Super Siblings

Superpowered brothers and sisters.

The Power Pack
The Power Pack

List items

  • Miranda Rand, older half-sister of of Danny "Iron Fist" Rand. Martial arts. (Marvel)

  • Older brother of Stacey Pilgrim. Martial arts, guitar skills, and magic sword. (Oni Press)

  • Younger sister of Scott Pilgrim. No powers. (Oni Press)

  • Brother of Umar. Magic Powers. (Marvel)

  • Sister of Dormammu. Magic Powers (Marvel)

  • Brother of Gregori Arcane. Mad scientist. (DC)

  • Gregori Arcane, brother of Anton Arcane%3B father of Abby Arcane-Holland, father-in-law of Alec "Swamp Thing" Holland, and grandfather of Tefe Holland. Superhuman strength as the zombie-like Patchwork Man. (DC)

  • Scott Summers, older brother of Alex and Gabriel. Laser vision. (Marvel)

  • Alex Summers, younger brother of Scott and older brother of Gabriel. Cosmic energy blasts. (Marvel)

  • Gabriel Summers, younger brother of Scott and Alex. Various powers. (Marvel)

  • Athena Tremor, half-sister of Angel O'Day. Super strength. (DC)

  • Angel Beatrix O'Day, half sister of Athena Tremor. Detective Skills and partner of a super-smart ape named Sam Simeon. (DC)

  • Older sister of Crystal. Long, prehensile hair. (Marvel)

  • Younger sister of Medusa. Control over air, water, earth, and fire. (Marvel)

  • Twin brother of Kyle Katayanagi. High intelligence in comic and magic DJ skills in movie. (Oni Press)

  • Twin brother of Ken Katayanagi. High intelligence in comic and magic DJ skills in movie. (Oni Press)

  • Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Spider-Man and younger sister of Gayle Watson. No powers. (Marvel)

  • Older brother of Lena Thorul; he named his daughter Lena Luthor after her aunt. Mad genius. (DC)

  • Younger sister of Lex Luthor. Changed her last name from "Luthor" to "Thorul" when she discovered that Lex is a criminal. (DC)

  • Amora, older sister of Lorelei. Magic powers. (Marvel)

  • Younger sister of Amora the Enchantress. Magic Powers. (Marvel)

  • Younger half-brother of Savant. Various powers. (Wildstorm)

  • Older half-sister of Majestrate. Various powers. (Wildstorm)