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ComicVine's Top 10 DC Comics Books Series of 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Community has voted and I have listened. Here all of you have the list that you voted for and it is, if not anything else, Respectable.

List items

  • One of Snyder's most fabulous accomplishments in recent times is his runs on Batman, Detective Comics and other such. After Flashpoint, Snyder continues his streak hitting all the spots with this gritty tale with beautiful art, so much so that Batman won with an overwhelming majority.

  • Another piece of literature to hold in contempt, Action Comics shows us that Morrison's magic isn't limited to men wearing Bat-Suits and that he can in fact tell the story of one of Pop-Cultures most iconic characters.

  • Animal Man, like Swamp Thing, shows us the power of true well-written stories. It demonstrates that comics don't need traditional heroes to have popular content and Animal Man does this incredibly well.

  • Like its sister-series, Animal Man, Swamp thing is surprisingly high on the list when that fact that Hero-Based comics seem to take the popularity.

  • Geoff Jones, one of DC's premier writers does a stunning job in re-imagining the character of Aquaman and making him a force to be reckoned with and gaining the acknowledgement of readers and hopefully characters alike further on in the series.

  • The Green Lantern series is a well written story that puts a whole new spin on the franchise, with one of the Green Lantern Corps' most dangerous villains becoming one of their own -- all in replace of their "greatest".

  • Same Ranking as Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman.

    Nightwing is a solid book that compliments the evolution of the character over the course of the last few years where he's risen up to the challenge and become The Dark Knight himself. The series shows Dick dealing with problems within his past, which has proven to be the right move to go forward.

  • Same Ranking as Nightwing and Wonder Woman.

    Batman and Robin shows the dynamic [see what I did their?] relationship between Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian, who have conflicting interests and opinions even though their personality is somewhat similiar to each other. The book shows us that Damian's path is very narrow and that with one slip he could be propelled to evil and darkness and that Bruce feels obligated to stop this, even though his relationship with his son is strained at best.

  • Same as Batman and Robin and Nightwing.

    Wonder Woman has always been one of DC's mainstays, however she has had problems with receiving a title that is universally appealing. This has ended now as the new series give Diana Prince of Paradise Island a workable and interesting series, with all of her mythological background intact.

  • Same Ranking as Justice League.

    The beautiful drawing of Manapaul are but one of the things that keep the Flash series interesting. Barry Allen and other flashes have always been one of the most powerful super-powered being in the DC Universe, even though they are often underestimated. This series explores the potential that Allen has and will hopefully let him claim his title as one of the most powerful Superheroes in the DC Universe.

  • Same Ranking as Flash.

    Some hate it, others love it. There's absolutely no denying the fact that even though there are some changes to this series, such as Cyborg now being a founding member of the Justice League, it still is a beautifully drawn book that tells the story of the most important figures that DC headlines.