Ms.Marvel/Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Ms. Marvel's first ongoing series. It follows the adventures of Carol Danvers after she gained superpowers and became a superhero. With issue 20, she changed costumes into the one that is most famous today. The series was cancelled with issue 23 in the middle of a story-line. Years later however, Marvel Super-Heroes issue 10 and 11 printed the (already finished) stories intended for issues 24 and 25 and it's covers. This included the supposed first appearance of the X-Man Rogue.

Ms. Marvel Volume 2

Ms. Marvel soars into her own series once more. After her House of M's experience of being a famous hero, Carol Danvers refused to join the New Avengers and tried to become a more respectful hero.

Captain Marvel Volume 4

The fourth ongoing-series of Captain Marvel. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick (with co-writer Christopher Sebela for issues 7-8 and 10-12). Dexter Soy drew and colored issues 1-4 and 7-8; Emma Rios drew issues 5-6; and Filipe Andrade drew issues 9-12. Jordie Bellaire colored issues 5-6 and 9-12.

Captain Marvel Volume 5

Continued from Captain Marvel volume 4

The fifth ongoing-series of Captain Marvel. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by David Lopez and colorized by Lee Loughridge

TitleMaterial Collected
Essential Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 Ms. Marvel #1-23; Marvel Super-Heroes Magazine #10-11; Avengers Annual #10
Vol. 1: Best of the Best Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #1-5; Giant-Size Ms. Marvel
Vol. 2: Civil War Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #6-10; Ms. Marvel Special
Vol. 3: Operation Lightning Storm Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #11-17
Vol. 4: Monster Smash Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #18-24
Vol. 5: Secret Invasion Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #25-30
Vol. 6: Ascension Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #31-34, Annual; Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller
Vol. 7: Dark Reign Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #35-41
Vol. 8: War of the Marvels Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #42-46
Vol. 9: Best You Can Be Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #47-50
Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #1-6
Vol. 2: Down Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #7-12
Avengers: The Enemy Within Avengers: The Enemy Within #1; Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #13-14, 17; Avengers Assemble Vol. 2 #16-17
Infinity Companion Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #15-16

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