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From Celebration and Excellence to Castration and Excrement

By now, everyone has heard the news, LeBron James is going to the Miami Heat. Sure, people in Miami are ecstatic about realizing this grand, mad dream of gaining the triumvirate of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, but just as that's a solid fact, there's also the fact that Cleveland, Ohio is suffering the worst heartbreak they ever endured since Michael Jordan's shot crushed the Cavaliers in the 1992-93 Conference Finals. But as justified as their emotional anguish is towards LeBron, it also borders on the insane.
Dan Gilbert, the owner of these Cavaliers, went out of his way to lambaste, eviscerate, maim LeBron James' personality and respects towards making his all-too publicized "Decision", which was on ESPN, no less. From calling him narcissistic, to making an emotionally charged guarantee that Cleveland will win an NBA Title before James gets to achieve one, and declaring James' actions a betrayal. Oh, and calling him a bad example to kids, in the process, and calling him selfish for doing this just for the money and the championship. And then there's Clevelanders burning his jerseys like it was out of style.
This is childish. Not the fact that LeBron garnered all this attention to declare his decision, but the way Cleveland reacted to this series of events. I agree with Gilbert, that James seemed like he gave up in Games 5 and 6 against Boston, and that he could've warned them in advance. But this is disgraceful. Stupid. Senseless. Instead of burning those shirts, they could've hung them up, like a regular human being, or if you're a businessman, have the jersey framed and auctioned. But it seems that blind emotion won the day.
It also goes to show you what a difference a day makes. From being hailed as a hero and the face of the league, to a selfish villain who did it all for the fame. I can make a million cases that proves that James, Bosh, and Wade all willingly agreed to take a lower pay to sign with Miami in the hope of bringing championships to the Magic City. I can easily state that James could've stayed with Cleveland and take that six year/$120 million deal if he really wanted the money. He could've taken Charles Barkley's advice of just doing it on his own. But the thing with LeBron, is that, unlike Barkley, he's made it to the Finals. And unlike Barkley, once again, he will not rest until he wins an NBA Title.
All I have to say to this, let reason and common sense sink in. Cleveland, you're a city that endured so many heartbreaks, that you're given all the rights in the world to be mad at this travesty. But instead of hating this guy for wanting to be a winner, focus on being winners yourselves. This was going to happen, not just in Cleveland. It happened in Toronto with Bosh, but Bosh wasn't vilified for going to Miami, wasn't he? It happened in Phoenix, with Stoudemire going to the Knicks, but nobody went and burned his Suns jersey, did they?
Who knows, at the end of the day, maybe Miami can't handle all the pressure, maybe they will, and probably exceed expectations while they're at it. But the lesson that needs to be learned from this, emotions can make or break anyone. You don't believe me? Ask Don Gilbert, who's still seething in anger, both understandable and self-righteous.
What's your take on this, guys?

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