Top 5 favorite anime soundtracks

I always feel of all shows ive watched

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  • My favorites would be

    -Happily ever after

    -Trust through the heavens with your spirit

    -sorairo days full

    Of all the soundtracks I listened to in the anime I watched, I found myself stuck with this the longest. Theres always hints of beauty when watching this and of all the anime I have watched, this makes me shed tears the most.

  • some of my favorites would be

    -YouSeeBigGirl T-T ( especially the 1st half )

    -Vogel Im Kafig

    -Reluctant Heroes

    etc etc etc.

    Almost every single piece of soundtrack is incredible in this anime, it never fails to add depth to the events happening in the show, its always so deep and dark I love it.

  • Though I wasn't able to find some of the track names, some of my favorites would be

    - 1,000,000% detroit smash theme

    - All Might's United States Smash theme

    - You say Run

    Truly a heroic experience watching the anime. Its just beautiful the way they represent heroes.

  • The scores here are just awesome, specially the trailers. They were the mood setter before the show came out, and the fight scenes that go along with it makes it a piece of art.

    - Red Like Roses

    - I burn

    - Mirror Mirror

  • Mostly from brotherhood since its the only one I watched. I love it when the opening/ending are in instrumental form

    -Ray of Light ( instrumental )

    -All is One, One is All

    -Chrisis in the North


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Jojo better be number 6 there lol

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@stalin-is-steel: sadly I never watched Jojo, I did listen to this though and it was pretty cool

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