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Elseworlds are published by DC comics and have been since the late 80’s, before that they were known as ‘Imaginary Stories’ where a fresh idea or alternate histories were tried out on existing characters or storylines. Most notably during the Silver age of comics era a lot of these ‘Imaginary Stories’ were published using DC’s main characters of Superman and Batman, though they did also branch out into DC’s other ‘mainstream’ characters.

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In a magic-centric reality, the machinations of Jonathan Arcane set those who control the magic against those from whom it was stolen. (3 issues)

Elseworlds 80 Page Giant The Elseworlds 80-Page Giant is an 80-page collection of Elseworlds stories published by DC Comics. The collection was withdrawn and pulped after DC became concerned about a scene in one of the stories.


A world where the Flash was the only superhero, until he lost the use of his legs. (3 issues) Not to be confused with the 2011 storyline of the same name.
Green Lantern: Evil's Might Featuring Green Lantern; set in New York City around 1888. (3 issues)
Green Lantern: 1001 Emerald Nights A Green Lantern story in classical Arabic setting.
Kamandi: At Earths End A grown Kamandi finds himself caught in a battle between Mother and Superman. (6 issues)
Teen Titans: The Lost Annual The original Teen Titans go into space to save John F. Kennedy. It was originally planned for release in 2003 as the Teen Titans Swingin' Elseworlds Special, but its release was cancelled even though the book was finished. An interview with Newsarama.com revealed that DC would finally release the book in January 2008 as part of their "Lost Annual" series, which they did
Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone A futuristic manga-style Teen Titans tale. The story was originally intended as the Titans' installment of the Legends of the Dead Earth annuals, but was reworked as a standalone Elseworlds special.
Wonder Woman: Amazonia A Victorian era Wonder Woman battles Jack the Ripper and the society that created him. This is the only Elseworlds title to date published in an oversized 8" x 11" "Graphic Album Format" rather than standard comic book size.
Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon Sequel to Superman's Metropolis and Batman: Nosferatu, based loosely on The Blue Angeland Doctor Mabuse, and featuring Wonder Woman

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