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Back on the Campaign Trail.

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Sam Washington touched down on the stage lightly. He was still getting used to the armor, but he could finally land without crushing what was beneath him. The Legion was behind him, looking much more graceful and professional. The faceplate slid open, and he began his speech.

"My name is Sam Washington. You probably know me from the last campaign, and the whole 'VP' thing. You might have guessed why we're here, but before we get to that, I'd like to tell you a story. I was sixteen. Tall, strong. Worked on my dad's farm. Grew up hearing about the Vietnam War. Wanted to enlist. On my birthday, the day I could legally, I snuck out in my dad's car, drove to a recruitment center in the nearest city. Signed up, and went home proud. My dad smacked me harder than anyone would in fifteen years of fighting." This, as it usually did, elicited a laugh. "Now, I ended up Colonel, but before that, I got shot. Firefight in the streets, goes to hell. These guys are running away, one starts shooting. Hits me straight in the guts. My friend, he sees the guys running, he thinks to himself 'I can shoot at them, I can get them. Hell, get a medal, probably.' But he looks down, and he sees some jackass bleeding out next to him. He picks up him gun, hits me from the shoulder, and uses the rifle like a crutch. We limp back to base. Guy in charge, he's pissed. He wants to know why the guys we were chasing got away. My friend, he says this. He says 'Sam got shot.' And that's all he needed to hear. That's loyalty.

Now, my friends here are from the military as well. They're the Titanium Legion, an initiative I championed as Vice President. They're here to protect us, at home and abroad, however they can. And with your help, I'd like to as well." Sam picked up the mic, spun around, and dropped it, as the Uncle Sam '16 banner unfurled.

The Titanium Legion and the military reforms are still canon, but Gothic Heals is not. Just a heads-up!