Ranking the DCEU movies

My ranking of the DCEU movies, as well as explanations.

List items

  • Bordering on an 8/10, Wonder Woman is a bright and optimistic film that is brimming with talent and dedication.

  • The first movie in the DCEU, Man of Steel secures itself a 7/10 with a talented cast and crew.

  • Justice League succeeds in many aspects, fails in others, but mostly it does slightly better-than-moderate in the majority of aspects.

  • With hints of greatness but far too many faults, Dawn of Justice had the potential to be one of the best CBMs of all time. Sadly, uninteresting antagonists and irritating interpretations of characters results in a mockery of what this could have been.

  • When a movie is written in 6 weeks, it is going to be flawed. With terrible antagonists and laughable dialogue, the movie is supported by mostly the skill of the main actors, and little else.