So I prayed to what I thought were angels, but ended up being ambulance lights.

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Questionable Lines

These are moments in comics that make me wonder: Why did they say that?

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  • Crimson Commando says: "As you see, Cable, we have reason to believe that the MLF, Rusty Collins, and Skids Blevins were working in concert."

    To which Cable replies: "You have reason to go to the devil!"

  • #1 Cameron Hodge to Wolfsbane: "My! What big teeth you have, sweet Rahne!"

    #2 Wolverine states that Jean is "some woman," to which Cyclops replies: "There's not another like her." The statement is immediately followed by his thought: "And I'm so afraid I might lose her, it's making me act soft in the head."

  • Juggernaut yelling at Siryn: "Ya know, kiddo. Ya wanna get tough stains out, ya gotta shout 'em out!"

  • Spider-Man to the Juggernaut: "Did France give up in World War II? Did Custer walk away from Little Big Horn? Did -- Heck, I can't think of anymore witty lines!"

  • Pyro, while holding Siryn: "Ironic, eh? Sneaking up on the woman who screams and shouts?"

  • Cable remarks: "Be with you in a moment, Professor. First I have to teach someone that eavesdropping is a terminal complaint."

  • Cable is bloodlusted. His concern for the females on his team gets trumped. "The smell of man meat drowns my concern for them."

  • "It's that kid strung up like Pinocchio in a briar patch!"