherlock Holmes to Bruce Wayne. The love of criminal justice started when his father became one. The stories that he was told from his dad were filled with thrill and excitement, hyping up the little boy. While he was close to his father, he and his mother were very distant, many because his parents got divorced a few weeks after his birth. She was an alcoholic that resented the birth of her son and hated the relationship she had with his father. However, due to the courts decision ,the little boy had to visit her every weekend.

It was one of these visits that changed his life forever. It was a Saturday which was a movie night planned by his father so that Nathaniel could see both of his parents at the same time. Tonight they were watching one of Nathan's favorite movie, Chinatown, a detective film released in 1974. As the movie played, an odd event happened his mother was gone. This caused the detective in himself to search for her. The search ended with him find his mother in the bath tub without a jaw nor the bottom half of her torso

In terror, he called the police but they mistakenly charged his farther for degree one manslaughter. Earning his father a total of 34 years in hard-core person. Distraught, he ran away from home and took on of his father's prize possessions with him, his brown trench coat. He continued to run until he found an old rustic looking library. Within the cobweb ridden library there were many books,but one stood out the most it was red and unusually clean when compared with the rest of its surroundings. While the designs of the book stood out, it was the title that caught his attention reading , Nathaniel Quentin Paranormal Detective. He decided to read the book about the detective with the same name, but when he cracked open the book he was transported into a different place. One that was empty and lifeless, except that their was a female in front of him.

She explained to him that the world currently knows is much more more that it seems. Beings that live beyond and behind the existential plane are also on here with him. She revealed that his mother ,in fact, made a deal with one of these supernatural beings but failed to hold up her end of the bargain which ended in her ultimate demise. The Ethereal Entity revealed to Nathaniel that he was destined to be the next Paranormal Detective and help balance the Universe regarding its supernatural activity. After the teenager accepted his role he was then grant abilities to aid him through his adventure.


||Hand Of Cheryl||

Named after the entity the gave him his power, the Hand of Cheryl is a very complicated one. While in theory it is very powerful it has many limitations placed upon it. However, we must talk about the nature of the ability at hand. The Hand Of Cheryl is fairly based on the principle that everything is based on perspective. In the words of Douglas Adams; Everything you see or hear or experience in any way at all is specific to you. "You create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe you perceive is specific to you.”. The Hand Of Cheryl uses Nathan's perspective and can manipulate reality and beyond accordingly. For example if Nathan perceived the moon within the grasp of his hand than it will be. If he perceived an opponent as useless then they would be.

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Unfortunately, while The Hand of Cheryl is extremely powerful it does have many limitations to its uses. The Paranormal Detective can't use it for major changes in reality without the approval of multiple ethereal beings. He can mostly use it the way magic is used, by trading something for the effect he wants. Usually through multiple deeds of loyalty and humility. Another limitations that he has is that he has to use the power at one 'mode' at a time these so-called modes are split into three categories, offensive,defensive, and enhancement. The definitions of the three groups are the following

Offensive- Whenever Nathaniel is using the Hand Of Cheryl to cause harm to someone; (banishing, conjuring, summoning, energetic beams, manipulation of energy,...etc) the eyes of Paranormal Detective would turn to a purple color followed by a purple aura flowing behind him.

Defensive- When Nathaniel is using the Hand Of Cheryl to defend others;(shields,barriers,personal barriers, protection from magic, protection from demonic/angelic forces,mental/spiritual protection)

Real Name:[Unpronouncible]

Alias: Cheryl (currently), Little Blue (formerly)

Age: 34,874,000 Years

Species: Ethereal Entity

Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Gabriel (formerly)

  • Rey'Leon (formerly)

  • Carvin (formerly)

  • Nathaniel Quentin (currently)

Base of Operations: The Outside (formerly); Earth (currently)

Birthplace: The Outside


  • Pataphysics Manipulation

  • Perspective Manipulation

  • Power Sharing

  • Psionics

  • Magic -Science Ascendancy

  • Higher-Dimensional Manipulation

Limitations: Council Of The Elders; Relies On Vessel to Interact With the material world.

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