Max Bemis Helped Write this Blog

I was driving to work today when I had the intense desire to listen to the self-titled album from Say Anything. That, my friends, is a masterpiece. How can I prove it? By simply listening to the song “Cemetery” I was able to get the subject for this blog. Inspiration = Art, at least in my book. Go ahead: find that song and listen to it. For those who don’t want to appreciate a good thing, here’s a quick sum-up:


I’m a huge music person. Like most melodic snobs, I have my favorites, one of those being the band Eisley. The sisters have such beautiful, melancholic voices. Because of my minor vocal crush on this band, I have sought out other songs that they’ve either helped write or perform in, hence owning a song by Hanson. Yes, that Hanson. (Also look up “One More Day With You” by Chauntelle Dupree, one of the Eisley sisters. You should be able to find it online for free.) The song “Cemetery,” the muse for this article, also boasts a Dupree sister. Sherri married the lead singer for Say Anything, Max Bemis. She sings on a song or two, but none more better than “Cemetery.” (More better? And I have an English degree…)


Comics also have ways of enticing me to branch out of my comfort zone. I’m a big stickler for collecting characters. My biggest go-to guy is Cable. That story fascinates me. Another is his old partner Domino. I have to own everything they appear in, regardless of the stupidity. (Cable in a Quasar comic as a suitor for some alien? Yup, must have it to feel complete.) The latest thing to catch my eye was a recent issue of Deadpool MAX ( #6). That’s where this little story takes a dive. I hated it. I’m also a Deadpool fan, but I just couldn’t buy into that book. First off, they have free reign to do whatever they want, but instead they tame Wade Wilson and take the jokes out. This book just screams for a Tarantino lense! Even worse, Domino is so far off that she wasn’t even a redeeming quality to the book.


Thus, the blog. We have these sick little needs to collect every little thing. They act as our trophies. We can brag about that one back-issue that no one has ever heard of because it came through a Charleston Chew promotion. But really, is this worth it? I still say yes. I still enjoy seeing how my characters are portrayed in different stories/universes. Was Domino completely out of character when she told Deadpool to use his willy on her? Totally. Does this behavior turn me off? Indeed. Would I still get the seventh issue since it continues this farce of a story? Not anymore. Now that I know that it’s not the real Domino I don’t have to feel compelled to add that trash to my collection. I can even get rid of the other one. Praise be to whomever you praise.


In the end, I’ll still take those chances because you might just get a sweet interaction between Cable and Wolverine in that first Wolverine series. Then again, you may be incredibly disappointed, like when Nick Hexum supposedly accompanied The Urge on “Jump Right In.”

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