DC universe online

Since the release is getting closer, November 2nd, I thought i'd put together some of the recent videos and trailers for the game.


  #1 The E3 trailer.
#2 A feature on superspeed.
#3  A feature on Suicide Slums.
#4  Interview with Jim Lee, also a look at some gameplay much improvment since the gameplay videos from last year.

#5  Interview with Jens Anderson about combat, combos and gameplay.
  #6 Another interview with Jens Anderson, with some gamplay, very good example of superspeed at 1:56
#7 A look at some PvP

Anyone got plans on picking this? if so PS3 or PC?


new static animated show or live action
more legion of super heros and a Green arrow live action TV show



Batman has the best villians for the reason that although they try to kill him they always respect him, and if he were to ever die they would have nothing to do with them selfs because Batman completes them.

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