Super quick breakdown review : Dracula Untold (Spoilers)

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Advertised sometimes (at least in Ireland) as the untold story of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. Not only is it not, but the actual historical bits are incorrect. The accents, oh god the accents. Anyway here is my super quick breakdown review for quiet possibly the worse film I have seen in 2014.

  • Bad accents
  • Incorrect History
  • Fight
  • Fight
  • I'm a vampire now
  • Fight
  • Fight
  • Laughable abilities
  • Fight
  • We are all vampires now
  • Fight
  • Win
  • Sub-plots that make no sense
  • We are all dead
  • Incorrect History
  • Tease of a sequel (sweet jesus please no)

Budget 56.02€ million

Box office 167.09€ million

*sigh* just goes to show that vampires still make money. No matter how badly advertised or terrible a film is.

Recommend instead: Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000)


Apocalypse quotes

One of my favorite characters in both TV and Comic. One of the main reasons is the way he presents himself. Here are some of my favorite quotes by him.

  • The old world passes away. Together, we shall forge a new one, in fire and blood. The future is transformed. I am the instrument to purify the world, the evil of humans and mutants must be cut away! You shall help me, tear down the old order! Those who oppose me shall perish, through my agents of destruction!
  • I am APOCALYPSE! Look upon the future, AND TREMBLE! All who oppose me... shall be crushed!
  • Increase the power! I want to hear the cries of a future being born!
  • Watch me and tremble for I bring the purity of oblivion!
  • I know more of this world than you can even dream. That is why I must destroy it!

And my number one Apocalypse quote.

  1. I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you. I am eternal!

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