I Don't Give Up - Musings on DP #4

Writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn have stated that they are going to take Deadpool a little deeper and darker than he's gone in the recent past. The issue is supposed to be #7 but issue #4 held a poignant gem in it that may be a bit of foreshadowing. To this point, Deadpool has been his old, quirky self: quips left and right, awesome fights, and dressing in drag as hot historical celebrities. (What?) The first two issues in the newest series were fantastic but the third was a misstep. Deadpool, it seemed, was already growing stale. The authors remedied this, however, by appealing to a deeper Deadpool in the latest issue (#4).

In the first issue of the series, Abraham Lincoln shoots Deadpool in the head. (Brilliant irony!) He gets to repeat this in the fourth issue. (Sad consistency, DP!) Despite these ignominious defeats, Deadpool (the guy who can say that Ol' Honest Abe got him twice in the exact same way) keeps showing up and fighting back. It doesn't matter Lincoln's location, Deadpool doesn't shy away from the fight. This irks Lincoln and, as the men fight, he asks what is so special about Deadpool.

I quote: "You're a vapid, unfunny, pale shade of a hero. You're unintelligent, uncreative, and unremarkable in every way. You don't seem to do anything well except heal yourself, and appear everywhere! I don't understand your appeal!"

Take this out of context and consider it for a moment: Isn't this how many people truthfully feel about Deadpool? He's annoying! He's not a real hero! He's effing (Elfring) everywhere! Why in all the world would the writers put this honest sentiment of a host of people in Deadpool's own book? Lincoln continues: "I hate you. These people hate you. Tell me, what is it that you're good at? What do you do?" Deadpool gets a great, vindictive look in his eye (nice work, Tony Moore) before he shouts "I don't give up!" while chopping off Lincoln's head. (At least is stays in one piece this time.)

If I had to guess, it seems that the writers are going to try and make Deadpool more humanized. We know Dr. Strange saw something off in Deadpool. I wonder if this truth will help Deadpool see what it is he is truly made of. Perhaps we'll be given a reason why so many people do legitimately love Deadpool. Maybe one day Deadpool will have an answer for the Abraham Lincoln's of the world who want to shoot him in the head as they ask about his humanity. Regardless, Duggan and Posehn are killing this series and I can't wait to see what is next.

(I'll try and get some scans for this later.)