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What titles I would make (or keep) if I did marvel titles/ideas (unfinished)

I don't count Star Wars titles

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  • with Polaris, Havok, Multiple Man and Wild Child, and with Forge and Quicksilver as stand by. But Forge being the leader just because I want Polaris in another team comic also.

    I'd like Legion in this comic as well.

  • Make Blue Marvel the leader of The the Ultimates and take out Black Panther and give Captain Marvel more of stand by role, also have (adult) Nova come on the team.

  • Unbreakable Mary Jane title (her work at Stark Industries has been very undefined, in this mini series she's the company spokesperson but that is not the main story) the main story would be with her two close friends (Bluebird and an Alcoholic Theater Owner), and how she tackles her personal life when she also has to help Bluebird and basically working at a Theater for her friend.

    the idea is to show her being unsure of what she wants to do in her life going forward: Stark Industries spokesperson, superhero consultant, Theater Owner or Club Owner and why she was so hesitant with being in a relationship with a Superhero aka can it be fixed between Petter and her (hint I really want to fix it).

  • In a Shield Agents comic with her as the main character

    or have her join a shield sanctioned Secret Warriors along site Slingshot, Quake and others.

  • Most Vampires has disappeared: Falcon, Redwing, Jubilee and Blade goes out to find out why.

    this series is about fixing things that does not make sence with the marvel Vampires.

  • I just love this comic sorry guys, all I'll say is keep playing with characters from his past, maybe even Doctor Strange?

  • X-23 back to being named that, teaming up with real Wolverine maybe Gabby as a bad guy?

    also have her in a team comic with Young Angel and others (could be X-Man Blue)

  • working as an insurance investigator (like in "The Thomas Crown Affair" movie) and dog walker, still as bi, member of ultimates and a dimensions jumper. Less mindless both figuratively and metaphorically.

  • An ongoing digital comic along the lines of the doctor strange sorcerer supremes comic but writen by the writer that wrote the orininal Thors comic.

  • and Clea as co-main character but please change the writer again I know that was the idea fo most of these comic ideas but I really don't like the new writer.

  • This team as flashback stories but this time ongoing

  • same as before but Mary Jane with an original custume and not stealing Petters powers also explain why I should believe Mary Jane would work in a clothing store.

  • An ongoing digital comic with Mindful One and Kushala

    or An ongoing dark Team comic like midnight sons with the 2 of them as part of it.

  • a Maximus, Captain Swain, Mosaic and Quiksilver comic!

  • The team back but Ta-Nehisi Coates only being a co-writer so it does not go all... you know...

  • with Dr. Strange and Helcat + the current team except Jessica jones!

  • current one is pretty good

  • more teen titans like and less politics and one less team member maybe hulk

  • I don't have much to say about this comic I haven't read alot of comics with him, I liked the story where He dead! I just know there needs to be a solo comic with him.

  • current one is good

  • I just need this comic not to have been canceled

  • current one is good!