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@y3kthunder: Everybody knows Death Battle Hal Jordan is an Infinitely Multiversal god

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@baph said:

Boros is confirmed to be a star buster, but Sentry has the power of a million suns, so i'd give it to CW Arrow.

Seems reasonable.

@laskt said:

Please tell me your not serious

Please tell me you have an argument and aren't just going to mock the topic.

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The Sentry: VS Lord Boros:

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  • The Sentry using Standard Showings (No Void/Deathseed, think Sentry from the WBH Storyline)
  • Boros starts off Unrestrained/Unarmored (Base)
  • Both Fighters are In-Character
  • Manga/Anime Only. No Databooks (I DO NOT want to see Star-Bust WANK here)
  • Win By KO, Death, or Surrender/Concession
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@kalebsmarty156 said:

Boros kicking saitama to the moon is a strength feat.

No its a Speed feat too. Kicking a human who is falling is not just a strength feat, and if you think so you have a serious misunderstanding of Physics.

Boros melting everything around him is a passive heat feat.

Nope, Boros doesn't have Passive Heat, otherwise everything around him in Meteoric burst would be on fire. Instead, Things only Ignite as he moves, meaning its the Energy from his Movement that is giving off the heat. Again, Basic Physics.

Boros isn't relativistic that's wank.

First, Its not Wank its pure feats.

Second, I am not claiming that Boros is casually Relativistic. I am claiming he is Sub-Relativistic, and not in Movement or even Reaction speed, only in SHORT bursts of combat speed (IE: Arm Extensions, Leg Extensions) which is completely different from being a Relativistic character. Anybody can Punch or Kick between 2-10 times their Movement speed, athletes can do so dozens of times faster. He is probably somewhere around MHS+ in Meteoric Burst.

You can Deny, Deny, Deny, all you want. The reality is that Boros is a Surface Wiping (with CSRC ofc) MHS+ machine who would tear through most mid tiers, like the majority of the War Arc characters, without breaking a sweat.

At least I'm not on here wanking Boros to Planet (Although, that is at least Debatable through Author Statements) or, *choke*, Star Level:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Not sure how team 1 are getting around Boros Regen

They're not. This is like Rikudou Madara vs BSM Naruto and KCM Minato. Its a complete wash.

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@kalebsmarty156 said:

Anime only feat. Never happened in the manga.

Its not, but, Irrelevant. OP states:

Manga, anime and webcomic feats

Lol that's still a strength feat...the force behind his kick shot saitama to the to the moon

I am going to make this one super easy for you. Force = Mass x Acceleration. Acceleration = (Final Speed - Initial Speed)/Time

You follow? Great.

So, when you say "The Force behind his kick" what you're really saying is "The Mass of his Shin x Acceleration of his Shin", aka, it is a Speed Feat. It is a Strength feat, but, at bare MINIMUM, his Shin extension would have to be moving at Relativistic speeds. If it wasn't, Saitama wouldn't have moved that fast. You can't kick a Ball SLOWER than 5 Meters per second, and have it travel MORE than 5 meters per second. That isn't how this works.

And I just said scaling isn't a problem if you knew how to. Just admit you don't know how to so we could move on from this topic.

I spent my first year debating off of Scales. Don't lecture me on how Scaling isn't a Problem on this site. It is a BIG problem, because people think Scales can be used to say "X is this fast", when the reality is, it can only do so in extremely Specific circumstances. Making the practice of Scaling, next to Useless in debates. It is no better than " A > B, and B > C, therefor A > C" logic that quickly falls apart once you realize that Dr. Strange can beat Thanos, and Thanos can beat Hulk, but Hulk beat Dr. Strange.

Some Scaling works. Most Scaling is Bunk.

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  • It wasn't igniting anything because everything was being passively vaporized around him.

Nope. Watch the Fight. Shit doesn't start burning until he MOVES:

Loading Video...


The Energy shunted from my Body transforms into a propelling force...

"Passively Vaporized" = His movements melted it. You are dense, maybe even more Dense than Boros's ship.

  • Lol. It's a strength feat. Oh and btw he had momentum behind that kick as well...

It isn't a Stength feat because theres no visible damage. Watch the Kick Again. It Lands, then, on the Upwards Swing, moves Saitama. That is his Shin extending at Relativistic Speeds:

Loading Video...

  • In your opinion.

And the opinion any serious Debater. Feats are always more legitimate than Scaling, because Scaling isn't Precise or Accurate.

OT: Boros sweeps.

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@kalebsmarty156 said:

•Nope it melted due to the passive heat boros was emitting.

•That's a strength feat...not a speed feat lmao.

•Scaling is stupid if you don't know how to.

  • Statement/Shown? His kicks and punches were letting of Light, not just shockwaves. His passive heat wasn't igniting anything. It was his Movements.
  • No, it is a Speed Feat. For his Kick to have launched Saitama That Fast, would mean that his Leg would have had to move that 90° at the same speed, bare minimum.
  • I'll correct myself... Most Scaling is stupid.

I'd like to see some legitimate arguments of Boros being FTL or Planet Level before he can hang with KCM 2 Naruto.

Laser Circus is stated to be made up of Light-Rays which bare in mind the only other Storm Release technique in the series is stated to be Light Speed aka. Light Fang.

No Caption Provided

Stated in a Guide Book and not in the Manga or Anime lol. The fact that Mid-Tier Naruto characters are able to dodge the Laser Circus proves that it doesn't really travel at Light Speed. If it did, characters who take Hours or Days to cross countries wouldn't be able to even react to it.

Which is consistent with the fact that he was able to tank light-speed travel;

No Caption Provided

Which is also consistent with the fact that Edo Madara (and Muu) is able to react to the heavenly transfer technique which teleports objects at Light-Speed before it was finished.

This is what the technique looks like when its done;

No Caption Provided

As you can see here when Madara and Muu reacted to them while still in motion I.E. not finished moving at Light Speed;

No Caption Provided

and as you can see here the glow of the technique is still affecting them as they attack Madara and Muu showing they were still under its affects;

No Caption Provided

Tanking LS Travel is a Durability Feat not a Speed Feat. The fact that they required LS Travel debunks the Low-Relativistic Speed feats Anyways, because being Low-Relativistic would allow them to cross any distance on the planet within seconds, if not minutes, completely defeating the purpose of LS Travel techniques.

Madara and Muu are reacting to the Flash as they land on the Ground though... lol??? They are clearly surprised. I don't understand how characters who are tens of times faster than the characters you claim could react to the "Light Speed" Laser Circus, are unable to react to this Light Speed technique. Kind of a big doink, huh? Anyways, the fact that they attacked during the Flash means nothing. Raikage is already a Lightning Timer. Nothing says that the action of exiting the Technique can't propagate slower than LS, just like how explosions in real life don't move at Light Speed. Your argument here is jank.

Not to mention fodder Samurai are throwing out Light Speed beams;

No Caption Provided

The Samurai who protect Iron country, they spend most days aiming to devote oneself to the study of sword techniques. To directly attack the enemy they study how to most effectively use their body as a tool in such a way that their movements are quicker than those of Shinobi, additionally they are determined to polish their blades through sword technique mastery. Now in the present time, they test out their katana skillfulness on the stage of the Fourth Great Ninja War!! It's their destiny... When released on the battlefield their sword techniques achieve maximum brilliance, their chief Mifune is a general, they were brought up through multiple wars, and the power of the Samurai spread to many nations. By means of their military arts, they disciplined others in the existence of the Samurai of the Iron country!!

Sword techniques that have been handed down in the Iron Country. The skill of the Samurai is released, steel bisection.

"Issen" (or Flash) - is what Mifune announces his technique as in the posted panel and sets up the context of the next bit of text -

Speed of light sword slash flies and assails the enemy! A single blow from the sword techniques of mifune's meitou (legendary sword) Kurosawa comply with this!! (I.E. making the force of the slash fly by moving the sword at the speed of light).

Now you're arguing that Fodder Samurai who can't even keep up with Lightning-Timer Raikage have Light-Speed attacks? Give me a break dude.

The consistency for Light Speed in the War arc is so high you have to just be ignorant not to see it.

Light-Speed isn't even touching Naruto past KCM 2.

I could also get into how Kurama has 3 Planet Level statements backup by the fact he outscales a moon busting canon casually or the fact he's a massive portion of the Ten Tails which is a massive portion of Kaguya who is Star level irrefutably which further backs this up.

But for now I'll say all of the Kurama shit doesn't matter and that speed gap alone allows Naruto to blitz and 1 shot as neither of them can't tank an RS period.

This one is easy. The only things suggesting Light-Speed in the Manga or Anime during the War Arc is Gai's movements bending Space (Which, I would argue, is due to his Raw Power) and the Light Fang. Gai's Movements debunk any previous LS argument. His speed impressed even Madara, so that should put it solidly above any Non-SO6P Character, Bar Teleportation ofc, Agree? Well guess what, Gai is the only character in the series that can pseudo-"Fly" by compressing the Air under his feet. Fun Fact, that feat is way below Light Speed.So Gai's best speed FEAT (Not Scaling from Madara ofc) isn't even LS, and it impressed Madara and Kakashi... yet, somehow Kakashi is relativistic? Lol. Kakashi is a Lightning Timer, just like the rest of the High-Tier Ninja's in the War Arc. Lightning is Thousands of times slower than Light, even at its Max.

The Busting feats are moot. Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga was a Moon Buster yet DBZ doesn't reach LS until at least the late Namek Arc. Speed doesn't have to scale linearly with Buster Strength. World War Hulk cracked the earth in half but he isn't even Relativistic. Just goes to show that Buster Strength cannot be used to back up Speed in that way. I would argue with you're Kaguya feats but, that would just piss you off for no reason, and would be Off Topic. Even if you COULD, BSM Naruto is only using Half of Kurama, sooo....