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Yes, its late. I don't care. Deal with it you crazy motherf*ckers. You request, I do when I have the flarking time.

Oh yes. If you don't know what this is about, leave. Or don't, I just won't be blamed for what happens to your sanity.

First up. The Dog. He barks. Bites too. I can't decide which is worse, but both hurt a bunch. You don't want to deal with that crazy motherf*cker, he'll stare you down with those goddamn shining eyes, salivating that smoky crap out of his mouth. But he's got that knowledge, he knows everything that's happening around his house, vigilante about all the news that he needs to know. And when its of notice, he barks... Actually, scratch that, he barks about everything, regardless if it matters or not, but no one complains about that. Everyone knows that a good dog barks about any intruder. Him and the Tarantula also have a tendency to agree just about everything, its absolutely amazing. It can be about just about everything, neither of us have been in an argument with the others. Oh, and he likes crappy rap music.

Octopuses. Octopi? Yeah. He's crazy. Got his tentacles around everything that sports a trunk, using his marvellous linguistic skills to sing to try and sink that hook in. It doesn't work. At all. But he tries regardless, practising his horrible singing in the shower as if it were to help him. He's also got a particular affection for hammers and bulky, sweaty men with long blonde hair. I mention he's crazy? Yeah. He's got good taste in music, even though him and the Tarantula never seem to agree particularly on who trumps who in talent. The tarantula's always right, but don't tell him, he likes to think otherwise. Its kinda funny, if you think about it.

The Ape. He's a monkey. He's also about as hipster as you get. So if its mainstream, he's going to be talking sh!t about it, no question. He also doesn't care about what you think, he's going to tell you what he thinks about it, no censorship. He's gotten enough flack for it, but he's a gorilla, he doesn't really care. He also likes to be special, his manner of communication is eccentric and everyone knows about it. Other animals want to punch him from their own homes, but he doesn't care.

Then we have the Hyena. The king in the realm of laughing without a doubt. He's the animal that wasn't mean to be in the pack, but joined it just soon enough to become a part of them. He is practically omnipresent, being seemingly everywhere at once and bearing the scars to show for it. But he's got incredible taste and an open mind when it comes to the world, appreciating the east and the west at the same time. His taste in music show this global appreciation, being unique but undoubtedly tasteful.

Lastly we have the Tarantula. First lets get this out of the way. He's a handsome bastard. The most handsome one out there. But he's also an a**hole, but for some reason he seems to pride himself on it. He's an excessive fanboy of certain characters and books and has the best music taste out of this group of animals.


Most effective Heroes in the Real World

Note: I just realized this is somewhat pointless as I don't get to any real conclusion. Read on if you want, but its not really worth it IMO.

Being done as a request for my blog.

There are a variety of heroes in comics and most of them do a pretty effective job, within the world that they are set. That's not to say that they would actually do a good job outside of the ficticious world that has bee created by the mind behind Marvel, DC and other publishers, because the real world is very much different to the world of comic books. The most notable difference between the two worlds, is the lack of Superhumans, which would mean that apart from there being no heroes, there would be no Villains as well. The reason that comic books can be ongoing, is that there are a systematic group of evil (generically speaking, in some cases they may not be necessarily evil at all) men and women that commit illegal deeds in one form or another and they keep coming back to do them. That's why these so called "Superheroes" have any effectiveness what-so-ever, because they have a group of villains (often dubbed their Rogues by fans) that they systematically put behind bars, or defeat in some shape or another.

In a world where these SuperVillains don't exist, then this mean that the definition of what is a good Superhero changes as well. We don't really want someone who's really good at defeating Doctor Doom, we want somone who's really good at cleaning the street of rapists and psychotic murderers. Whether these two different types of heroes (the ones that can defeat Doom and the ones that clean the streets effectively) are interlinked

Also keep in mind that for the purposes of the blog, I'm going to be making sure that all three of the heroes that I am going to be mentioning are different and have differentiated strengths in what they do. The reasoning behind this is that otherwise, if I thought that the perfect hero was Superman, then the two other heroes would ideally be Superman "clones", like Majestic, since they'd have arguably the exact same strengths as Superman. If that doesn't make sense, just shut up and read the rest of the blog =P.

3. Punisher/Red Hood

Coming in at the third place would be the Punisher/Red Hood type heroes. I know that there's a whole argument on whether they are heroes, and people feel like placing them as "Anti-Heroes" or as "Anti-Villains", but I'm ignoring that in full. The reason that both of these characters could definitely have an advantage in the real world, is due to the manner with which they handle crime. Both of these heroes have no qualms with killing people and that would mean that there is perhaps an efficiency to them that is denied to other heroes. Both of them will end up clearing the street of... well criminals and these will not be coming back. Furthermore this is the real world, there is but a limited number of actual criminals, not like comic book where there are constantly new criminals spontaneously appearing and new criminal empires around the corner. Now the obvious negative of this type of hero is that they're very much human, so while they're good at clearing the criminals that live in your street/city, it would take them ages to do anything that would affect the world in a major way, so it would not be cost effective to bring this type of hero into the world, when there a super-powered one would perhaps destroy criminals all around the world with much greater ease.

Of course, I don't approve of their methods, but I think it would be worth a mention to have them on the blog. Not to mention that their morals would not be able to be asserted, and that it may get to much. Morality is black and white, it is very much a grey area.

2. Mr. Fantastic/Batman

Now, while both of these characters may seem somewhat redundant at first (compared to other heroes in the world, though not the ones I previously mentioned) their strength lies not in the power that they have to tackle the street, though they are capable of doing so, but in their genius. Both of them could probably influence the world in a great many way. It is definitely feasible that with genius' like this to perhaps cure cancer, aids and diseases of the like, maybe place fiscal or monetary policies that solve economic issues or anything extraordinary that would allow them to help the world in more ways that just "taking it to the streets". Of course they can do their share of dealing with rapists and murderers, but that wouldn't be they're forté.

3. Superman/Majestros

Lastly Superman and Mr. Majestic would be perhaps the most efficient heroes. Of course there are a number of people that would be able to be more effective than some of the names that I have thrown out there before in my blog, but the fact is that they two can do what other heroes can do just as well and do it better. Let me explain myself. While its true that the Thing can deal with Street Gangs better than perhaps Jason Todd can, it is necessary to understand that Superman can do it better than the thing, though he doesn't have the ruthlessness that Jason would have. Regardless, both Superman and Majestic would be able to represent the peak efficiency of anything that Superheroes can do. Whether it be fight crimes against criminals he old fashion way, or hand out food to people in Africa at the Speed of Light, or use their intellect to find new manners to approach things. Etc etc...


Young Justice - My thoughts on Invasion (Spoilers)

With the first episode out I thought that I'd go over the things that I think about Season 2. I know that there are a couple of threads on this, but really, they should have no effect on this blog and vice-versa. Firstly, I can understand why a lot of people are angry at this change, there was still a lot of character development to be had with the characters that were there. Not just with the characters themselves, but more specifically with the relationships that were had within the team, because just at the end of the season we got to see a couple of key romances happen that we were all waiting for and therefore I can understand how random and abrupt it seems.

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

Now, anyone who has a facsimile of knowledge on me knows that I absolutely love Dick Grayson and more specifcally my love comes from his as Nightwing. So it should come as no suprise ot anyone that Dick Grayson being present as Nightwing, not to mention as still a main character regardless of the involvement of Tim Drake as Robin is a huge upside. I mean, huge. I love the two of them together and a chance for the two of them to interact is something that doesn't come that often, specially not in animated series. Easily the biggest positive of Season 2 would have to be this.

Missing Team Members

I'm curious as to see where they're going with this, but I really hope that Artemis gets a chance to appear in this season again as a main character. I think its entirely possible that either Wally has become the Flash (but I think he'd have appeared already) or that he has retired much like he did in Comics but this time instead of being with Magenta, Francis Kane, its very possible that he's decided to retire with Artemis Crook instead. I think it'd be interesting if they took this direction and we'd have the ability to see Barry die and Wally reluctantly take up his place instead.

Lastly, lets not forget that Aqualad is nowhere to be seen and I'm indeed quite curious to see what he's been up to. Easily one of the better characters of the show, he lead to his own character being created in the comics and I think that he's going to have some big role to play in what comes up. Unlike many, I highly doubt that he will have turned into a villain and to be honest I find the plot convoluted. Perhaps its possible that Kal'dur is the king of Atlantis, replacing Arthur since the latter is known to not "want" the Throne from time to Time?

New Members

Interesting additions, I did feel that there were too many characters added. Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle were good additions, but they didn't get the character development that they needed, while Tim definitely made a good appearance in the show. Batgirl felt extra, to be honest I wonder if Dick has a relationship with her or not, or whether he still has a relationship with Zee. Regardless, I wasn't happy with the appearance of Wonder Girl and while I definitely feel that she should have been a part of the team, I'm not sure her appearance was handled all that well. Both of the last two characters' voice actors felt out of place as well.

Its also possible that Jason Todd existed, as hinted by the "Just Don't Die".


I like the tension that they're building with Superboy and Miss Martian, but I don't like the fact that there's a possiblity that they're rearing this up to be a Wonder Girl/Superboy pairing. I'd much rather that Superboy and Miss Martian stick with each other by the end of the show and that Wonder Girl ends up going with Tim Drake, if there's an absolute necessity for the everyone in the team to be paired up together. (I'm also officially shipping them in Comics, as of the New 52, by the way).

I'd also like a Nightwing/Zee love thing instead, I don't care if they make it a love triangle with Babs because of the comics, I'd just rather they didn't go with the latter as the full blown romance option. Regardless, if there's one thing that will force me to skin everyone in DC alive, it'd have to be if the pull the Batman TAS card and have Zatanna hook up with Bruce. Which seems to be more likely, if it happens.

The Roy Harper incident

It seems to be quite apparent that the real Roy Harper is going to become Arsenal, as he was quite obviously missing an arm and thus the codename will fit. Not to mention that he's probably been in some cryogenic stasis so he's still the same age as he was. That said I thought that the plotline with him was ridiculous. So ridiculous, that when it was mentioned I ignored it for a lie that the Justice League was telling the Young Justice team. I'll be damned, that they were telling half truths instead, but it still doesn't make sense that they naturally believed what the League had told them. Regardless of the plothole, I won't mind if Red Arrow goes rogue just to see his relationship with Chesire, but I definitely hope that Arsenal doesn't, not to mention the age gap if he's been perserved in the stasis.

In conclusion, I just hope that looking back, they don't make this all about the new members of the team and completely forget the old memebers, having them as recurring characters, because to me, that just wouldn't do.

Can't seem to upload the pic, so you guys'll have to stick with boring text.



ComicVine Roundtable - The New 52 Second Wave

So good afternoon all, welcome back to the roundtables, Please all take a moment to introduce yourselves.

ReVamp : Good Afternoon (or Morning, whenever and wherever you're reading this). ReVamp here. No Smart intro.

Trodorne : Trodorne, you can call me Troy. Full time nerd, Comic store employee and and hopefully future designer of a real working Stargate.

Duo_Forbidden : Hello everyone! I'm Duo_forbidden!

So we are all here, let's open with the usual roundtable question, what have you all been reading recently?

TD :

§ Amazing Spider-man

§ G.I.Joe: Cobra

§ Invincible

§ Northlanders, final issue

§ and Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures.

DF :

I've been reading a lot of stuff lol. Just to name a few:

§ Batwoman

§ Supergirl

§ Justice League: Dark

§ Morning Glories

§ Amazing Spider-Man

§ Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

§ Ultimate Comics: Ultimates

§ And I'm getting ready to read the Omega Effect story with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Punisher.

RV : Well, unrelated to the topic at hand I've been reading Old School Spider-Man stories.

Of course, I've read a couple of weekly issues this week, which were a blast. More related to the topic, I've read Superboy and Legion Lost, both of which seem to be tying in nicely to the future second crossover DC seems to be planning, after The Night of Owls.

Blackhawks, a popular book?
Blackhawks, a popular book?

I can sympathize with all of you, maybe especially ReVamp as I am usually tracking back to older issues. So of course the post new 52 DC universe is undergoing its first contraction but also its first expansion. Any one has read any of the six titles which are getting shown the door?

TD : To be honest not really. I’ve read Blackhawks first two issues because of Mike Costa doing the series, as he is good with doing military stories but I stretched myself thin with the 52 and my other pulls to make it a priority.

DF : On that list of cancelled titles, I was reading Static Shock and BlackHawks. For shame :(

RV : Blackhawks and Men of War particularly, though Static had also caught my interest.

Men of War is the title I thought I'd like the most, since its first issue surprised be a lot and probably became my favorite #1 issue, or close to it. I just liked the whole military aspect it was bringing into the story, though it got overly confusing as the title progressed. Blackhawks was a title I thought had potential, but the story was all over the place. Characters should have been introduced more clearly and concisely in the first issue, before getting into the plot at hand. Static was the only title that surprised me when it got cut out though.

I was reading a couple myself, OMAC because I thought it was kind of fun, and Mister Terrific because I loved lampooning the science. So clearly DC missed the mark a little in these choices of titles, but do you think the first wave of cancelation was because of a poor vision by DC, bad creative work behind the titles, or just something that they had planned (as many titles are running into other ones)?

TD : They honestly knew that not all of them were going to be success. This much was obvious. They wanted to hit everything at once to get a good gauge to see what would sell and what would not. What they learned from the first wave that they are hoping to apply to the second one. At the same time it was a great chance for the company renew its ownership over old titles that have not really used in a long while. such as G.I.Combat.

RV : I think you didn't mention the most obvious. I don't think its lack of vision or creativity, though the latter definitely has an impact on what I think its most probably causing the drop. Which is sales. I say this without ever even looking at the sales numbers, mind you, but its probably a mixture of how much they are selling, how much the sales have dropped from the first issue and finally which of the titles are the most expendable. For example, they probably wouldn't shelve Legion Lost because the book is relevant to The Culling which I mentioned previously, and thus to do with the second wave of the DCnU -- more particularly The Ravagers, which I'm guessing will emerge from the results of the Crossover. Then again this is some speculation.

DF : I believe all of those reasons you listed contribute to why most of those books were cancelled. I also think it was just poor sales as well.

Most of the series that were cancelled showed up in other series, hinting that they will still be around in some way. Like Static appearing in Teen Titans or BlackHawks showing up in Mister Terrific.

RV : Mr. Terrific is getting the boot too, though Duo.

So out with the old and in with the new, there are six more titles coming ( Batman Incorporated, Dial H, Earth Two, Worlds' Finest, The Ravagers, and GI Combat.). Anyone thinking about picking up any of these new ones?

TD : Earth-Two just to see if ill make it as an ongoing pull. World Finest will be a spotter. outside of that ill have to play that by ear and gauge if i want to read it or not. Mainly im excited for HE-MAN!

RV : Totally forgot Batman Incorporated was coming back... I mean, completely. Well, I'm a sucker for Alternate Universes, so I know I'll be reading Earth-Two, which will be doubly so if Batman ends up being Dick Grayson (which it could be, since Robinson did have his run on Grayson-era JLA). So I'm definitely interested in that, though I don't know what I can say about it. Hopefully it'll be somewhat like the Ultimate Universe, in that people are different and not exactly how they are in other Earths and also that they're more willing to kill. Something that always get me is how reluctant people are to killing in the main DC Universe, I mean, I would never change that in Batman's character but I don't always enjoy the plot point where heroes have more trouble containing themselves than overcoming the challenge within that arc.

The Ravagers, re-introducing some already known characters.
The Ravagers, re-introducing some already known characters.

The Ravagers is another one I might read, since everyone knows I love the Teen Titans and Wildstorm. If Terra, Catlin and Beast Boy are all showing up in one book, I mean, who wouldn't get it if they were me? Though I was never big on Catlin, I'm hoping to see what they do with that and there have been already some hints as to what the book is going to be, since Ridge, another member of the team has appeared in Legion Lost. Keep in mind I don't like to read Solicits, so its quite possible everyone already knows what its about, lol.

I may get Batman Incorporated, or I may not. Depends where they're going with that I guess.

I'm happy these titles are being added though, I was having some troubles with post-New 52 DC I think.

DF : Out of the list, I'm really looking forward to reading World's Finest. I'm a huge fan of Power Girl and Huntress, and since they're both from what appears to be adarker version of Earth-2, it should be interesting. Though, like other fans, I too am not too fond of PG's new costume.

I'll also keep an eye on Earth-2 and Batman Inc Vol2.

RV : I may also try and see what the World's Finest ends up being. Depends on Power Girl's characterization, as Helena Wayne just isn't the same as Helena Bertinelli. It could be something quite interesting though, especially since its going to be an ongoing as opposed to a mini-series, which would probably be the more expected Medium for it.

Well He-Man was DC property way back when for a year or two, so in light of bringing back everything else they ever wrote, maybe they will get Prince Adam and the gang back together. Personally I am not s interested about this next wave except maybe to see how some dinosaurs get drawn. So quite a few people are doing the math and fueling the rumour mill and saying that the next wave will be in September. Any series in particular that you think might get cut, or ones that you want to see go, or ones you are afraid might go?

TD : In terms of rumors what might get cut. we might see a couple more series from the first way that might go. I don't want to speculate what might get cut in terms of the second wave, because due to the best base is how well to me the series can handle on its own. and I don't want to hint at something (G.I.Combat) as being something to be cut. cause im not biased like that. ..... *cough*

RV : Yes. I'm afraid of the fact that Hawkman and I, Vampire might get shown the door as well.

I like the former, mostly because I'm liking the new direction they gave Hawkman in terms of his powers and where he is settled in. I'm hoping that the writer will expand more on the properties of Nth Metal and what will change now that the Nth metal is inside Carter and he can mold it to his will.

I, Vampire is a title which I quite enjoyed the beginning and no one can deny that is Vampires have to be done they should be done like this. I'm not sure where the title is going or how, but its definitely kept my interest, though it was at risk of losing it somewhat when the protagonists decided to move to Gotham and especially at the first "death" that was seen. (Not because I think its permanent, but more because the person who committed the act is getting on my nerves)

A Premier team-book no more?
A Premier team-book no more?

Before I get side-tracked, I'd like to mention that the other two titles that are getting taken over by Liefeld, Grifter and Deathstroke (with the Third being Hawkman). Are two titles that I don't know exactly how I feel about. I absolutely love the two protagonists of the story, but I don't feel that the writing and direction has been interesting in either of them. I'm not sure whether I should be interested that Liefeld is taking over, since he might give them a new direction. I hate his art, it deterred me from Hawk and Dove, but maybe his co-plotting will do something for the books. Though I'm not sure how I'll live through his art on Deathstroke.

DF : Honestly? I would like to see Teen Titans go. That probably won't happen because of the number of titles that tie-in with the series (Superboy, The Ravengers), but it's a series that I fell out of. It's a bit too different from what I remember from the old Teen Titans before The New 52.

I hope that Justice League: Dark series continues. It seriously has a lot of potential, and the crossover with I, Vampire shows that. Maybe in the future, Demon Knights could join in as well.

RV : I respect Duo's opinion and while I definitely see what he's saying, I have full confidence that Lobdell will manage to the Titans well. If there is something that is irritating me with the series, it'd have to be the art. I mean, perhaps not the penciling, but the coloring is definitely getting on my nerves. That's just me being picky.

Personally I don't think I could survive in the new 52 world without both Soranik and Voodoo (though Voodoo hasn't been as good as it was at the beginning.) So seeing as DC has been opening up the vaults to grab old characters and old series, any that you would like to see in a third wave? The Creeper? Ragman? Doom Patrol? Outsiders?

RV : For the third wave in the new 52, I'd like to see a Dick Grayson led team. We have the young Teen Titans and the Older Adults, but the ones in the middle are nowhere to be seen. I know that due to fragile continuity issues a lot of them are not being touched by DC, such as Wally West, Donna Troy and Garth (aka Tempest), but there are still a lot of people that could join the team. I mean, Omen seems to have gone Evil, but maybe she'll be an option. Not to mention that there are many other characters that could join.

One changed, One the Same and three missing?
One changed, One the Same and three missing?

I'd also love a Nightwing/Red Robin or a Nightwing/Batgirl book, since I absolutely love the banter between those two characters. However, since that's not really feasible, I'll settle for a Bat-Family Team-Book (which there are rumors might happen), though I think that's just misinterpretation of Batman and Robin's future direction. (Damian seemingly wants to go after the ex-Robins).

DF : Going with what ReVamp wrote, I would like to see Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown come back. Since Barbara Gordon is still Batgirl, I wouldn't mind Cass being Blackbat and Stephanie going back as Spoiler. DC just need to bring those two back again. Like some suggested in other forums, I would love to see a Red Robin/BlackBat series. What could be even better is that Red Robin make an Outsider team with both Black Bat and Stephanie Brown.

And while Zatanna is with the Justice League: Dark, I would love to see a solo series of her.

TD : I know what you mean. I miss Soranik and the fact we have not seen her at all in this new 52 astounds me. but I’m sure she will be integral later on in a Green Lantern story arch in the future. for reasons they have not focused on her and Kyle’s previous relationship is beyond me. in terms of series coming back I was not much a reader of either series but since that is more of fans to decided but if i had to read one if it came back it would be Doom Patrol.

So one last question, is DC making a good decision or bad decision sticking at 52 titles as their base number of monthly titles?

RV : I'm not sure I like the fact the fact that they might be sticking to 52 titles, though it does have a certain organization to it that I'm definitely liking. I love how DC has split their titles into different groups, like the Batman titles, the Superman ones, the Dark, the Edge etc, but I'm not sure that having a definite base titles does anything for them in practice. Not to mention that it could hamper creativity and the process of creating good/bad stories if they have to limit themselves or force themselves upon a specific number of titles.

DF : I don't really have a problem with DC Comics keeping to just 52 titles. As of right now, I think DC is just trying to establish what kind of new universe The New 52 is compared to the old one, in terms of characterzation, history, and new backgrounds. With this apporach, I also think that DC is bidding their time before they annouce a major storyline event that will effect some of those titles. I do agree with what ReVamp wrote about how this approach could hamper the creativity aspect, also in sales because of how many titles are out there.

TD : Yes and no. I can see where it works really well and they have brought new interest in a series. but at the same time the changes they made were not enough compared to the changes in teams and characters made in previous titles before the 52. Like the Justice League and how it all but disbanded even though it was a great team and worked really well. But much of the details behind the madness ends up being corporate and thus hurts the comic universe more than helping it.

All right, thanks to all for participating to discuss the state of affairs at DC.

RV: Bye people, keep reading healthily and hating on Octopuses =P

No Caption Provided

DF : Thank you for having me! Hope to join you guys and gals next time on another roundtable!

TD : Thanks for having me again. "don't do drugs". and that was my community service for this week. Trodorne signing off.

OK great, but before signing off myself I turn it over to you the reader, what are you looking forward to in the second (or third) wave? Will you miss anything from the first wave? Or would you like to take us to task for anything else we said? Let us know in the comments below.


Request a Blog

How it works:

You give me a topic, I will try to make a blog on it.

  • Try to keep it serious or purposely funny if you so wish, just not something irrelevant or indifferent.
  • Try to not flood too much, so I can actually do anything.
  • If serious, don't make it political or something controversial.
  • Ideally I'd want most of these to be comic-related.

I will keep the right to ignore or decline your ideas.


Should Starfire be Depowered?

I've been thinking about this issue for quite some time. Starfire is 100 tonner, with a bit of Energy Projection sprinkled into her which makes her a threat of the level of a Kryptonian (Battle Users, don't get on my ass pwease). So its pretty safe to say that she's one of the more powerful superheroes in the the Superhero within the DC Universe, which leaves the question, why is she on a low-end street level team?

No Caption Provided

I mean, obviously there's a lot of chemistry in the book, I'm not even trying to imply that she shouldn't be on the team because I'm enjoying the three characters that Lobdell has put on the book. But lets face it, anything that'll provide any sort of a realistic challenge to Todd and Jason will pretty much be a cakewalk for Starfire. Lobdell obviously is a very good writer and I have enough confidence on his work that he'd be able to allow the team to work as it is, but I honestly don't know if it'll work with any other writer, if the book ends up changing creative teams.

Lobdell has hinted at the fact that he may be depowering Kory, because even though she's shown to still be able to use her powers, it seems to me that its quite possible for Starfire to have become less powerful than she was previously. (Not to mention that otherwise it seems that that whole bit of plot was kind of irrelevant and unnecessary).

While I obviously don't think she should be totally depowered, I'm interested to see what could be done with her if she was a 25 tonner instead, since it would obviously allow for a greater range of stories and more variety in the book.


ComicVine's Top 10 Series of 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize for the delay, I had some things that I had to get sorted out and was quite busy so here's the delayed list of ComicVine's Top 10 series of 2011!

This list was compiled from all of your votes in my two voting threads, of which I didn't participate in any manner. The results were interesting, but I believe that the best written series did get a chance to truly shine.

ComicVine's Top 10 DC Comics Books Series of 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Community has voted and I have listened. Here all of you have the list that you voted for and it is, if not anything else, Respectable.

1. Batman

One of Snyder's most fabulous accomplishments in recent times is his runs on Batman, Detective Comics and other such. After Flashpoint, Snyder continues his streak hitting all the spots with this gritty tale with beautiful art, so much so that Batman won with an overwhelming majority.

2. Action Comics

Another piece of literature to hold in contempt, Action Comics shows us that Morrison's magic isn't limited to men wearing Bat-Suits and that he can in fact tell the story of one of Pop-Cultures most iconic characters.

3. Animal Man

Animal Man, like Swamp Thing, shows us the power of true well-written stories. It demonstrates that comics don't need traditional heroes to have popular content and Animal Man does this incredibly well.

4. Swamp Thing

Like its sister-series, Animal Man, Swamp thing is surprisingly high on the list when that fact that Hero-Based comics seem to take the popularity.

5. Aquaman

Geoff Jones, one of DC's premier writers does a stunning job in re-imagining the character of Aquaman and making him a force to be reckoned with and gaining the acknowledgement of readers and hopefully characters alike further on in the series.

6. Green Lantern

The Green Lantern series is a well written story that puts a whole new spin on the franchise, with one of the Green Lantern Corps' most dangerous villains becoming one of their own -- all in replace of their "greatest".

7. Nightwing

Same Ranking as Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman. Nightwing is a solid book that compliments the evolution of the character over the course of the last few years where he's risen up to the challenge and become The Dark Knight himself. The series shows Dick dealing with problems within his past, which has proven to be the right move to go forward.

8. Batman and Robin

Same Ranking as Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Batman and Robin shows the dynamic [see what I did their?] relationship between Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian, who have conflicting interests and opinions even though their personality is somewhat similiar to each other. The book shows us that Damian's path is very narrow and that with one slip he could be propelled to evil and darkness and that Bruce feels obligated to stop this, even though his relationship with his son is strained at best.

9. Wonder Woman

Same as Batman and Robin and Nightwing. Wonder Woman has always been one of DC's mainstays, however she has had problems with receiving a title that is universally appealing. This has ended now as the new series give Diana Prince of Paradise Island a workable and interesting series, with all of her mythological background intact.

10. Barry Allen

Same Ranking as Justice League. The beautiful drawing of Manapaul are but one of the things that keep the Flash series interesting. Barry Allen and other flashes have always been one of the most powerful super-powered being in the DC Universe, even though they are often underestimated. This series explores the potential that Allen has and will hopefully let him claim his title as one of the most powerful Superheroes in the DC Universe.

11. Justice League

Same Ranking as Flash. Some hate it, others love it. There's absolutely no denying the fact that even though there are some changes to this series, such as Cyborg now being a founding member of the Justice League, it still is a beautifully drawn book that tells the story of the most important figures that DC headlines.

ComicVine's Top 10 Marvel Comics Books Series of 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Community has voted and I have listened. Here all of you have the list that you voted for and it is, if not anything else, Respectable.

1. Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Force is a stellar achievement by Remender. He manages to round out a bunch of outcasts, even within a team of outcasts and gives them a noble, but dark mission, which they take to doing with full grit and determination. The "Dark Angel" story-line is easily one of the better literary achievements that comic books have accomplished in the last few years.

2. FF

in conjuction with Fantastic Four, the Community believed that this series was one of the most enjoyable of the year, with the twists and turns that have been unveiled.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

The ComicVine Community was impressed with the recent Spider-Man crossover entitled "Spider-Island" where a vast majority of the population of New-York was infested with Spider Powers by the Jackal and another, more mysterious villain.

4. Venom

Rick Remender does a beautiful job with the character of Flash Thompson, a character who had lost all relevancy to the Spider-Man universe in the past few years and turned him into an interesting and complex character -- whose past history with Spider-Man and his alter ego, Peter Parker, has always been touching.

5. Daredevil

Mark Waid does a marvelous job when trying to bring Matt Murdock back into the comic books after the character having previously been turned down a dark path, eventually even turning against those that would call him his friend.

6. X-23

Marjorie Lie has done a great job in a solo series by one of the most emotionally conflicted characters in the Marvel Universe, a book who fans are sad to see go. The run has been compromised by X-23 finding her place among the X-Men and even though long time fans of the characters have had mixed feeling about interpretations of certain characters and relationships, it is a book everyone is sad to see go.

7. Wolverine and the X-Men

Following Schism, a book that wasn't appreciated by a lot of the bigger fans of the X-Men Universe, there were many that were skeptical about Wolverine taking the role of a Headmaster. Some still voice their disapproval over the situation but it is undeniable that Wolverine and the X-Men is a truly fun read that digs deep into the roots of what made comics a blissful medium.

8. Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers takes a concept which while interesting, some weren't completely sure if it would work. Steve Rogers who had then rejected the title of Captain America, decided to create a covert ops team and claimed to no longer "be Captain America" trying to set a darker tone for the book. People didn't know whether the man who had always been seen as a sort of "boy scout" would fit this mood, but regardless, Secret Avengers proved to be a well cooked book from Remender stunning pot of ideas.

9. Ultimate Spider-Man

After what many thought to be a bold move by Marvel, Ultimate Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker was killed. They had announced it, many didn't believe it would happen, but it did. The result was that it opened the door for Miles Morals, who had a perfectly sown origin story, that feasibly allowed him to have the same origin as peter, even though he was never in the lab when Parker was bitten by the Spider. The result is a character that has these power, but never had an incident that dramatically made him want to protect the streets of New York. With no Uncle Ben, it leaves a door open and a story to be told.

10. X-Men: Legacy

A surprising addition to the list, Legacy is one of those books that gets the characters that many don't generally recognize as the premier X-Men and gives them a place in a book, allowing their story to be told without having to be on a team filled with more popular characters.

My thanks to everyone who voted.


Notes and Stuff. Soon to be deleted.

Black Adam has a 'classical' relationship with Captain Marvel. At least, he's a classical villain in manner in which the concept of his character is exactly the opposite of Captain Marvel. While Captain Marvel is blessed with virtues, Teth-Adam is blessed with Sin. He is exactly the opposite of Captain Marvel -- He is the original champion of SHAZAM, gifted by the Egyptian gods to give him an unparalleled powers. However he was soon corrupted by this power, which makes him so great. While Batman and the Joker are two complete opposites, Captain Marvel and Black Adam are two sides of the same coin, which makes them such a great combination.

Captain Nazi is a stereotype. Not necessarily a bad thing, Captain Nazi basically stands for everything that Captain Marvel doesn't. While one fights for freedom and the general good, Captain Nazi, as a fascist believer of Hitler's teachings, stands for evil and plans world domination. He is a twisted character, perhaps the complete opposite of what Captain America is. He is what a super powered patriot under the Nazi regime would be and as thus, he feels no compassion for anyone else.

Captain Marvel and Superman are parallels to each other, and thus, Dr. Sivanna and Lex Luthor are parallels in their own right. Sivanna is a intelligent scientist, with a big multi-national company that has attributed him a large sum of money. Because of the failure of the Egyptian expedition that created Captain Marvel and the fact that Captain Marvel impedes his many corrupt schemes, Sivanna is obsessed with getting rid of Captain Marvel. This makes him a character, who even though he is completely human, he manages to compete toe-to-toe with a hero like Captain Marvel. His unique personality and stubborn traits, make him a villain who people like to dislike.

Mr. Atom has a fascinating quality which differentiates him from the midst of other villains. It his inhumanity. The fact that the character feels no tinge of human qualities that touch all characters at some point, even characters that are insane like the Joker -- or unfeeling like Lex Luthor, makes him a character that displays an interesting interaction with every other character in comic books. As an immensely intelligent being, Mr. Atom wants to conquer the earth because he deems humans as weak and thus wants to rule the planet. What makes him more unique is his indifference to the population. He doesn't care whether humans live or perish, all he wants is an outcome. All "World Conquering"-esque villains understand the point of there not being a point to being a king with no kingdom, but Atom truly doesn't care and thus the lengths which he goes through give a slight angle to the overused world conquering attitude that has been seen in characters time and time again.

Mr Mind is an alien trying to take over the world. Simple. How he does it is interesting. Physically, Mr. Mind poses little threat, in most cases, however that problem that he poses to the world lays instead in his psychic power which allow him to bypass the great powers of Captain Marvel as he doesn't have to deal with the hero physically. The Uniqueness of the character's design is also impressive, he is a simple creature who can hide in plain sight and still wreak havoc.

Mr. Freeze is unlike many Batman villains. A lot of Batman villain follow the pattern of having psychological problems that turn their crimes into illogical and irrational ones. While Victor Fries does indeed have psychological problems, most of his crimes are [excuse the pun] 'cold' and calculated, allowing for a greater objective. What is most impressive about the character however, is that the character restored to crime for the purpose of healing and restoring his wife's health, as the latter suffers classically, from a terminal illness.

Scarecrow is an interesting character. By himself, he doesn't exude much interest, but when he is confronted by Batman, his character shows various layers of depth. Batman, is a character who traditionally overcomes his fears by maturing after the death of his parents. Scarecrow however, can successfully change this by bringing fear into the life of Batman, especially by messing with the memories of his parents and making him relive some of his most traumatic memories. Thus Scarecrow provides a psychological challenge to Batman, who has to use his powerful and resolute will to overcome the challenges that the former poses to him.

Brain Emperor - The Brain Emperor provides a villain who is vile and evil, he has no reason for what he does, or at least one that is justifiable. He wants to conquer the world, he's ugly, he totally unrelabtable and that's what gives you a villain that you just love to see get completely ass kicked when the heroes save the day, which is why reading Brain Emperor is enjoyable.

Applejack - Applejack is a truly disgusting character who emits a horrible aura to the reader because his sick mind has him chasing women for simply the pleasure of killing them, all done in a manner like Jack the Ripper. This disgust and hate that he gives the reader for what he does in a sick manner, is what makes him interesting to read, because he represents the lowest of the low which humans can possibly reach.

Spider Spry - Spider Spy is a villain whose biggest interest is in the fact that he provides a very interesting parallel to his primary arch-enemy, the Fly and Flygirl, due to the he represents someone that is genetically superior to him and allows the protagonists to prove the fact that even inferior people can win against those superior to them.

Lxo III - Lxo III is an evil Martian that wants to steal the powers of the Fly but didn't manage to, however his persistence to remain fully against the Fly despite not being able to conduct his research remains an interesting read.

Maxx 13 - Maxx 13 is a project and thus the character known as "Maxx 13" is an interesting read reminiscent of what characters like Wolverine could perhaps have been like, if their history hadn't quite played out as it did.

The Claw - The Claw is a monster with miraculous powers who has the potential to dominate the entire world which shows us how he is such a big threat, being described at times as having been the "worst" superhero within his specific universe. The abomination that is The Claw is capable of abnormal things and has been shown to eat superheroes such as the Death-Defying Daredevil to terminate them.

Doomsday - Doomsday is a fmous behemoth, he is capable of doing nearly anything and is famous for killing perhaps the most famous comicbook character of all Superman. In doing this Doomsday destroyed the ideal that is Superman, which has now been spread world wide and by doing this he has shown his tremendous power and evil, making him a character that constantly challenges Superman, physically and psychologically.

Galactus - Galactus is perhaps the biggest threat that the Marvel Superheroes of earth face with frequency, Galactus is a being of cosmic level proportions being nearly omnipotent and having the ability to give others abilities that can level planets. He lives by feeding on planets and has proved time and time again that he is powerful than nearly all who seek to oppose him, which is why it is enjoyable to read him and see how he is beaten, or even if he is.

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Three Characters that should Substitute the New 'New 52' Titans

While a lot of things are really done well in the New 52, one of the things that was done horrible was the four additional characters that are going to be added to the Teen Titans. To be honest I don't really like them at all, with perhaps the exception of Solstice. Bunker is okay, but kind of meh and Skitter is just horrible. However there are loads of previously introduced characters that could do the job correctly. First this purpose I won't be using characters already considered a Titans staple like Beast Boy, Raven and even the new Aqualad.

  • Kid/Red Devil - His character has always had a lot of potential and it is beneficial that his origin doesn't even need to have anything to do with Blue Devil, we can just completely cross him out and still have a beautiful origin story. He has diverse powers that don't match anything that the team has and he also has a diverse personality.
  • Damage - Though he never was part of the Teen titans, only part of the Titans when they had the Vol 1, he is still an interesting character with a deep backstory. His power set is sufficiently diverse and he brings a lot to the table, specially if we're talking post-Scarring.
  • Lilith Clay - It sucks that Lilith hasn't done anything in the past 10 or 15 years, but she's a BAMF and she needs to come back.