I woke up at 4am today, last night I slept from 7am-13pm. Preaching to the choir, haha.

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My Favourite Comic Book Artists.

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  • The King. He's one of the best and should be on everyone's list.

  • A Personal choice, that not many people even know, but I love his style. Probably the first artist that I started semi-following (with the exclusion of Jim Lee's art).

  • His art has beauty, though some argue he can't make Panels flow, somewhat like Liefeld or that he oversexualizes characters both male and female, I don't care. Everyone can be superficial.

  • Another personal favourite, his art has a very unique style which I find extremely interesting.

  • Though there are some ocasions where I don't enjoy his art all that much, I do enjoy it thoroughly on occasion, specially his most recent stuff he did with Batman and Robin. An example of something I found less interesting would be The Authority.