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Stories From Way Back in the Future 2

If you're reading Legion of Super-Heroes you can probably add another point to the score and if you're a new Legion fan then you really don' want to miss this as it's the best place to see the characters in the early years when they had belts instead of flight rings and there wasn't a huge roster of characters to call on.The concentration here is on Cosmic Boy,Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad,as the title of the issue suggessts Imra takes the spotlight  here as she sets out to prove she can pull he...

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A Terrible Beauty 0

This is without doubt the most bonkers comic book I have read in a long time.That's not really a complaint or a compliment just a statement of fact.I'll attempt to clarify by saying that reading Batman:Odyssey is a little like watching a horrible accident unfold in front of you but you just can't bring yourself to look away.   The story(lets call it that) begins with Bruce Wayne relating an adventure where himself and Robin go after some criminals who are attempting to steal dinosaur models and ...

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Get into The Spirit 0

I'll state straight away I was never a big fan of The Spirit but reading the new monthly by Mark Schultz has changed all that.Easily the best of the First Wave titles it balances all the elements of action,drama,story and fun perfectly.Even if you haven't read The Spirit before you'll immediately feel involved in his world.Characters like Imani and Dolan have an instant appeal that makes you care what happens to them.  This issue kicks off with The Spirit arriving at the house of Ellen Dolan,bad...

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Horror From the Deep 0

Straczynski set the bar very high with the previous two issues of Brave and the Bold.They were perfect examples of how to do the one and done comic,telling a great story but adding a little something to the characters in the process.This issue really fails to deliver any of that.   The story is a sort of superhero  H.P. Lovecraft mash up,apparently Aquaman and The Demon get together every year to stop Elder Gods from crossing over into our world.I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler but they su...

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Conner loves Cassie and Kara 1

Like most people I was worried that with the departure of Johns and Manapul the quality of this title would suffer.With this issue at least those concerns have proved to be unfounded.Tony Bedard is a very talented writer who has been doing great work on R.E.B.E.L.S. and is tipped to replace Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps,Travis Moore doesn't disappoint either with his pencils.There's no doubt the distinctive art style of Manapul was a big draw but Moore,although very different, renders his pages ...

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Deimos is back....what a surprise! 0

In a move just about every Warlord fan saw coming Deimos has returned from the dead to prove you just can't keep a good evil lord down.He's still the same mad bad snappy dresser he always was,being dead is out wearing loincloths with big pointy capes is in.He wastes no time in plotting his revenge on Travis Morgan The Warlord.We then get a quick potted history of the relationship between Deimos and Morgan showing all the reasons these two men have to hate each other.This is great for newbies and...

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Some Stuff Happens 0

You really have to feel for Kara recently, she has had so much to deal with.The death of her father,blaming herself for the death of Lucy Lane (Whoops!) and now having to deal with the prospect of losing Lana to a potentially fatal illness.As if that wasn't enough, in an action figure spawning turn of events,she has now been possessed by the spirits of the McDougals the ancestors of Silver Banshee who are responsible for her cursed existence.       The issue actually starts with Lana being rushe...

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Dark Knight Dark City 1

Mike Benson steps in for this issue and delivers the first of a two part story called Hardcore Nights.This title has always tried to justify it's place in the Batverse by being that bit darker than the others and on that front this tale of serial murder certainly delivers.It mainly consists of Dick going to murder scenes to exchange snappy dialogue with Gordon then going undercover to a sex club (seedy enough for you?) in an attempt to flush out the killer.It may not sound that exciting but the ...

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The Joker,he's a bit mad you know. 2

It's great to see DC giving Brave and the Bold some love but to be honest I was diappointed with the early issues of the Straczynski run on the title.Things are improving though,the previous issue with Dr Fate and Green Lantern was excellent and this issue is equally as good.        The Atom(Ray Palmer) is summoned to Arkham and asked if he will help save the life of The Joker by going inside his head and treating damage to his brain.As you would expect it's moral dillema time for Ray and he get...

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Superman and The Outsiders...sort of. 0

As a long time fan of The Outsiders and someone who was disappointed with the run by Tomasi,which never really found it's feet,I was looking forward to the series getting a kick start.The result was a mixture of good and bad.I liked the idea of Brion moving operations to Markovia and effectively breaking ties with Alfred,that never really worked for me and taking them out of the Bat universe should open the way for more interesting stories.In general the characterisations seem about right,it;s u...

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