Thunderbolts Volume 1

"No one ever said being good would be easy". The much acclaimed saga of Marvel villains becoming heroes continues! After 81 issues of the first series of Thunderbolts (1997), the series took a brief hiatus. One year later, the series returned in the form of New Thunderbolts with a new number 1, although the original numbering is also visible, making that issue 82 - 99 of the Thunderbolts series. The series returned to it's original numbering and name with issue 100.

With issue 175, the cover/publishing title changed to Dark Avengers to reflect the change in team. The numbering of the original title and most of the cast however remained, as well as the creative team behind the comic.

Continues into Dark Avengers (2012) with issue 175.

Series is continued from Thunderbolts (1997) and the Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series and continues in Thunderbolts (2006), going back to it's original numbering with issue 100.

Although this series has a new number 1, the original numbering is also visible, making this issue 82 - 99 of the Thunderbolts series.

Thunderbolts, Volume 2

A new Marvel NOW! ongoing series featuring Red Hulk, Punisher, Flash Thompson as Venom, Red Leader,Deadpool, Elektra, Ghost Rider and Mercy as the all-new Thunderbolts.

Written by Daniel Way (#1-11), Charles Soule (#12-26), Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (#27-) with art by Steve Dillon (#1-6, 12), Phil Noto (#7-11, 13), Jefte Palo (#14-18), Gabriel Hernández Walta (#19), Carlo Barberi(#20.NOW-22, 27-), Aaron Kim Jacinto (#23), Paco Diaz Luque (#24-26)

TitleMaterial Collected
Thunderbolts Classic: 1 Thunderbolts #1-5, Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings #-1, Thunderbolts '97 Annual, The Incredible Hulk #449, Tales of the Marvel Universe one-shot and Spider-Man Team-Up #7
Thunderbolts Classic: 2 Thunderbolts #6-14, and Heroes for Hire #7
Thunderbolts Classic: 3 Thunderbolts #15-22, 0, and Captain America & Citizen V Annual ‘98; Avengers Vol. 3 #12
The Avengers/Thunderbolts: 1 The Avengers #31-34 and Thunderbolts #42-44
The Avengers/Thunderbolts: 2 Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6
Thunderbolts: How to Lose
Thunderbolts #76-81
Volume 1: One Step Forward New Thunderbolts #1-6
Volume 2: Modern Marvels New Thunderbolts #7-12
Volume 3: Right of Power New Thunderbolts #13-18 and Thunderbolts #100
Civil War: Thunderbolts Thunderbolts #101-105
Thunderbolts: The Guardian Protocols Thunderbolts #106-109
Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better collects 4-issue mini-series
Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Ultimate Collection Thunderbolts #110-121 and material from Civil War: The Initiative one-shot
Thunderbolts: Secret Invasion Thunderbolts: Breaking Point one-shot, Thunderbolts: International Incident one-shot, Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness and Thunderbolts #122-125
Penance: Relentless collects 5-issue limited series
Thunderbolts: Burning Down The House Thunderbolts #126-129 and 132
Dark Reign: Deadpool/Thunderbolts Thunderbolts #130-131 and Deadpool vol. 2, #8-9
Thunderbolts: Widowmaker Thunderbolts #133-137
Siege: Thunderbolts Thunderbolts #138-143
Thunderbolts: Cage Thunderbolts #144-147 and stories from Enter the Heroic Age one-shot
Shadowland: Thunderbolts Thunderbolts #148-151
Thunderbolts: Violent Rejection Thunderbolts #152-157
Fear Itself: Thunderbolts Thunderbolts #158-162
Thunderbolts: The Great Escape Thunderbolts #163, #163.1, 164-168
Thunderbolts: Like Lightning Thunderbolts #169-174
Dark Avengers: The End is the Beginning Dark Avengers #175-183
Thunderbolts Volume 1: No Quarter Thunderbolts vol. 2 #1-6
Thunderbolts Volume 2: Red Scare Thunderbolts vol. 2 #7-12
Thunderbolts Volume 3: Infinity Thunderbolts vol. 2 #13-19
Thunderbolts Volume 4: No Mercy Thunderbolts vol. 2 #20-26

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