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New X-Men 26

When X-23 is asleep and a voice keeps on waking her up! When she followed the voice, she found out that it was her mother Sarah Kinney whose body is full of scars, blood and she looks brutally killed. She talks to Laura making her realize why she killed her. I was very scared by that...However, my fear pressure went lower because of the script

Sarah:Why did you kill me?
I loved you but you killed me?
Why X-23?

X-23: (Stops crying) My mother gave me a name, she won't call me X-23.

Then she found out that her mother's ghost is just an illusion created by Emma Frost to scare her.

W.i.t.c.h., Yamato Nadeshiko, Naruto and Fruits basket

W.i.t.c.h. (Disney)


Teenagers of this age conquering different problems as superheroes and teenagers with critical lives in terms of love and fa mily is a very hard situation. I admire them because they never decided to be apart from each other. Teamwork is the name of their game.

Yamato Nadeshiko/The Wallflower (Chuang Yi)

Yamato Nadeshiko
Yamato Nadeshiko

Who wont love a comic book containing anything you want? A right mix of romance , comedy, horror and everything a comic fan would love. It is also a challenge for handsome guys to create an elegant lady out of a mysterious woman who dont car e about men.



Ninjas? Seems like the most common fighters in Japanese comic books. Of course there would be the non-dying culture of temples, shurikens, camouflages, and different Japanese culture. However, Naruto introduced a better way of introducing Japanese culture way different from any other ethnic types of mangas. The story is some sort of exaggeration but its fine, cool and the characters and story are intreresting.

Fruits Basket(Tokyopop)

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The concept is fabulous. hinese Zodiac, a mysterious family and an out of this world love story!

I wasn't surprised!

These guys forming the new roster of Avengers are always on the team ever since the early issues. If i were to guess who will form the team, I won't have a hard time completing the team. But maybe the writers have something to do with more surprises for the upcoming adventures.

But i think it would be better if the team will have a new member from the other team (such as the Runaways, X-Men), or a villain that will join the team. Maybe it would be better with a resurrection of a character from death. (What if Jean Grey will be an Avenger returning from death?) Or maybe the idea of putting someone younger to their team would work (but of course not the weaklings! It would be better with someone like X-23, Pixie or mercury or someone like their category!).

But I hope this is not the final roster....Anyway, I love the's fashionable for a hero...

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Magneto & Professor X

There are lots of things that happened to both the X-Men and the Brotherhood. At this point where Magneto remains depowered and Charles is still on his side, maybe it is going to be great if this reconciliation will have both X-Men and the Brotherhood working together.

Meanwhile, it is also a controversial news that Magneto's real name is not Erik but Max....all the fans have been fooled! So all of us are staying tuned in so that we will witness all the surprises that are about to come especially with the twists that happen in every X-book.

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