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I only have 9 minutes. So I'll get to the point. Anger is a common emotion, more common for me, because I have to deal with disappointments, obstacles, and most of all, misunderstandings.
8 minutes. Normally I would rant about how Republicans would look stupid with every word that comes out of their mouth. Now I learned that it's unfair to generalize.
7 minutes now. The reason I'm talking about anger is why does the simple fact of my distaste for math impede in the way of me registering for courses in the summer?
6 minutes and I still wonder why now is when these pundits decide to put my future to a halt. All I ever did was have an underachieving GPA because bullshit is a constant in my life.
5 minutes lingering while I ponder, is this farce worth continuing? I'm stuck in the proverbial fork in the road wondering to keep going or to throw everything to hell, even my humanity.
4 minutes. Anger still seethes from me. I start to distrust people, I don't take them for their word anymore. All it takes is one act, and one act was all it took to distrust again.
3 minutes. I ponder if this is the mindset I will permanently have. To not trust anyone, to be a loner, to rebel against everyone, friend or foe.
2 minutes now. You'd read this and dismiss this as writings of a nutjob. But I stopped caring. I stopped giving a fuck. That's how drastic this change is affecting me.
1 fucking minute. In this concluding minute, I simply want to say this. This isn't April Fool's for me. It just is another day that my positive outlook on humanity has been dismantled, and the people I do trust will be fewer than few.
No minutes left. On behalf of me, I wish no pity. On behalf of humanity, God help us all.

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