Top Secret War's Tie in's (So Far)

I am currently reading every secret wars tie in and wanted to list my top 10, enjoy!

List items

  • This series has just taken my breath away so far. I love everything about ait and would love to see it become ongoing after secret wars, even tho it probably wont.....

  • Everyting about this series screams nostalgia, it is a great throwback especially if you grew up in the 90's. I really feel like a kid again reading this.

  • Ok, just imagine Magik becoming the queen of the underworld and ruling it and her brother Colossus constantly having to fight demon hords to try and save her and turn her back? That is this series and it is wonderful, violent, witty and great art.

  • Secret Wars Journal has 2 stories in each issue and is just one of the funnest times iv had reading in quite some time. Cheesy 80's Miami Vice, 1940's Cop Noir with Detective Logan, Chef Matt Murdock, and much more. Fun awaits you reading this!

  • A story about Kitty Pryde's Daughter and Wolverines son having to become the last hope for the mutant race. Seeing a complete apocalyptic wasteland and an underground mutant fighting force taking on sentinels is great to see.

  • This continuation of Old Man Logan is most welcome in my library. Seeing how things are after the book is really cool and the way it is mixing into the Secret Wars universe is very cool.

  • The first issue to this was great! I have been waiting so long to see more of the AOA universe, seeing fabio Scott Summers and his brother Havoc be evil badasses and Magneto and one armed Logan is just a sight to see, I cant wait for issue 2.

  • Seeing Carol Danvers run a squad in a world war 2 setting is really cool. Everyone has a very distinct personality and the story is getting really good. If your a fan of her you will really like this.

  • Now this was my biggest surprise, I had no expectations for this and man was I surprised. A what if story if peter had ended up dying and now Agent Venom is trying to put a stop to everything. This is some of my favorite art right now, it's weird but alot of fun.

  • This is so cool, a group of freedom fighters, blind musician Matt Murdock, swave smooth talking Blackbolt and others running this crew to fight against corruption, an overall really enjoyable read.