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Heroes who need their own movie

These characters are great. Hell, they're better than great. So much that they need their own movie.

List items

  • Batman meets Spider-Man, with a huge potential to be a breakout star.

  • His concept would be awesome at the jump. Think Black Hawk Down meets Universal Soldier.

  • I can see a classic civil war tale mixed into his movie.

  • A fighter with schizophrenia attacks. Would be great in the current Marvel continuity.

  • There's already an Ant-Man movie in the works, DC, showcase your little guy!

  • Before he's introduced in the JSA, he needs his own movie. He has great potential as shown in his short film in JL: Crisis in Two Earths.

  • His animated movie was awesome. How about a live-action movie for him?

  • The ultimate vato shooting people up because his sister was brutally killed by his former boss. Think of it as A Man Apart with George Lopez.

  • Marvel's got SHIELD. DC should use Checkmate.

  • It's like The Losers meets Kick-Ass, minus Nicholas Cage.