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Born in the late 15th century to a family of noble blood Rexford's early life was one of luxury pampered to by only the best cooks, tailors, entertainers and swordsman of the land. Rexford grew fast and before he knew it he was bridging the gap from boy to man, life was looking bright and prosperous for the young aristocrat; that was the way it was until the city took a turn for the worst, plagues rid the streets, and a drought ruined the fields, it was such a devastating event even the rich were licking the floorboard in an attempt to possibly swipe even one meager crumb, but the worst were the creatures that lingered in the city that seemed to just appear one day only with the purpose to terrorize...and feed.

Rexford's personal journal entry one

It has been a fortnight since anyone has set foot out of their homes, many people have starved to death long ago, me and my family had enough to ration this long but I can see the worry on my fathers and mothers face and I know we wont last much longer, I must do something I have to, and the kings words that he shouts to us and the other people in our surrounding are I may get the chance.

More and more people died by the day in the once rich and prosperous town that Rexford called home, desperation was rising and surging through everyone and they had finally realized that this was something they could not wait out.

Rexford's personal journal entry two

The men are assembling to head out today lead by the king and his two sons, they are looking for all available men my father is discouraging me from traveling with them telling me its to dangerous for me to go but I know I must do this for what will I have tomorrow if I lose all I have today?

The small force mobilized boasting no more than 30 men, and casualties were heavy making their way through their once beloved city now stricken with unimaginable horrors only conjured by the sickest of demons

Rexfords's personal journal final entry

We head out at the break of morning, my father told me after giving me the last slug of whiskey he had, "very symbolic father" I said to him "We might not make it back so you might as well experience some luxury's before we leave, I figure if you are man enough to attend you're man enough to face that truth" he said to me wincing and tears forming slightly in his eyes he wiped them and then for the first time since the happening that struck this place we opened the door to our home "we are going to the my kings armory" my father said at the last moment.

The kings armory was full of the finest weaponry I have ever seen, swords that glitter brighter than all the stars in the night sky and shields made from the strongest of metals but I still asked my self silently "will they be any match for these creatures?" I was fully fitted in the finest weaponry the king had the offer with promises to keep it if we survived the suicide mission we were preparing to forsake. We finally ran into one of the creatures making our way over to the palace located in the center of the city, They appear to be some kind of devil dog..except about twice the size of a normal dog with blood red eyes and fangs the size of my hand in length, Two brave men were killed fighting it, their attempts were futile we had to leave them behind god bless their souls. We continued are march "where are we going my liege" I asked the king "you will know in due time my boy for now focus on your surroundings." We reached a neighboring forest after what felt like hours marching, " what is that spire?" I inquired " it is where we are heading, I am surprised we have not met any resistance it makes me very wary" said the king " Resistance?" I asked quizzically "yes that spire belongs to a very powerful conjurer who has been in conflict with our people for as long as my family has ruled this kingdom, I just never thought he was capable of these atrocities." Hours past as the sun began to change from the bright whiteness of the morning to the orange of afternoon we approached the spire, it was ragged and rundown to the point that I was questioning how it was even standing. We approached the large visibly rotted wooden doors that served as a fitting entrance completely matching the theme that the tower displayed, slowly and with extreme caution we proceeded through the doors met with the smell of very evident rotting flesh, suddenly in a swooping motion a large flash of light echoed through the hallways and what appeared from the end of the corridor beneath the arch of a doorway stepped a humanoid mass of rotting flesh, its mouth moving as if it was attempting to speak but only growls and grunts came seemingly from its hollow gut where very clearly what were once secure organs were sitting carefully on on another. The ground seemed to shake as the behemoth broke into a full on charge down the hallway at our makeshift battalion, we readied ourselfs breaking into a sloppy formation, the king meeting the creature first was catapulted into the wall letting out a loud "oof"! as he bounced off the grey lifeless wall all air leaving his body, I took the second swing catching the giant glancing it in the side of the head removing the ear I wasn't sure that it owned and dashed back just as it took its return swing knocking two men to the side, at this point the king was regaining his footing re positioning himself behind the beast and taking a hack at its left leg cutting it down to more even ground as it took a knee, unwillingly honoring the kings prowess as he slashed through the atrocities vile head leaving everything silent that was just in chaos the only sound left the sound of the monsters brains hitting the wall with a large slap. Proceeding up the stairs all we heard were gnarls of wild animals and the sobs of a man, cautiously we peeked into the large open room that was at the top of the large stone spiral staircase, the site that we saw was one to behold a true display of madness, "He is dead! You killed him!" left the warlocks mouth between sobs and sharp intakes of breath, "He truly has gone mad" whispered the king now stepping into the room "Harithin, what has happened to you?" the king asked him the rest of us following his regal steps towards the now eccentric and wildly twitching conjurer "you killed him" screeched Harithin looking up at the same time but now immediately laughing. The king was shocked taken aback by the insanity that was occurring in front of him " H-Harithin" and the dogs were upon us one grabbed the man in front of me crushing his skull between its jaws with a colossal crunch reducing it to nothing but grey matter and dust, I took my first swing striking the beast directly in the eye stunning it momentarily I followed it with a precise stab through the eye ending the beast where it did stand, I was getting fondly acquainted with this new longsword and not a moment to soon it seems as another beast was upon me, I was deadly focused at keeping this monster at bay until I heard the screams and saw the green flashes along the walls of the tower, the conjurer had risen now and energy was surging from his fingertips propelling the king into the air and frying him to his core leaving nothing but a blackend carcass and the smell of burnt flesh and singed hair, in my lapse of focus the beast pinned me to the ground only held back by the blade of my sword I turned my head slightly and saw my father he was limping towards the stairs attempting to flee and get away, I turned my attention back to the threat looming over me and ripped that son of a whore from his mouth to his anus as fast as possible to assist my father, but it wasnt fast enough I realized as a runic trap triggered itself below my poor fathers legs, I remember his scream as the fire from the magical incantation ripped his legs from his body and his cry as he laid there helpless, I turned from him to meet eyes with the murder of my mentor, hero and father and my newfound sadness found a surrogate in the rage his eyes projected into me I blindly rushed him dodging a ball of arcane energy on the way completely determined to avenge my father or die trying, my sword met that foul demons neck but a moment to late as his curse hit me directly in the chest energy surging through me I felt my skin, my rage, my blood and my soul mend with that armor mend with battle...mend with rage.


  • Aliases: The Great Purger, Rex
  • Identity: All who would know are dead
  • Species: Previously human, Armor with soul trapped inside
  • Occupation: Killer of the unnatural, Spirit of vengeance
  • Gender: Male before binding
  • Height: 6" 2"
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Eyes: Green fel energy
  • Hair: N/A
  • Age: Medieval times was time of death
  • Alignment: Neutral good

Physical Description: Suit of armor emitting strange green energy that was absorbed into it, carrying a shield and sword.

Powers and Abilities:


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  • Absorb magic
  • Summoned by extreme need for vengance or to protect a family
  • Resurrection
  • Cut through fabric of reality (with enough magic absorbed)
  • Release magic absorbed through a shock wave, shoot projectiles from shield

  • Powerful sword/spear imbued with fel magic
  • Enchanted blunderbuss
  • magical artifacts he hunts for

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