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Words cannot really explain how much I enjoyed Violet Evergarden, it may have had a slow start for me, but ever since understanding more and more and learning more and more about sympathy, empathy, emotion and love especially in a post world war scenario following a character who only knew war. Something I won't spoil, but it certainly does touch my heartstrings quite a lot.

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  • Yep my no.1 nowadays. The depth of this anime is endless, always grew up with this anime since then. I did find it fantastic already since season 1 and really enjoyed the soundtracks. A lot of people called it overrated during the time of season 1 so was kind of afraid of putting it out there as one of my favorites or basically my favorite. Since season 3 and now season 4 as well as how the manga is going right now, without a doubt, its my no.1

  • Goes without question my favorite romantic comedy xD. I didn't watch the anime, was a manga reader for this all the way. It never slowed down for me.

  • I just really enjoyed Holo's character for the most part. That it, it feels different compared to everything I've watched. Its artstyle, that I honestly can't imagine this being remastered with better quality. I like it for the way it is. Hard to describe really, and economics being a big part, certainly sets it apart from the many I've watched.

  • Nuff said, this was really good.

  • I don't care, this just made me forget everything about criticizing anime haha.

  • This anime just aged wayyy too good. I'm a sucker to comedies. I think for having watched like every gosh darn Isekai ( Shield Hero, Re:Zero, Overlord, The Slime Isekai, even the Spider Isekai manga ), this came of as a funny refresher. I put it so high because out of all the anime's, this gave me the most laughs.

  • BROTHERHOOD. Never watched the first one. Interestingly, this was actually "technically" my first anime, if you discount Naruto which I never finished.

    Holds a special place for me, now that I think objectively of all the anime that I've watched. In all honesty, with many years that passed, this is the anime where I remember all the characters so fondly.

    Favorites definitely go to Bradley and Greedling though.

  • I'd rather not go to another One Punch Man comic vine thread, if it meant keeping it as one of my favorite anime for its comedy. I looked up some stuff in the webcomic and goodness, it just keeps getting funnier. I think personally, the only thing I didn't enjoy from the manga from Yusuke that was the monster association intensified and dragged the action of the monster arc wayy too long. I am just waiting for the really funny bits with King, and for the plot to progress after that because I am sure it will get even better once that comes to pass. That said, it is one of the best I've seen cuz its so gosh darn hilarious, specially since season 1. Those were really good times.

  • Yeah, I get it, it can be trash to some but loveable for others. I belong to the latter xD.

  • I can't claim to be a Fates fan, but this is some of the best that I've watched.

  • It only belongs here because of the movie.

  • Top quality anime, it was definitely such a memorable experience watching this.

  • Have to put this right below Your Name. I didn't go with the mindset that it was just a Your Name copy like a lot of people did. I do love it for what it is.

  • I really enjoyed it back then. I remember how immersed I was into the world and visuals. Even the manga art is fantastic.

  • JUST SAYING, I ONLY WATCHED KAI. Don't expect me to know everything about Dragon Ball. That said, i've converted to shonen trash nowadays. But dang, nothing, absolutely nothing for me, beats the first super saiyan transformation in terms of build up, hype, etc. Its such an old anime, but no anime for does transformations better than DBZ IMO. I guess the fact that Freiza arc was draggy that it worked in its favor.

  • Only read the manga, and this technically was the reason I got into Dragon Ball xD. Loveable cast, every single one of the sins, Elizabeth and some of the side characters too.

  • Enjoyable.

  • Bye Bye Yesterday.......

  • Something is just so uplifting about watching this anime.