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Religion+Blind Followers=Bullshit


What does a sketch by George Carlin, viewing a video regarding The DC Universe: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and having to hear a Jehovah's Witness babble, have in common?

That George Carlin, God rest his soul, ironically, was right; Religion is bullshit.

When I put more attention to a mere children's pop-up book over sycophantic pleas and insincere compliments, you know a dead man's word is as much truth as the propaganda these salesmen of faith try to jam down people's throats. Aside from the obvious notion I have regarding this form of enlightenment, to which I'm increasingly being more distrusting about, seeing how these are the same people that constantly harassed my mother with sexual innuendos, the general attempt that they try to lure me in to their hive mind collective is pretty much insulting to me.

Simply put, what's the point of having free will, if you're being nagged and strong-armed into joining a religion, and God help you if you rebuke their offer, for it automatically sends you to damnation. I actually would feel a lot better if a person were to tell me a "Fuck You", at least it'd be sincere, and to the point.

Now, before you guys decide to say that I'm acting rash and irrational about this, let me stop you right here. I'm not. I'm saying all of this because I had to endure all of this early in my childhood.

Being ridiculed at Kingdom Halls for not remembering a certain quote from the Bible, being scolded for not singing a hymn along with the rest of the hypocrite sheep, actually having my time to watch The Batman/Superman Adventures interrupted because a pair of Witnesses wanted to do a surprise Bible Study...

It appears that John 8:7 has either slipped their mind, or decided to willingly ignore it altogether. Because for all the times I have been scolded and singled out by these two-faced suck-ups, just because I listened to Eminem, or watched Pokémon, they have committed worse things than I have done. They're a blight, and a warped misrepresentation of the concept of God Jehovah (See, JWs, I'm not that ignorant) and Jesus Christ's teachings. The fact that the people who judge me are nothing more than the same scum they vilify in their sermons, the same pigs who roll around in the pig sty that is indecency they visibly dislike, is already infuriating, and a concrete point in my argument, hence the saying, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

And don't get me started on the issue of birthdays...

But what ticks me off the most, is the same torture of having to go door-to-door, pushing this drivel to other people, subtly forcing them to believe what they believe, is still being practiced. The fact that I see kids nowadays, 6,7,8,9-year-old kids, trying to quickly pass you a Watchtower pamphlet in order to please their parents, is appalling to me, and in my opinion, is akin to child abuse. Sure, the physical assault isn't there, or the verbal abuse, but the fact that you're practically forcing your child to parrot your beliefs... Why that's no better than what Fox News is doing through Glenn Beck. Except, cops die after a person listens to Glenn Beck, or takes his crap seriously.

Now, this is where you point out that I'm a hypocrite, because at some point in either facebook, or if you're really lucky, you have met me in real life, have heard me use these concepts in a positive light. To that, I say, I did, in the sense that I believe in God Jehovah and Jesus Christ (See, I'm being a hypocrite right now, does that satisfy?), and I believe that the only commandments I have to follow are to love thy neighbor and cast the first stone if you're without sin.

I've been a thief, I'm sure as hell, have been an adulterer at most of my blooming life, I don't worship pagan statues, yet I've bear false witness in order to get even with people that fucked me over, on the Sabbath, all I do is sleep at my house, as for the rest of the week I either fuck around or go to school, take your pick. I would flesh out the rest of the commandments, but I have a feeling that it'll bore you, and there are some things that deserve to stay in my mind, 'kay?

Batman said it best in Secret Six #2: I leave temptation alone and temptation does me the same courtesy. I'm not going to outright fall into a vitriolic, antagonistic point of view to them forever and ever like Terry Funk. All I want is for this collective cesspool of hatred and lies (I'll give you a cookie if you catch the reference...) is to leave me alone, and I'll leave it alone. No more, no less. Simple as that.

And this is coming from a former Jehovah's Witness and a former Mormon. So yeah, more validity towards my manifest.

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