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Something from my MSN blog.

Before I started writing another entry in this lawlwess book of mine, several things have happened that greatly made me reflect.
As of late, I have always been judged by disapproving stares from people that doesn't comprehend my strifes, let alone, my conflicts. But little did I know, that irony would play to my favor. For once in this life, the world seems just. I have come from class, ruminating on doing the dreadful chores that await me. Now one of these self-proclaimed justifiers, the supposed shining example of the school skipped class, taking a page out of my former playbook. The irony was rich, instantaneous, and ecstatic. All I could do to respond to such event, was to stare into her eyes, a long, serious, deadly look that may have sunk into her soul.
At first I saw her confusion, and then I briefly saw her fear. Once I saw that, I ended my stare abruptly. The realization that I brought fear to someone without making any threats, physical or verbal, was almost too much for me to take in all at once. I felt and saw her fear, and what it devolved her and the people who she imitates. That without the makeup, without the hairstyle, without the designer clothes and all this irrelevant crap they parade with, they're broken shells of their false selves. Without that false sense of security, they're just as pathetic as they deem me to be. I felt their fear. And I loved it.

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