Ultimate Marvel events/crossovers

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  • After the government discovers the Charles Xavier lied about killing Magneto they order the Ultimates to hunt down the X-Men.

  • Eletro, Kraven, Doc Oc, Sandman, and Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin are incarcerated by the Ultimates. Hank Pym (Giant Man/Ant Man) attempts to rehabilitate them. Ultimately, this doesn't go well. They escape and force Spider-Man to launch an attack upon the white house.

  • The story chronicles the coming of Gah Lak Tus.

  • Cerebro has been stolen and the trail points directly at the government's premier think tank, the Baxter Building. The X-Men aren't happy about it and the Baxter Building's most famous residents, the Fantastic Four aren't happy about an angry team of mutants showing up on their doorstep.

  • A few days after Reed Richards sends five probes into other dimensions the roof of the Baxter Building is ripped open by a massive explosion, heralding the sudden appearance of the Squadron Supreme. They declare Reed Richards under arrest for his crimes against their planet.

  • The story deals with Magneto's attempts to destroy the world following the apparent deaths of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Ultimates 3. Following the Ultimatum storyline, each Ultimate title was given a Requiem follow-up series or one-shot, dealing with the status each book's characters in the aftermath of Ultimatum.

  • The story details the death of Spider-Man. It also crosses over with Avengers vs New Ultimates. After this the entire Ultimate line was relaunched with Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn tagline. The titles relaunched were Ultimate Comics: X-Men, Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, with Ultimate Comics: Fallout and Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye being released as mini-series.

  • Aftermath of Death of Spider-Man

  • Crossover between Spider-Man (Peter Parker) & Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales).The story features both Spider-Men being brought together after Mysterio creates a rift between their universes.

  • Return of Ultimate Captain America after the death of Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • Captain America is elected the new president of the United States and a new mutant nation is born.

  • In the aftermath of Age of Ultron, the timestream is broken and Marvel Universe' Galactus entered Ultimate Universe

  • Wounded at the end of Hunger, Galactus comes to the Ultimate Earth to feed, leading the heroes on a last ditch attempt to stop him.