If "Goku vs Superman" is a DBZ Episode (2)

As Goku and Superman fought, their mere seismic wave crumbles the nearby planets. "Why are you holding back, Son Goku." Superman remarked while they exchange blows. "We have already left the star system of Earth. You don't need to try and reduce the collateral damage." "Oh really?" Goku pauses and looks around. "Then..." Goku quickly puts his finger on his forehead and teleported behind Superman, and the aura immediately turns from fiery red to pure Blue. Superman, who got startled by the sudden boost in power, got kicked by Goku and was sent flying into a habitable Planet nearby, looking indifferent from Earth itself.

"I can do this all day, Mr Alien." Goku's aura turns back into fiery red right after that attack, and levitate down towards the defeated Superman buried in dirt. "By rapidly switching between my forms, I drain only the stamina needed for Super Saiyan God, but attack with the power of Super Saiyan Blue. You can sun-dipped yourself all you can, but I have the power of Gods-" Before Goku could finish his sentence, a portal appeared on the planet as Superman got back on his feet, with blood oozed out of his nose from the immense impact of Super Saiyan Blue's attack.

"Well, looks like you can bleed." A human dressed in dark caped costume walks out of a portal. "Batman- Wait, you are not the Batman I know. Which Batman are you?" Superman asked. "The Batman who will make you even stronger." Batman replied in his usual low voice. "The Legion will channel the powers through this pill. You will transform after you eat it." "Wait, but that means... I will become... him." Superman suddenly turned more serious. Batman simply replied: "To beat a true monster, you will have to be a monster yourself."

Right then, another portal appeared above the Goku. Someone fell through it, knocking Goku, who was originally levitating, onto the Ground. "Ouch! What the- Trunks? Didn't you leave this timeline years ago?" "Goku?" Future Trunks and Goku both rubbed their heads, and got onto their feet. "It looks like I got transferred back into this timeline with all the mess in the multiverse!"

"TIME TO DIE, SON GOKU!" A voice interrupted their conversation all of a sudden. A being, half Superman-looking, half Batman-looking, amble towards them. "I will take care of this monster..." Future Trunks said as he powers up into Super Saiyan 2 and rushes into battle. "Wait! Trunks don't..." Before Goku could warn him, Trunks's sword was caught by Composite Superman with just one hand before it could reach him. Two of Composite Superman split from the body and caught onto Trunks by his arms and legs. "What the-" Trunks' sword suddenly drops onto the ground, too heavy for the saiyan to even lift. The original broke the sword into half without breaking a sweat, then grabs him by his throat and sneered: "You are nothing but dust to me."

"NOO!" Goku transforms directly into Super Saiyan Blue and went in for the punch, but his fist only passed through Superman. Superman retreats back, merging back into one. It's too late for Trunks. The sheer heat generated by Superman's hands burnt him into dust. Goku, eyes darkened, held Trunks in his arms. The usual smile on his face during battle is nowhere to be seen. "I thought you are a good guy. Don't you remember who spared you from the Kryptonite?"

"And that is why you are WEAK!" Faster than light, Superman moved back into battle and swung his fist right into Goku's face. Goku, who seemed to be immobile at first, somehow were even faster and blocked the attack with one hand. A gold aura emerged from within his original Blue aura, and his power increases a few times even more. "Then don't blame me for your demise, Superman." Superman, who hesitated from Goku calling him that the first time, received an all-out punch before he can phase through. He flew so far with the impact, it destroyed mountains before stopping him in his tracks.

Goku picks up the broken sword. "Everyone! Please give me your power!" For some reason, his calling was heard not just by the Z-Fighters back on Earth, but also by the Saiyans from Universe 6, and other friends he had made in other universes. Everyone's ki gathered onto Trunks's sword and formed the other half, resulting in a golden complete sword.

Superman, who then recovered from the attack, broke a mountain from within as he grew in size to become a monster the size of a mountain. "I'm going to KILL you!" Superman, who is now extremely angry from that attack, lost all his consideration for self-defence, and focus solely on destroying Goku. With his new golden sword, Goku advanced tactically takes advantage of his smaller size and dodged the huge heat vision beams sent towards him. "Kaio-KEN!" Goku yelled as a red aura emerged outside his gold and blue aura. "He has yet again multiplied his power! By two times... no, five times... no-" "TWENTY TIMES!" Goku cried as he charges his sword with greater power to become larger than usual, and moved in to jam it through Superman, slicing him into the halves they are. "IMPOSSIBLE!" Composite Superman screams in pain as his both halves start disintegrating into energy particles.

Composite Superman reached his disintegrating hand out. His final view was a cold look from Goku, before finally, his eyes disintegrated into energy.

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