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Predators hits the mark 0

Gail Simone has really hit a grand slam with this Secret Six series and its not showing any signs of slowing down.  This one-shot issue is appropriately title Predators and takes place before Secret Six #19. Scandal Savage is still part of the team and Blackest Night has yet to transpire. The team is flown out to a private island where they believe they  will be meeting a client who will be offering them a new mission. However, the Six are incapacitated and dropped individually into different pa...

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Batman Casts His Shadow On Blackest Night 1

Blackest Night is phenomenal. Hundreds of times better then the mess known as Final Crisis. Blackest Night: Batman did not weaken the plot of the main title at all, it only made it stronger and in my opinion was better then Blackest Night #2. The Blackest Night Mini-series are in no way (thus far) a marketing scam to get people to buy anything with Blackest Night plastered to it. Batman fans will be very happy to see that this story has some serious potential as well as our favorite Bat-verse ch...

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Finally Up To Speed 0

Let me start by saying this is the best issue of The Flash: Rebirth yet. This mini-series started out slow, but has had a very strong plot and this issue starts the race to the finish line. Geoff Johns continues to amaze with his writing, between this and 'Blackest Night' I have no hesitation in saying Geoff is the best writer in the DC Universe right now. Ethan Van Sciver is the best Flash artist to date and continues to wow in this six part mini-series.   Beware spoilers ahead...   The story b...

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Blackest Night looks promising 2

Wow. There is a reason that the 'Blackest Night' story may very well be the most anticpated comic book arc of this year. if you have any doubt about that, you need to read this issue. Geoff Johns does a fantastic job of leading us into what could possibly become one of the greatest DC stories ever told. BEWARE: Spoilers ahead..This issue revolves around the green lantern antagonist William Hand aka the Black Hand. It opens with the guardian Scar getting the reader up to speed on the history of t...

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