So I prayed to what I thought were angels, but ended up being ambulance lights.

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Pre-X-Force Siryn

Comics Siryn appeared in before she became a deputy leader for the X-Force.

List items

  • Siryn's very first appearance: a petty thief.

  • Spider-Woman gets another dose of Siryn's powers. Then the X-Men take custody.

  • Banshee meets his daughter for the first time, and it's a happy moment. The story is brief, but still worth owning.

  • While written much, much later, this issue is supposed to take place after Uncanny X-Men #148. You want to see a poor attempt at adolescent interactions then pick this up. It at least shows what Siryn was doing before the Fallen Angels story, but it doesn't really show any potential for being the leader she's destined to be.

  • Terry sings back-up for Dazzler. Good teenage book. Here we see how well she does in stickier situations.

  • Siryn shown to still be in Moira MacTaggart's care.

  • Siryn returns to the United States to help Magneto with his students.

  • Siryn and Jamie Madrox strike out to find the missing New Mutants members Sunspot and Warlock.

  • Officially entrenched as a member of the Fallen Angels.

  • Everyone notices their powers are in flux.

  • More powers in flux.

  • Siryn and Co. are taken to the Coconut Grove. That's another planet, folks.

  • This too long of a mini-series finally comes to an end and Siryn stays to help the Fallen Angels find the right path in life.

  • Siryn shows up for the last two issues of this four-issue crossover. And it looks like she's back on Muir Island. And is that the Shadow King with her and Moira?

  • Siryn plays a small roll in this issue, but she's still there.

  • The placement of this issue has seen its bit of controversy. (I blogged about it but can't link in lists.) I place this one right after the Kings of Pain crossover because it would make sense for her to take time off after that whole ordeal. Also, her father is missing at this point anyway (a reference in the story, as well). Others place it into the X-Force run, but I'm not convinced.

  • It was mentioned that the Shadow King was nosing about Muir Island, right? See Siryn's reaction to prolonged exposure.

  • She's in there a little bit. This is background for what she talks about in the early issues of X-Force. (You may just want to read this whole arc...)

  • Siryn's last appearance in this arc. It's also her last appearance before showing up in X-Force #3.