The End of the Ultimate Universe?

I was reading an article over at Newsarama (sorry Comicvine) this morning about the things that they learned from Marvel’s November Solicitations. It is comprised of a top 10 countdown for the things that caught their attention; reveals, creator changes, new titles, e.t.c. Their number one choice was the apparent arrival of Miles Morales into the 616 universe.

Yes, Miles Morales, the “Ultimate” Spider-Man.

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This wasn’t the first time that Newsarama had mentioned their theory that the Ultimate Universe is going to come to an end, and integrate itself into the regular 616 universe at the end/beginning of the upcoming “Cataclysm” event. Ever since Comic-Con in July, and the announcement of Cataclysm, rumour has been spreading through comic news websites like wildfire for what it could mean for the 1610 universe.

Now, if you’re reading this right now, and have no idea about any of this and are outraged/flabbergasted/confused/dismissive/pointing out the many grammar errors than I highly recommend a) reading the aforementioned Newsarama article (sorry, again Comicvine) b) if you don’t want to read anything about Cataclysm then don’t do (a) and continue reading this or c) take pity on me for my lack of writing ability.

If this is the first time you’ve heard anything about this and you are now feeling quite angry, or you’ve had this rage building inside of you since Comic-Con then read on. True believers, don’t worry! Don’t write strongly worded letters to Marvel editors! Or burn those comic books! But, seriously, for the reasons I’m going to point out, I think this could be a good thing.

I’ll get one thing out of the way immediately; I’m a huge fan of the Ultimate Universe. I’ve read pretty much every Ultimate title, albeit not every single issue of those titles… but I have read at least one issue of every title going. I’m currently collecting the Ultimates, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. So, to say the least I’m pretty invested in this line of Marvel’s releases.

I love the Ultimate Universe. A lot. I would be slightly peeved if they stopped it altogether. And this brings me onto my first point.

I don’t think this change is going to be permanent. The Ultimate line of books sells well, not amazingly, brilliantly, record breaking well, but well enough to not warrant effectively cancelling their entire line. We’ve had the looming threat of a fractured multiverse for years now, and with Age of Ultron it’s finally happened. In my opinion, at some point the multiverse has got to fix itself. So yes, lack of permanency if or when this happens.

Point two; I’m a sucker for awesome character moments.

I’ll get to this in a minute, but first I’ll write a mostly conjecture-y piece about how I would like Cataclysm/ it’s tie in books to work. Ok, so the Ultimate universe has spat out all its characters into the 616 universe. The main book, entitled “Cataclysm” will deal with the immediate fall out, and pan into how the characters from both worlds plan to fix it. The book will end with, (for however long the book goes on for) the Ultimate characters eventually being spat back into their own universe. Naturally, they’ll be characters that don’t want to leave, much preferring the not-so-dark-and-edgy world that they now inhabit. Of course, this will allow numerous tie ins and mini events. Like, for instance the sequel to Bendis’ “Spider-Men” featuring Miles and maybe even Peter Parker Spider-Man, but more likely Spock (that’s Otto Spider-Man). Whether Miles will eventually pave the way for the end of Otto Spider-Man I don’t know (because seriously, someone has to be suspicious at the aggressive abrasive personality that Peter now has).

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Back to the "I'm a sucker for awesome character moments point"; I also happen to be a huge Young Avengers fan. Specifically Cassie Lang. Who just so happens to have recently popped up in the Ultimate Universe (Ultimates #17 for those interested). Am I the only person who really wants the Ultimate, older Cassie Lang to bump into the Young Avengers? I can say that I am not. Even though many of you have probably never thought of it until approximately 3 seconds ago. Ta-Da! Another opportunity for a tie-in issue. Now, just think of the greatness that could come from certain characters meeting their counterparts; Young, past Jean Grey meeting hers. Both Kittys. Jessica Drew and Jessica Drew. Wolverine finding out that his died. e.t.c.

Ah, awesomeness.

But now to the main point; There’s no way that this will be permanent because there is simply not enough room to accommodate 2 versions running around of characters. We’ve already had this idea pan out with She-Hulk #21 of Slott’s run. Continuity errors ensue! Mayhem runs rampant! More characters die! Too many Superheroes! Too many Supervillains!

So yes, don't worry, keep calm. It will not be permanent, even if it does happen. Breath and relax.

Disclaimer; I'm also entirely willing to eat my own words if it does become permanent.


X3 Jean Grey= Carrie White

X3: Jean Grey = Carrie White (in a manner of speaking)

(Note, some screens from "Carrie" - in which she is covered in pig's blood...which in my mind makes it slightly better than believing it is human blood).

I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while, and I thought what better time (as always) to write this blog than the day before my final final.

I’ll set the scene: It was 3 o’clock one stormy night (morning), and I had the crazy idea that, for some reason, I should watch Carrie. So I did, and halfway through the pivotal prom scene (I guess I should give some sort of spoiler warning if you haven’t watched/read the 30 year old film/book) I noticed that Carrie is standing in quite a similar way to Jean Grey in X-Men 3. Now, I know what you’re thinking – this is just the random, sleep deprived thought of someone who has watched X-3 far more times than I would like to admit. What I will say, is that … 1) Yes, I hate it. 2) I don’t know why I keep watching it, it might be the hopes that I’ve missed something, or that in the last 3 milliseconds before the absolute end of the film Logan wakes up and it’s all a dream.

So, hear me out. Let me present the evidence. I also apologise in advance if you have just managed to repress the existence of this film into the deepest caverns of your unconsciousness.

Evidence A.

No Caption Provided

Evidence B

No Caption Provided

Strangely, it’s really hard to find relevant screen shots of a 30 year old film.

Not exactly the clearest screen in the world.

At this point, I'd also like the point out, that if you haven't watched the film, I would recommend the book...though for this, I guess you should watch the film (18 years and over guys! :p)

I like to think that either Famke Jannsen, or Brett Ratner thought to homage a similar (by similar I mean, girl with telekinetic powers) and rather "classic" film.

Ok, so you want more "evidence"? I'm determined to make someone, anyone see the similarity.

No Caption Provided

Notice the straight back, arms stiff, hands splayed out by the sides?

No Caption Provided

(If it makes you feel any better, she's covered in red paint.)

You know what, next time you have the chance to watch X-men 3 and Carrie back to back, do so…and compare for yourself.

Also, I like to think that the disintegration effects look somewhat reminiscent of Wanda’s disintegration of Clint Barton in House of M.

No Caption Provided

That was literally the best picture I could find of it.

See the cubic disintegration effect? Or, as I fondly deemed it "human confetti".

I have only now realised just how sinister that sounds.

And for comparison....

No Caption Provided

And yes, at this point I realise that I may be trying to find something awesome in this…..less than good take on the God Love, Man Kills/Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run/Dark Phoenix Saga medley of a film.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided


I will never understand the decision to make Jean look like a Zombie, I really won't.


Favourite Characters- A Stream of Consciousness (A Sequel)

(a.k.a. If you thought my last one was chaotic in structure, then you’re in for a shock. A.k.a an exercise in how not to write a blog)

Well, here we are again. Yes, I still have assignments due. And yes, I still haven’t finished them. But I’m getting there, slowly, painfully slowly. I would also like to add that the reason I’m having difficulty writing the media and social psychology one is entirely due to the fact that it has a 1000 word limit. Which is awful, especially due to the fact that I really want to write a spiel…and I can’t. In fact, I could write one of my behemothal (that’s a new word I just made up) blogs on the topic of mutants and prejudice, but I’m being restrained to 1000 words. Which is awful.

Also, Lent is going well. If not torturous. As I glance at the destruction on my desk I can see Saga staring at me, as well as Marvels, Kingdom Come, Wonder Woman: Odyssey, All Star Superman, Justice League vol 1, Superman: Godfall (another impulse buy) as well as the first two volumes of Runaways. And my housemates expect me to last another 2 weeks of this? Madness.

Ah, Update! I’ve bought Flashpoint #5 as well, because it was available for me to buy and Batman and Robin #18, because I’ve heard excellent things about it. I really need to stop reading reviews….

I’ve just glanced back up at my title and realised that I was going to write about my favourite characters, so I guess I’ll have to get on to that in a minute.

So, I’m trying to reign myself in and actually have a focus to this blog. For some reason when it’s assignment time I really struggle writing a cohesive piece, which is the reason these are just manic in terms of structure.

Right, favourite characters.

But first an anecdote;

I actually succeeding in turning my sister to the dark side about a year and a half ago. The means? Batman Arkham Asylum. I told her she would love it, and I was right! *evil smile* To clarify, she loved Harley Quinn. Still does. I then, carefully, exposed her to my comic books. Like releasing a baby lion into the wild, it was gentle, and incredibly slow. It also involved some of my skills as a trainee psychologist. (On a completely unrelated note: How many psychologist/psychiatrists go bad in comics? Answer: A lot).

Injustice: Gods Among Us.... which is nothing to do with my next blog topic.
Injustice: Gods Among Us.... which is nothing to do with my next blog topic.

I would like to give some credit to subliminal messaging, but to be honest it wasn’t all that subtle. (And subliminal messages are pseudo-science…). Examples: sitting reading comics in the living room. Talking about comic book characters loudly and often. Wearing superhero themed t-shirts. Showing her trailers to the latest comic book movies. Slipping the odd trade into her bedroom….

It wasn’t at all obvious in any way.

(There is a point to this digression, though it doesn’t really warrant the whole “how to train your sister” story). So, to put my line of thought back on track, my sister’s favourite characters are, in no order; Harley Quinn, Emma Frost, Wonder Woman, Batman and Joker. The last two are why she watches The Dark Knight religiously. I would say that this is very interesting for a number of deep meaningful reasons, but I actually cannot think of any. What makes a character a favourite character? What qualities do they have to possess to make them stand out? Harley and Joker are unpowered supervillains, Emma Frost a reformed villain…..

I’m probably thinking about this too linearly, and there may not be a reason why my sister likes these characters other than they are cool. So, as a side question to this blog; Who are your favourite characters, and why are they your favourites?

So, favourite characters…I actually have quite a large list on the subject (96 people in fact, or 98 if you count the Stepford Cuckoos as separate characters).

To explain why I like all 96/98 characters will take a long time, and that is why I've chosen a completely random selection (A grand total of 3 ladies and gentlemen!)

Uno: Stature

No Caption Provided

I know for a fact some people cannot stand her. Like they literally have a raging, burning hatred for Cassie Lang. I thought she was great, though I will utterly admit that she was…. irritating in Mighty Avengers. But that wasn’t her character at all, at least not how Heinberg originally wrote her. She was determined to be a hero, a hero worthy of carrying on her dad’s legacy. And *Spoiler* I was genuinely sad when she died. Very, very sad. And Jonas. Just one big pile of devastation in the space of three pages.

Note: I'm 99% sure the other members of the original roster of the YA are also on my favourites.




Number 2: Zatanna

No Caption Provided

Who doesn't love a kick ass magic user? (Those who said 'me' don't count).

Loved her solo series, and JL Dark is also very, very good. Though I admit I prefer her old look to this one.






And Number Three: Martian Manhunter

No Caption Provided

Because he is great. This is actually harder than it looks, thinking of actual tangible reasons other than- this guy is awesome.It's also the reason why I was going to do 10, but then decided to do 3 because I was saying the same things over and over.

Pre-52 he was like a watchful, gentle, kind-hearted.... you get the idea. He's great.

I swear I have reasons, but they are not present at the moment, all the good things have made a great escape out of my brain.


Others on the list include: Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Supergirl, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Sif, Thor, Black Bolt, Scott Lang, Ms Thing, Galacta, Beast, Nightcrawler, X-23, Selene, Molly Hayes, Mercury, Mystique, Lilandra, Scarlett Witch, Alura.... I'm going to stop there). But if you're interested/ have 3 minutes to spare and cannot think of anything else to spend your time on you can check out the full list here.

And that's it for now, show's over, you can go home now..nothing to see here.

This is not an Injustice picture
This is not an Injustice picture


Side Note: I’m also listening to the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack as I am writing/wrote this, which makes me extremely sad, but I like it and so I listen to it.

The reason for the pictures: An Injustice themed blog will probably be published tomorrow, if not early next week. I got distracted and wrote this one instead. Which makes me wonder how the heck I can get distracted whilst getting distracted from doing work. Anyway, good bye and thank you for reading yet another one of my ‘blogs’.

You know what’s really awful about this blog, the fact that it’s longer than my assignment. Yeah.

I hope the pictures format correctly, I really do. (They didn't).


Comic Book Thoughts, Ponderings and other things.

Well, it's that time of the semester again; assignment deadlines. Needless to say, the amount of time spent on comicvine increases dramatically. Actually, the time spent doing anything other than doing assignments increases dramatically.

And so, I've decided to occupy an hour or so of my time by talking comic books, or rather just writing about comic books until inspiration/motivation hits me. I will warn you beforehand, this is almost a stream of consciousness, that I might not even publish, but if you're reading this, then I've decided to publish it anyway. Who knows, this may become a regular blog thing as assignments come and go. (Strangely, the assignment due for next Wednesday is actually something I've managed to tie-in to comic books, and I'm still finding it difficult to do; for anyone interested it's an analysis of media and how it relates to social psychology- I've chosen to do Mutants and Prejudice).

I've actually given up reading comic books for lent (2 weeks to go!), which was part of a dare set up by my housemates. Which is going well-ish. (I'm still reading the odd preview/issue). What matters most is that I'm actually not reading the physical copies; the last 2 months haul is sitting- completely unopened I swear- on my desk. On top of that, I was given an assignment to reduce a behaviour of my choice, so I chose time spent on comicvine, with the punishment being that if I spent longer than 30 minutes a day on the site, I would have a selection of comics confiscated. It worked, though it was during lent, so I couldn't read the comic books even if they weren't confiscated.....

Now that I've captured you're attention, *ha ha* I'll actually start talking more about comics.

I have a problem. And that problem is the amount I'm spending on comic books. I blame Marvel Now!, and the relaunch of DC...and the internet. And, my partial obsession with collecting single issues. Just owning them in shiny bags and boards (you probably know exactly what I'm talking about). Oh, and youtube videos of absolutely awesome collections,something I can't seem to stop watching. Luckily, I have some self-restraint. Though, I doubt my family would agree. (on a side note: being a student sucks when you have a hobby).

Just bought Flashpoint #1-4 from my comic book store, simply because I really wanted to own a Flash related comic book. And for some reason, I decided not to read the current run, even though I've heard some pretty good things about it. This is on top of my current pull list (Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, All New X-men, Supergirl, Justice League/JLA...and others that I can't remember), as well as the dreaded extra side orders of Hawkeye, Earth 2, Journey into Mystery, Mara, America's got Powers, World's Finest < can't physically seem to drop it, it's like gum stuck to the sole of my shoe>, Uncanny X-men and others that my brain just doesn't want to remember right now. I also bought the Age of Ultron signed variant on a whim...that's my problem, impulse buying. Buying, then worrying about whether I can afford it later. And I need to buy a new long box, and backing boards as well.

And this next bit is because I'm trying to put as many comic books in this as possible. These are the culprits, those books which persuaded me to buy them, practically left me no choice but to press *add to basket*. I name and shame them;

Ms Marvel #37 - it's the one where she "dies". How could I not buy it.

Ms Marvel #25- cool cover

Ms Marvel #45 and #46. War of the Marvels. I like the art.

Supergirl #10- cool cover

Supergirl #40 - cool cover

Supergirl #55 - Bizarro girl and Cover.

X-men Academy, issue number has ran away, the one with the Scottie Young cover with Magik in her demonic form. On a similar note, I love the new Uncanny X-men #7 cover for this reason.

She-Hulk #11 and #37. Cool covers. And I'm slowly gathering that run.

Final Crisis #1....I have the trade, So for this one, I have no excuse whatsoever. Not even "I accidentally clicked the buy button*.

Birds of Prey #10. Cover, but also the death of Oracle as well.

Astonishing X-men #16. 'Cuz Kitty.

Urgh, this makes me sound superficial. Judging books by their mere covers. But, I was scanning over the solicits as well. *nods*. I would also like to clarify that I am a reader of comics, and not merely an observer..great covers just reel me in. And, I think that is it. What can I say. I'm RedQueen, and I'm a comicholic. And this is one huge blog. *bows*

And to quickly round off on other things; I really want their to be a Justice League movie. I want Man of Steel to be awesome. I seem to one one of the few people who is super excited for an Ant-Man movie. The Kick Ass 2 trailer is extremely awesome. I'm looking forward to Mara#6 (not because of the cover) and Jupiter's Legacy by Mark Millar, and Frank Quitely. I'm uncertain of the finale to Age of Ultron and the super-super secret ending...and that's it for today.

Oh, I guess I should stop there, and get on to some work. Joy. And congratulations on making it this far. Cookie for you. Yes, even you who skipped to the bottom. You get one too.

Huh, that was oddly freeing. Like the last 4 months of ponderings have just been let free, archived in one place.


The most practical Super-power?

I'm taking a break from the behemoth that is my Iconography in the Golden Age (and how it translates to the Modern Age) blog, by writing this one instead- which is comparatively more lighthearted. If you were to randomly develop one power (only one), which one would be the most useful/practical in a variety of situations/day-to-day life?

In terms of practicality in regular day to day life, it would be reasonable to suggest flight as being the most useful. There's the obvious perks of avoiding traffic, uninhibited freedom, the fact that you wouldn't have to walk anywhere ever again can do that hovering thing that Superman does all the time.

No Caption Provided

<---- Exhibit A.

And who wouldn't want to play some air-football? (Danger: Flying Aircraft).

No Caption Provided

But, say you had developed a super-power and had decided to become a Super-hero. Flight would be almost useless here. Reconnaissance, and for scouting out bad guys yes. But going toe-to-toe with them...No. At best you could do an aerial attack; flying overhead and dropping bricks onto the unsuspecting nay-er doers. Assuming, of course, that these evil doers hadn't developed super-powers of their own, I suggest that invulnerability is really the best all round-er.

No Caption Provided

Day to day life: No fear when crossing the road. (Highly possible that you would hurt someone else though). Jump out of a plane without a parachute; endless fun.


If you did engage in Super-heroing it would be extremely useful. Conventional weapons simply wouldn't effect you, and as a result, you would have no need for super-strength (just wait it out). The indestructible nature of your skin would mean that, even without super-strength, every attack (punch,kick or even headbutt) would be more powerful. Also, bullets bouncing off you= awesome.

There are some obvious weaknesses. Take the case of Peter Dawson. A mere plastic bag killed him off. Strangulation is impossible; but drowning/dying from a lack of oxygen is. That means no impromptu trips to the bottom of the ocean or outer-space (sadly).

Worst power to have: Super-strength (wait for it).....without the durability. Ouch.

So what do you guys think? Yay or Nay? Agree or Disagree?

It just occurred to me that Super-Speed would be great for both..........oh well. Or, you know, Super-Intellect.

Keep an eye out for the aforementioned Golden Age blog, it is huge (character wise not necessarily in importance).


"Doubt". Fan-fiction. One-shot/ Kate Bishop

Just a little something I wrote a couple of years ago, based around the doubts of Kate Bishop/Hawkeye. It's currently on under my pseudonym, but I'm going to delete it there any day now. Thank you to xxYoungFatexx for the CC.

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are properties of Marvel, and, as such, I do not own them.

Rating: T..... make it a T+ just to be safe.


Doubt. That raw, festering sensation that gnawed at the edge of reason; a plague that, once contracted, would continue to infect, to grow until it overwhelmed every conscious thought. Every waking moment. Kate Bishop would come to experience this only three times; the first was at the sharp bite of a bullet entering the muscle in her forearm. The pain was excruciating.

She screamed.

Hot tears blurred her vision, and streamed down her face. Overhead, the battle continued on. An explosion of light erupted from Wiccan’s fingertips. A glimpse of a veined wing as it soared among the clouds of dust that had settled over the area. . A giant hand, Cassie’s hand, crashed through a nearby building, scattering rubble onto the road, flattening vehicles that had been abandoned there. The roar of a machine gun deafened her senses. Crimson blood, her blood, wept from her arm, cradled by its twin against her chest. Such a simple thing – a tiny projectile- had incapacitated her.

The second, that even now, would cause her to wake, bed sheets drenched in her sweat, with but a ghost of a whisper on her lips. The sense of hopelessness, as she stared down the foreboding barrel of the handgun, was unbearable. Heart hammering in her chest, perspiration beading on her forehead, all she could manage to stutter was “” Saliva pooled in her mouth, bile rushed up her throat. Her limbs trembled as she counted the seconds before the bullet entered her brain. Her eyes darted to her bow, discarded on the floor out of arms reach. She was at his mercy.

Kate Bishop wasn’t bulletproof. She hadn’t been blessed with super strength, or magic powers, or alien ancestry. She was, simply, merely, human. With human desires, human strengths, human weaknesses. Cassie, her best friend, had insisted (with a mouth full of cereal) that she too was human. That so was Billy and Tommy, Iron Man, Wasp, Eli, Captain America, the Fantastic Four……

She nodded her head, mumbled, “yeah, I guess so,” and then left- her thoughts chaotic and anguished. How long could she pretend to be part of a world that she, clearly, didn’t belong?

She was a kid playing dress up living a childish fantasy.

And so it was that the third time she experienced doubt was as the witness to a heartless murder. They were juvenile teenagers, armed with shotguns and pistols, getting their thrills from basic robbery. A kid, dressed in a rudimentary cape and mask, was caught in the crossfire. She could still hear the grief-stricken wails of the mother as she embraced her child’s lifeless corpse in her arms.

“What makes me so different? God, I’m out of my depth….”

“Classic superhero doubt- we’ve all experienced it.” He scrunched up the paper in his hand, “Heck, even Thor, would you believe it.”

She leant forward, wrapped her coat around her and folded her arms across her chest, “No I don’t.” She sighs wistfully, “What I wouldn’t give to fly, or be able to read minds.”

He tossed another peanut into his mouth, “I know of a few people who are dying for the skills we have… and besides powers don’t make a superhero. You’re a hero in here.” He gestured with a finger, before quirking an eyebrow at his own sentimentality. “If cap could’ve heard me say that….” He shook his head contemplatively, pushed himself to his feet, and glanced off into the distance, “you just remember that, Hawkeye. Don’t go letting the side down.”

She watched him walk away; mingling with the crowds, melting into normality; her fingertips resting on the place he had indicated: Her heart.

She glanced down at the gravel beneath her feet, feeling a slight blush creep along her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. From that moment on, Kate Bishop would never come to doubt herself again.


Reading Comic Books = A Social Stigma?

For my first blog I'm aiming right for the jugular; addressing an issue which has co-existed alongside comic books since their inception.

The stigma of reading comic books/graphic novels.

Unless you've been incredibly lucky, or you just have awesome friends who either a) read comic books themselves or b) would like to get into comic books, you've no doubt been exposed to this to some degree.

If you read comic books, you are a nerd. You are a social pariah. If you are older than 20 (as I'm dangerously close to becoming), you are clinging on to childhood. Comics, after all, are for children - and only children. At least this is what society tells us. It is with the last statement that I feel somewhat like Mr Glass (I can't actually remember is actual name at the moment - Elliot?) in "Unbreakable" when the man wants the piece of art for his very young son.

I live in the UK, where reading comics is still a hobby of the (very) few. Comic stores are few and far between- I would have to travel 40 miles to the nearest one. And only then, it would be a small, reclusive place with a camaraderie of men playing dungeons and dragons ( I personally love the game- but I'm creating the image) on the top floor.

I've just finished my first year of university. In that year I've met a huge variety of people from all walks of life. One of my closest friends recently confessed to me that my evident nerdiness was a "put off"- but, luckily, her opinion rapidly changed as I introduced her to the Marvel cinematic universe (she still refuses to go near DC or actual comic books). However, one incident sums up the general consensus of the stereotypical comic reader- (and I state this as a reader myself)- that we are all apparently aging balding men, socially nervous, who have endless trouble finding girlfriends (or in my case boyfriends) and lurk around in comic books stores with our shirts tucked into our waist high trousers. The incident is this: whilst watching "Thor" this aforementioned friend turned her head to face me and said, "Are the love story's in comic books just there because- not saying that you are one- nerds can't get girlfriends?" Or words to that general effect. I replied, trying not let my words sound harsher than I intended, that that was not the reason. And that love stories had been prevalent in fiction since the dawn of literature. "Who doesn't love a good love story?" And something about how the hero has to have someone to fight for and all that.

There was no malice or offence intended in her words, only genuine curiosity, yet the widely held stereotype had never been so at the forefront of my mind.

Another friend, who was born and raised in a small village, stated that she had never met anyone who actually read comic books - in much the same manner that someone would say "I've never met someone with 2 noses before." As I said, these are two of my closest friends, and the stigma appeared almost tangible when we first met (I was, admittedly, wearing my Superman t-shirt and carrying my comic long box to my room at the time).

Having recently read Grant Morrison's "Supergods; our world in the age of the Superhero" (if you haven't read it - read it) I started to ask myself why this stigma even exists. Perhaps it is merely the fantasy of it all. Worlds where people can gain extraordinary powers, fly, and run at the speed of light. As adults/teenagers we are supposed to be waist-deep in the real world, not drifting into the realms only dreams are made of. However, considering that movies, books, and theatre also share in the escapist whimsy, I find this only a small part of the problem. So why does a stigma exists? Does the stereotype hold any weight?

With the many comic book movies that now exist, it would be reasonable to suggest that this stigma would decrease. That reading comic books would become the norm. However, there is an apparent double-standard; it's absolutely fine to like comic book movies, but to like the original material it's based on - unthinkable.

My sister is still a closeted comic reader, having started late last year. She agrees with me; she doesn't quite understand the associated stigma, or why it exists. Yet her reluctance to actually tell anyone about her new interest - as if it is a huge burden to carry- says more about the issue than anything else. It is still a hobby that one shares in whispers, a hobby secretly discovered rather than shared.

As aforementioned, I live in the UK and have actually (as much as I want to ) never travelled to the US. My only working knowledge base on such issues, apart from what I have read, is The Big Bang Theory, which seems to exaggerate the stereotypical nerdiness of its central characters. Is the stigma as prevalent over there as it is here?

Finally, it is certain that reading comics has a stigma. A stigma which unfortunately clouds every layman’s opinion of comic books, and overshadows the hobby (read: obsession) itself. I enjoy reading comic books. I enjoy the universes, worlds and characters that these talented writers and artists create. Why is this form of literature/art so stigmatized when others are celebrated?

The answer is, simply, I don’t know. But, more importantly, it shouldn’t be.

Disclaimer: I apologize if anyone is offended by any of the things stated in the above blog- it was certainly not my intention.

Also – watch up for follow up blogs on this topic.