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A Tribute of the Highest Quality 1

2014 marks a pretty momentous occasion, as the 75th anniversary of Batman is finally upon us. DC Comics have decided to appropriately celebrate this milestone with delivering a super-sized issue of the second volume of Detective Comics #27. With numerous talents that were instrumental in shaping stories for the Dark Knight, it really beckons anyone that is curious at this book to gaze at this collaboration. But the entry price of $7.99 may be a bit too much to ask.Is this issue of Detective Comi...

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Select Your Character 0

Wow. What can be a good intro for this review of Secret Six #25? Maybe the fact that the cover immediately reminds me of playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike, or that Gail Simone is set to deliver another delicious tale of these mercenaries killing people to get their pay. I assure you, this issue' s much more deeper than the sentence I just wrote. It's such a great issue, that it'd be a crime NOT to review it. So take your contracts, and join me as I review Secret Six #25.  The Good  Confus...

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It Just Fell Flat 0

The Punishment cross-over, which is largely dominated by Daken and Franken-Castle, has had a strong start, to say the least. But as it went past into its second half, the quality of the story has taken a questionable turn, often dwelling into the unacceptable. Can Franken-Castle fix the blunders made by Dark Wolverine #89 and give a strong finish, or will it continue the dwindling story quality made by the previous issue of the crossover? Get your guns, and join me as I review Franken-Castle #20...

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Black Manta, you ARE the father! 4

Jackson Hyde. Black Manta. Green Arrow. Martian Manhunter. Deadman (Not really). These people have played a growing vital role in Brightest Day, which its core story keeps unraveling some very interesting secrets that increases the appeal of this book exponentially. Can this issue deliver a strong showing as it reaches #9? Or will it falter in its efforts? Hop on board with a pack of Chocos and join me as I review Brightest Day #9.  The Good  I... Am... AQUALAD! The story begins as it did li...

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75 on 75 0

Who would've thought such a tandem that is constantly referred to as the World's Finest achieved a very rare pinnacle? As Superman/Batman turns 75 issues strong, it does so on the very year that DC Comics turns 75 years strong as well. The brainchild of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness has seen many wonderful contributions take effect from or to this comic. Even the annuals manage to maintain that same level of splendor with revitalized concepts of stories past that featured the Man of Steel and the ...

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Who Shot Ya? 0

Since the event that is known as Brightest Day has taken effect, certain characters, events, and even places have been rejuvenated thanks to this massive collaboration of writers and artists. This new volume of Green Arrow is definitely one of its positive contributions from Brightest Day. Now, with a cover of the Emerald Archer possibly seeing his last days as a man alive, will this mark his end? Grab your quivers, and join me as I review Green Arrow #3.  The Good Ever since J.T. Krul has ...

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Batman's Not-So Last Case 0

In Batman #701, Grant Morrison, along with Tony Daniel, have undertaken bridging the events of Batman RIP along with the final moments of Batman's life in Final Crisis. Amidst the hidden clues that help people understand what's going on in Batman and Robin, and as well in The Return of Bruce Wayne, it does provide a sense of closure to a formerly never-ending fountain of speculations. Now, with Issue #702 taking the finishing touches to the Missing Chapter, can this issue be a proper s...

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Double the Fun with Lex and Conner 0

Action Comics has been experiencing a literal rejuvenating surge of stories as it's 8 months away from its highly-anticipated 900th issue. With Paul Cornell directing the book to focus on Lex Luthor's quest to gain the ultimate power, his series of events have been nothing short of exciting to read and gaze upon. Now with Pete Woods back at the pencils, can the duo of Cornell and Woods deliver another stellar contribution? Will the inclusion of the Superboy second feature affect the quality of t...

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She Looks Hotter Without the Sweater 2

It's a stretch to say that Wonder Woman is not the same anymore, and not with some other woman taking Diana Prince's title. It's more along the lines of aesthetic changes, a rebooted storyline, and a new writer making these changes since #600. And while the work that J. Michael Straczynski is taking borders on the near gargantuan pinnacles for writing both Superman and Wonder Woman, he still manages to create some compelling issues, even more so with #602. Take off your jackets, wear your bracel...

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Remembering The Old Guard and the Sidekicks 0

For a mini-series that feels like it's a virtual encyclopedia of the history of the DC Universe, it has been, so far, a great read. Len Wein has consistently spearheaded an effort in making a series of issues that not only describes this universe's anthology, but also makes it visually pleasing. And as Issue #4 has come, Wein is left with the task of dwelling into the sidekicks of the Silver Age heroes and the valiant men of Easy Company. Come on down, grab a cup of coffee, and join me as I revi...

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Extra Life 1

The name Power Man was originally to be known as a former name for the toughened warrior Luke Cage. But as you can clearly see, this situation no longer applies. Straight out of the madness of Shadowland, while old alliances are being renewed or broken, new players step in to make a name for themselves, in which this case, it applies to the newest costumed crimefighter, Victor Alvarez. Can he live up to the Power Man name that he has taken to brand himself with? Get ready for a wall-breaking rev...

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A Step Up? 0

Previously on this Batman Beyond mini-series, I have praised Adam Beechen for making the most of the 32-page format after giving an all too short introduction with Issue #1. But a constant thorn in this book has been the art of Ryan Benjamin. Can Issue #3 keep up the momentum its previous issue has done? Put on your batsuits, as I review Batman Beyond #3.  The Good  How could Hush know that, I wonder. Working off a solid conclusion, Adam Beechen has made a good opening narrative in the start...

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Defiance 0

After being subjected to the pleasantry that is issue #7 in Brightest Day, along comes Issue #8 to build upon the hype generated on the previous issue. And now, with a fierce Hawkgirl cover to accompany the book, can Issue #8 maintain the momentum long enough? Will all the plots become clearer? Grab your pair of wings, guys, and fly on over to my review of Brightest Day #8.  The Good  Now that's a face of shock. As for the main story, it gives a little recap that, surprisingly enough, was sh...

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A beautiful tour de force. 1

Ever since I read the new volume of Birds of Prey, from its first issue, I have been thoroughly impressed with Gail Simone's storytelling. It's been a constant edge-of-your-seat read, made even more impressive with Ed Benes' wonderful interior art. But this issue in particular, whatever high standards it raised before, it shattered them completely. Simply put, it's a crime not to pick up this issue. Join me as I review Birds of Prey #4 where I'll explain why.  The Good  Black Canary vs White Can...

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From Bad to Worse in One Explosion 0

The Mighty Crusaders are here, but now, their adventures have taken a turn for the worse. As you can see in the cover, a major tragedy has shook Web to his core, and may possibly hint at this team's impending downfall. Can this issue prove the inevitable wrong or will it ultimate find itself proving that axiom right? Suit up with me, as I review The Mighty Crusaders #2.  The GoodFirst of all, Eric Trautmann and Brandon Jerwa do a very good job of elaborating the hidden threat to The Mighty Crusa...

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Shock and Awe, but well, mostly Shock. 0

So far, the Punishment crossover in Dark Wolverine and Franken-Castle has been very enjoyable, the fights were frenzied and bloody, and overall, the sudden inclusion of Wolverine into the mix would make the story more interesting. Now, with a new player in this tragic opera, can the story eclipse its expectations, or will it ultimately fall under the weight of those expectations? Pop your claws and head on over to my review of Dark Wolverine #89.  The Good Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu do a g...

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You never know who you'll might run into along the way. 0

So far, the Grounded arc in the Superman book has had such a great start, by having J. Michael Straczynski undertake the nigh-impossible task of humanizing Kal-El. With an equally impressive contribution on the part of Eddy Barrows and J.P. Mayer on the interior visuals, it manages to sweep readers off its feet. Yet, despite that, it faces some mundane criticism, who favor Supes to fight more aliens and doomsday situations as opposed to this story arc. Will issue #702 silence the critics? Join m...

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Rage at its Forced Conclusion 0

I had just found out, that due to low sales, Magog was going to get the proverbial cut, just like The Shield and The Web before him. And considering that the story was quickly becoming highly entertaining to read, this issue pulls the plug on such potential. This review of Magog #12 won't be as thorough as my previous issues, but it'll get to the point.  The GoodWhat was supposed to be the introduction of a 5-part saga that detailed how could Magog stop the future of Kingdom Come from hap...

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A Much Needed Jumpstart 0

If you guys wondered if Brightest Day would ever have an issue that would make it vital to read, this issue has stepped up to the plate. Clearly this has become a nexus for an even bigger, grander stage for the scheme of things to be planned out. And just in time, too, it pushed my writer's block out of my head. But anyway, join me as I review, Brightest Day #7.  The Good Aside from the beautiful cover from David Finch adoring this issue, Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi have gave the Bright...

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Like Watching Murder But Without Going to Jail as an Accesory! 0

"He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well." -- John Milton  As you know, Franken-Castle is looking to get some payback for what Daken did in killing him in Dark Reign: The List - Punisher, in which Daken sliced him like he was part of a lunch meal. And as such, there is no love lost as it was evident in Dark Wolverine #88. Now, with Franken-Castle #19 at the helm of this crossover, can it continue the momentum that Dark Wolverine's final con...

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Daken's Punishment 0

By now, everybody and their mother knows what happened between Punisher and Daken the first time they had their fight, as depicted in Dark Reign: The List - Punisher. To call it one of the most brutal executions ever witnessed in a comic book medium is nothing short of an understatement. And its immediate consequence regarding Punisher was easily visible, by being turned into a Frankenstein version of himself. Now it's time for Franken-Castle to get some much needed revenge on his part. Join me...

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This is AWESOME! *claps 5x* 0

Last time on Batman Beyond, I gave a review of Issue #1, how it manages to get readers reacquainted with the world of Terry McGinnis, and its now canonized merger into the main DCU, but I also griped at how short the issue became. A month later passes, and needless to say, Adam Beechen, may have just made a exemplary job at how to elevate the momentum of Batman Beyond with Issue #2. With more ups and downs than the current political state of the United States, it's my review of Batman Beyond #2!...

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The Last Hurrah for The Red Circle 0

Last October, J. Michael Straczynski undertook a task of revitalizing the long forgotten heroes of Archie's Red Circle Comics, primarily focusing on The Web, The Hangman, Inferno, and The Shield, in the same style he has done beforehand with Marvel's The Twelve. Now, after successful debuts, yet disappointing overall sales from the ongoing monthly issues from both The Web and The Shield, it has culminated into a last gambit to a...

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"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing out there?" 0

J. Michael Straczynski can finally have a week where he won't be forever linked for drastically changing Wonder Woman's status quo. He's beginning the new arc of Superman, aptly titled "Grounded", and if there was any indication of his preview last month, this will be a very touching issue, that I think at least, this story will be remembered fondly for years to come. While Luthor's off finding the black rings, and Kara's set to deal with her Bizarro clone, Supes is just walking across America. ...

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Paul Cornell's Lex Luthor on Action Comics 0

Well, as I said in my Batman Beyond review, I have heard some good things about Paul Cornell's issue of Action Comics #890 with Lex Luthor. And now, I can safely say, I'm a believer. Never in my life, have I found myself so easily enthralled in one man's quest to regain a lost measure of power he briefly held during The Blackest Night. And every review that has been based on this issue gives it unanimous praise for its storytelling. So, seeing how I finally got the issue in the first place, I...

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Captain Boomerang: Rebirth? 0

Sorry on the timing of this review, meant to do this sooner. So, here we are, and this issue of The Flash #3 seems to have a slow approach, but it's worth it, for it makes the issue more easier to enjoy. Time to slip on those Flash rings, or in this case, grab a pair of boomerangs, it's time for the review of The Flash #3.  The GoodFrancis Manapul again comes through with both his duties in covers and in interior art, especially on an issue that highlights Captain Boomerang coming back to the ma...

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The End is The Beginning 0

Well, friends, the time has come. The Red Circle now reaches its final stage by ending the ongoing monthly of The Web. It is with sadness that I got to read this issue, not just emotional, but substantial. Join me as I give the review for the final issue of The Web, before he and Hangman jump onto The Mighty Crusaders.  The GoodThe issue starts by solidifying antagonism in The Global Concern, as they unleash their most nefarious plot against Web for constantly interfering in their work on Issue ...

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Batman Beyond #1 0

It is by sheer perseverance and by luck of the draw that I am able to review this issue, for at the time that I came to the store, there were only 2 issues left of Batman Beyond #1. Meaning? A lot of people have wanted this mini-series to finally happen. As it is more apparent that the DCU's not-so distant future will include Terry McGinnis, this issue brings another contribution to lobby his stay, but the current problem he's enduring seems a little... familiar. So... Ah, slag it, I don't have ...

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In Your Satin Tights, Fighting for Your Rights. 1

OK, everyone, let's get this out of the way. When William Moulton Marston created this dashing warrior, it has gone (and it's still going) through some changes. The marvelous contributions of George Perez, Greg Rucka, and Gail Simone, the aberrations of William Messner-Loebs, the near-unpolitically correct blunder of Eric Luke, and now, the contributions of J. Michael Straczynski. But before JMS can put his hands on an iconic figure like Diana Prince, we are here rewarded with a collection of th...

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Avengers Academy #1 (Permanent Record Part #1) 0

All this continued hoopla of "I am an Avenger" must mean that there should be some good stories coming out of it, right? BM Bendis proved us readers right with Avengers #1 and New Avengers #1, as well as Brubaker's Secret Avengers #1. So could Christos N. Gage muster the same degree of success? Let's find out.  The GoodThe recruits' origins are brief and to the point, which is what about the only good thing I can find about this issue, as well as introducing the teachers in this academy. The art...

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Barry Allen, Welcome Back. 0

As Geoff Johns did before with Hal Jordan by bringing him back into prominence with a new volume of Green Lantern, he has done admirably as well with Barry Allen, and this subsequent new volume of The Flash #1. It is easily visible that Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul pulled out ALL the stops to make this first issue that's under the Brightest Day banner a memorable one. So grab your Flash Rings, and dash on over to my review of The Flash #1.  The Good  The Flash #1 is just a visual and verbal t...

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Joker's Asylum II: Killer Croc (Beauty and The Beast) 0

This month, DC Comics has been treating us readers with one-shots of some of the most eccentric, and in this case, savage characters in Batman's Rogues Gallery, with a morbid, dark narrative from Joker himself. This issue is based on Waylon Jones, a.k.a. Killer Croc. I'll tell you, as far as one-shots go, this is as twisted in humor as Joker's Asylum II: The Riddler, but a complete 180 degree differential from the Harley Quinn one-shot. As that's out of the way, ladies and gentlemen, sit back, a...

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Batman #700 Review 1

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson. Damian Wayne. Terry McGinnis. These four men have a common trait. They're in the high-profile 700th issue of Batman. For a comic that's exactly 60 years old, it managed to insert all its history without dealing with the leftover bulk. This is not only a visit through all of Batman's history, it also has an engaging story that manages to link the past, the present, the future, and the beyond, all into one. It is my h...

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Superman/Batman Annual #4 Review (Back to Greatness) 2

The announcement of Dan DiDio bringing back Terry McGinnis, the brainchild of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm into the spotlight after years of fans clamoring for his return since 52 was met with open arms by many who grew up watching Batman Beyond. From being featured in this annual issue to having a mini-series, it seems like the Batman of the Future may have a home in the DCU. And after reading this issue, not only he has a home, he's set to be a long-time resident. Terry McGinnis, welcome home. And...

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The Web #9 Review 3

Hey, guys. So this is the next-to-last issue for the ongoing series of The Web, to which I happen to enjoy personally. Needless to say, I'm going to miss his series, it was shorter than his Impact run. Thus, I'll give my review of The Web #9. The Good Well, it starts off following the cliffhanger of The Web #8, in which John Raymond, seemingly dies at the hands of The Stunner, with Deuces Wilde and Martin Scott as witnesses. Roger Robinson, with every issue, he strives to improve his renditions ...

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War of the Supermen #4 Review 0

Okay, I'm not going to mince words.    SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.With New Krypton gone, Flamebird and Nightwing burnt to a crisp and reduced to childhood respectively, Sam Lane actually dead (this time), Zod's army in the Phantom Zone (again), and New Krypton gone, it infuriated me how much Sterling Gates and James Robinson wanted to reset all the changes made by Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka, and even on the pair's own changes. I'm not going to even make a long review as...

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The Mighty Crusaders Special (One-Shot) Review 0

The Shield, The Web, The Hangman, and Inferno, join forces to prevent having a mystic safe box from falling in the wrong hands.  As unfortunate as it sounds, both Web and Shield ongoing series will be axed next month. In the meantime, this one-shot sets the landscape ready for The Mighty Crusaders mini-series, and thankfully, the issue doesn't require you to read both Shield and Web #9 to get a grasp of the story.  The Good The team of Matt Sturges, Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, and John Rozum ...

4 out of 5 found this review helpful.