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Meme-arific. 0

After the brilliant first issue this series is a must and with it nearing it's completion, pick this up now.I had a feeling that this was just going to be another zombie cliché story but Memetic is more of a story about paranoia. The artwork seems to vary with some of the charterers at times but the story was so good it's easy to look past things like that. Like all good comic stories should....

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Epic in the real sense. 0

A homage and reinvention of Homer's Odyssey. The narration has a poetic rhythm to it which I found very fitting with the content . The artwork is outstanding and creates an amazing world. I look forward to following the story of trickster Odyssia. I great retelling of a classic...

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Hardcore fans only 0

The art was amazing and even the story (what little of it was there) seemed interesting I found some of the dialogue completely pointless. The fight with Kingpin/Venom was over far too quick and for what this version of the suit was meant to be it was a massive let down. If you are a hardcore Spider-Man fan you will probably have this anyway. I picked it up for the artwork which was beautiful but if you are looking for story, stay well away....

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