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A wild X-23 Appears! 0

Here are two things which I'm completely stoked about; X-23 is in All New X-Men. Illyana and Kitty are in the same part of the world again, and Bendis is emphasizing their long-standing friendship (Yay!). Some story spoilers follow.StoryThe Purifiers are back and again they serve as a nuisance to the X-Men. I mean these guys aren't too much of a threat, they've always served as both an annoyance, and an example as to just how far humanity will go in there hatred of mutants. Story-wise,they serv...

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Meanwhile, back in the present.... 0

Three and a half stars; a notable difference from the 4.5-5 stars I've rated this series since issue 1. It wasn't hard to justify the 3.5 stars I've rated this issue.The Problem:What I really wanted from this issue was some sort of fallout from the last (excellent) issue 6. What we get instead is Carol whisked off on another adventure, with very little explanation as to why she's there. I wanted a typical villain fight, some snarky comments about being back to the day job, a team-up with her fel...

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The birth of a Classic? 0

Last week I experienced - for the first time in a long time- a new comic book withdrawal. I'd read all of my new comic books within a few days, and as a result, was in desperate need of more reading material. It was during the subsequent search that I re-discovered and re-read my trade of All Star Superman. It's been years since I last read it (by years I probably mean about 4); and rather spontaneously I decided to write a review for each issue.I'll be honest from the outset; I class All Star S...

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Sanctuary 0

First off, I have to say that I really enjoyed this issue of Supergirl. It tied in nicely to issue 0, which has not been the case with other titles across the new 52.The good;We're finally seeing Kara deal with- and rationalize- her emotions. She's realizing that Krypton - her home, her friends, her family- have gone and that, realistically, there is nothing she can do about it. Earth, it seems, is to become her new home. This is refreshing to see, and certainly gives evidence to notable charact...

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More of the same. 0

The last time I reviewed this title was with issue 3; back then I gave it 3.5 stars, citing that if certain improvements could be made, World's Finest would meet the high expectations of its readers.Now, several issues later, I'm sitting here, with issue 6 on my desk, thinking that not much has changed. Hakkou, the radioactive "thing" who was the villain of the first four issues, has been defeated. Thankfully. As I mentioned in the last review, I found him to be a unmotivated, one-dimensional vi...

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Captain Marvel continues to Soar. 0

First point of call: please excuse the bad pun. Now, onto the review.I will tell you right now that this is an excellent issue of the overall exceptional run of "Captain Marvel". If you aren't reading it/ have no interest in the character (or Carol's incarnation of Ms Marvel) I would recommend you rectify that immediately, pick up this issue and get caught up with recent events. DeConnick is extremely talented at dialogue and interaction; Rios' art simply shines off the page in a style that is v...

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A Battle of Ice and Fire 0

Well, I guess the first thing to say is; Wow.... What. A. Cover.Adam Hughes has delivered some breathtaking covers in his time, but I have to say that this one may actually be my favourite. This issue pits Hadeon and Lumi against each other; quite literally the forces of Fire and Ice. This elemental battle is echoed on the cover.Onto the content. Willingham has certainly crafted an engaging tale, which has cultivated into the penultimate issue of this story arc. This looks to be the deciding bat...

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Lived Happily Ever After? 0

This series has been, overall, exceptional. The covers by Adam Hughes are up to his usually awesome standard, and are wonderful to behold. This issue, however, felt a somewhat anti-climactic end to the story arc, and presumably, Briar Rose, Ali Baba, Lumi and Jonah's final appearance in this run.The last issue was great, really great, as was the previous. The high risk narrative (no spoilers, I swear) that questioned the safety of all the characters involved led to an issue which (perhaps too ne...

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*inc. pun about hitting the target* 0

No doubt you've heard the ton of hype following the release of this series. It deserves it.I read it. Then immediately read it again. First off, David Aja's art is unbelievable and ultra modern. The cover is one of the best I've seen in a while. It is seriously good. It is different, unique, stream-lined.By no coincidence, these are also the words you could use to describe this portrayal of Clint and the series as a whole. Fraction manages to cut to the very core of what makes Hawkeye tick. Here...

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World's Finest #3 Review 0

When DC announced a second wave to their new 52 initiative- a wave which would include a title starring two of my all time favourite characters- I was ecstatic.Needless to say, I want to love this run, but I'm struggling to find a genuine reason to. Yes, it is good (ish) overall, but it could have been really great. I've (albeit unwillingly) accepted that Helena Bertinelli was merely an alias of this Huntress and I've accepted Power girl's costume change (the boob-window had been around for a lo...

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Yet another fantastic issue of Wonder Woman. 0

If you've been reading Azzarello's run of Wonder Woman no doubt you already know that it is fantastic. Week after week we are seeing utterly new and innovative developments for a character that's been around for decades. This Diana feels different and yet still essentially true to her character.This issue we are introduced to the twin archers of Greek Mythology; Apollo (who we've seen only briefly before now) and Artemis. Remarkably Azzarello once again gives us a new take on these ancient chara...

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Finally Carol's got the demotion....does she deserve it? 0

I had huge expectations for this title, and equally huge concerns. Could the writing/plot/art ever hope to match my sky-high hopes of this title being, in a word, awesome? Could this demotion (as it points out in the issue - Carol is, technically, a Colonel) and subsequent undertaking of the legacy of the name "Captain Marvel" be the next logical step for the character?The answer is yes for both. As you can tell from my rating; I thought this first issue was simply fantastic.For a first issue, t...

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