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A bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality.....I have guilty pleasures.

UPDATE: as of 4th November 2013. Scary how fast this year has gone. Urgh, sadness.

List items

  • So far, so awesome. Loving the writing and the art. Issue 12 was amazing, one of my favourite issues of any comic ever. (and issue 23).

  • It's still on my pull list, should be for quite a while.

  • Loving it. That is all.

    Update: 'Tis great.

  • Still on my pull; it's just one of those things that I really love, even though it does get mixed reviews.

  • Getting close to the final issue, but you can guarantee I will pick it up for vol 2 in March :)

  • So much awesome to be contained in 30 pages. Art and writing is fantastic.

  • :( Cancelled. Sadness.

  • Just all round great. Will definitely keep reading for the foreseeable future.

    Getting canceled. It's just me isn't it. I am the cause of all this. Obviously.

  • A great title; I like the idea of being able to witness two sides of the X-Men coin, Cyclops and his rag-tag group of wanted mutants trying to scrape past the government and SHIELD...with a mole in the group. Which is totally different from what's happening over in the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

  • Talking about the JG school of Higher Learning....Have to admit: this may be my favourite title month after month. And Jean Grey! And Kitty!

  • I knew I forgot one (or more). I have a fondness for the original roster and creative team (R.I.P Stature/Vision 2.0) and I hope this lives up to my hopes.Ending, again!

  • *avoids glares* Yeah, I know I said I dropped it. I did, honestly. But then I picked it up again, along with the issues I missed.

  • Picked up 4 and 5. And enjoyed them, a lot.

  • This is mostly for the Ultimate version of Cassie Lang, but also for nostalgia regarding Millar/Hitch.