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The best characters of from the greatest show of all time. The show that constantly broke the rules and did things that have never been done. The first show to raise the stakes and slam them into the hearts of the Vampires! Now continued on in the comic book world where it is just as fantastic.

List items

  • She is the Slayer, the chosen one. My role model and hero. She who makes puns and hangs out in cemeteries, Buffy Summers.

  • Genius Jewish Lesbian Wicca who's super sweet and powerful and has the largest collection of ugly sweaters in the world.

  • The Vampire that loved without a soul. Sexy Spike.

  • Mrs. Anya Lame-Ass-Made-Up-Maiden-Name Harris is one Vengeance Demon that speaks her mind! She's boned a troll and wreaked some wrath, she likes to bowl and is good at math!

  • Best Big Bad! The ever so scrumptious Glorificus! This self centered psycho hell-bitch was so bad, she gave other gods nightmares. She's the most fabulous, stylish and strongest person in Sunnydale. I was secretly rooting for Glory to win and get to go home haha.

  • "Five by Five". The dark Slayer is pretty awesome.

  • I want her back. <3 Tara was so sweet and so cute with Willow.

  • We need more crazy Dru.

  • Comic relief guy. Xander makes with the funny and is a great friend.

  • Surprised? I know. Most people don't like him, saying he's boring. But I like Iowa corn on the cob Riley! The perfect gentlemen (not the creepy kind ;) The ultimate nice guy. I always thought he should have had a southern accent haha.

  • Joss Whedon says that when he wrote the character of Oz he wanted to write a character who was "so cool he could see how cool Willow was" and he did. Oz may have turned into a gigantic fanged beast every full moon but the rest of the time he was the definition of cool; the kind of cool that is so cool it can make anything cool and has no need to be cool.

  • Greatest Watcher.