Favourite Characters (alive and dead)

This list has been created out of pure boredom....you've been warned.

In no particular order.

Note to self: think of more superlatives other than "awesome".

List items

  • First comic book ever read: Uncanny X-men #134. Followed by #135. Yep, the Dark Phoenix Saga.... still my favourite story arc of all time. Needless to say I hadn't seen anything like it before. Jean Grey made a lasting impression. Recent developments/screw ups by Marvel aside... I still consider her character one of my absolute all time favourites.

  • Strange Choice? (Although I'm not fond of the whole Juggernaut thing). I loved the legacy virus sacrifice and the character's portrayal in Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-men. Speaking of Astonishing X-men......

  • What Joss Whedon managed to achieve with her character was exceptional. Simply put: He made her one of my all time favourites. That panel when she first sees Colossus again, seemingly back from the dead- a ghost- one hand placed over her heart.... *sobs*.

  • I may be primarily a Marvel girl, but I've recently (about the last 3 years or so) began reading DC almost religiously. Zatanna is awesome, and one of the most powerful members of the JLA. By the way....is she in the new 52? She needs to be. Edit: She is! Excellent. *Mr Burns impression*

  • The one and only. Is it a cliche for him to be on this list? ... yep. But he needs to be here; the one that started the ball rolling.

  • The Harlequin of crime. Insane Girlfriend to the Joker. Paul Dini managed to capture a character that myself, and I'm sure, many others instantly loved. Although she's recently descended into a more psychotic, darker character, the core aspects of her personality are still there. And who doesn't love a love story? Ok...it's a bit on the screwed up side...but still.

  • Again another inconic character.... reading her new 52 series and absolutely love it. Trying to catch up with her history at the moment. Wait, and one more completes the DC trinity....

  • "I'm Batman."

  • The Killing Joke was brilliant, and it changed her character forever (or seemingly forever, the whole Flashpoint thing kind of reversed her development as a character). Nonetheless, Oracle was awesome... and yet utterly tragic.

  • Ok, now I know this choice is somewhat incongruent to the other comic book legends on this list. I know quite a few people openly despise this character. Yet, I was truly upset at her death in Children's Crusade #8. She was arguably the heart of the Young Avengers,she embodied their ideals and she had been around in the Marvel Universe for aggess as Scott Lang's daughter. (1970's ish). She wanted to be a superhero...and in some ways she kind of embodies that wish in all of us. (I'm feeling oddly deep today.)

  • The female clone of Wolverine. And, and utterly awesome character to boot. Seriously, read her series! (Her recently cancelled series....but it was awesome...)

  • Read pretty much everything that she's ever appeared in. Kara Zor-El, not that weird alien symbiote thing. Along with Jean Grey, a long time favourite.

  • I wanted to be a journalist for soooo long because of this character. She can stand up to Superman...which has to count for something.

    Plus Erica Durance as Lois in Smallville- inspired casting.

  • Why not Wally West you say? He's often been written much better. Tough choice, but he's the original. (Apart from Jay Garrick.)

  • Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon revolutionised this character into the English accented (though not actually English ;), dry witted, sarcastic woman we all know and love.

  • First Vertigo character so far on the list. Incredibly complex, simply fantastic character.

  • "The sound of her wings" is perhaps one of my favourite pieces of literature period. Death is everything you thought she wouldn't be and for that she's on this list. Simply iconic.

  • (I know I said this was in no particular order, other than who pops into my head as I write it...but, wow....I'm surprised Carol isn't closer to the top.)

    Another of my all time favourite characters. Cannot wait until Captain Marvel #1...she deserved the promotion!

    Edit: Captain Marvel is seriously great :D

  • X-men was my first comic I ever read, followed by Spiderman. Another icon in comic books.

  • I remember way back when Illyana first went (unwillingly) into Limbo in the pages of Uncanny X-men #160. It's staggering how much her character has changed since then....and pretty amazing that she hasn't just become one of those throw-away characters.

  • One of my favourite characters in all of literature. Game of Thrones is now in graphic novel form.. and with that, I just justified her to be on this list.

  • A member of one of my favourite superhero teams ever; The Young Avengers. And she's in Hawkeye's solo book and another Young Avengers title! Yay!

  • Same as pretty much every character whose on this list, simply a great character.

  • My favourite Batgirl. Who read her series? It was awesome. (Loved her fight with Livewire :D) (Except Barbara Gordon, who I'm classing as Oracle....and not Batgirl)

  • Watching TDKR, (and re-reading some of my earlier trades of Batman) I remembered just how much I love her character. So here she is.

  • Another Young Avenger - possible future Sorcerer Supreme?

  • She may be slightly psychopathic, but that doesn't stop her from being an awesome character. Also, along with Harley Quinn, she's a psychiatrist turned bad. Says great things about the field I'm hoping to get into.

  • The so called "Mutant Messiah", since her creation in Messiah Complex, she's been an incredibly interesting, enigmatic character. Also, she supposedly has all the powers of the mutant race- which is pretty cool, right?

  • Another of my long-term favorites...shame she's currently dead. But the new 52 is giving me some hope at least that she will return. Hopefully.

  • Loved her in Fables; and with Fairest, she's in practically a starring role. More awesomeness. Her character is continuing to develop into an overly more complex character than I thought was possible.

  • My favourite of the Runaways... it's impossible not to love her character.

  • Another that should have been further up the list. She-Hulk/Jen is amazing.

  • I never did get the Runaways covers (see left), where she was flying but not all rainbow-y and glow-y. Huh.

  • Cessily Kincaid. She must have her fans, 'coz she's currently number 83 in the ranking system.

  • The Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. Currently deceased. Her power set is extremely awesome...but evil. Definitely evil.

  • Daughter of Galactus. *emphasis* Daughter....of....Galacatus.

  • It's J'onn. And he is great..so he is here.

  • Been reading the recent Journey into Mystery issues. So good. Sif has really grown on me as an awesome character.

  • Allow me to give in to my female nature for just a second: BB and Medusa make such a cute couple :3

    And, both are really great characters.

  • Reading FF, and some of the earlier Fantastic Four issues; as a result, I remembered that I had forgotten to add them here and so, added them to this list.

  • If she is written well, and not as a one-dimensional psychopath.

  • Sure, she's been Xavier's on/off again love interest, and sure, she's personally tried to eliminate the Phoenix Force and it's hosts on multiple occasions...but, to me she has always been an interesting character. Is she dead currently? I'm pretty sure she is.....

  • Got to love when she goes absolutely insane and rewrites reality.

    No, seriously, I find her to be a compelling character and a great example of a villain- turned-hero-turned-villain-turned-hero stereotype.


  • Truly starting to feel for the guy and everything he's been through..but Fraction is doing awesome things in FF, and hopefully, Scott will get his justice on Doom.

  • Starting to read Teen Titans again after so many years (more like months)...and Young Justice, which is a really great show.

  • I completely forgot about adding him...but now I have. :)

  • And now for the Kryptonian seniors. (Which- again- I completely forgot about adding)

  • The Mad Titan, and yes, he is a homicidal maniac - but he's doing it for love. So, that makes it ok in my book.

  • Love his solo ongoing, who isn't?

  • Love both the un-powered and powered versions.

  • Because she's great.

  • Because she's great.

  • Because she's great.

  • Because she's - guess what- great.

  • Showing some love to the Super-Pets. Minus Comet, 'coz that was just weird....

  • He's not pathetic anymore...yay! *tongue in cheek*

  • Badass.

  • Also a badass.

  • And also a badass.

  • Just love her. Who knows what side she is on.. but that's the point. She only wants chaos. She's Switzerland.

  • I know for one that I was...let's say unsure of who/what Ms Thing was - and why the heck she was in Fraction's FF. To say my opinion of her has changed would be an understatement...she's an exceptional character. She's the every-person forced into a Superhero Team, with no superpowers or training. She's caring, kind and just very cool.


  • They may be utterly freaky, but they're also utterly cool and great, and awesome. And freaky. But awesome.

  • Put his daughter on here, but totally forgot to add the big guy himself. C'mon it's Galactus. He's iconic.

  • D'awwwwww. He needs his own solo book.

  • annnndddd, 100!

  • Why the heck wasn't she on this list before now? *Yells at self*

    *Looks up* Turns out, I already added her. Well, there you go.