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@sazzmi said:

Quicksilver only slows time. What you're looking for is Bangle of Time.

He's fast enough to keep up either way honestly and you just have to pair it with something that actually slows time. Bangle of Time may actually stop time completely, but the end result may be the same.

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@kingcrimson: Because he doesn't use it other than in gameplay? Most of the action is in the gameplay ya know, and its something he'd use.

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If that’s the Case they that would means the only thing DD has going for him was Durability to match Supes During the time of BvS. Diana was only able to last as long as she did due to he shield. I really doubt she can take repeated strikes from DD without her Equipment.

The only thing I only wanted to prove is that Diana at her best is around the same tier. She does also seem like she can trade blows, especially when she traded headbutts with Superman in JL, despite inevitably losing.

He clearly was able to perceive it as shown in the scene. It showed him looking directly at the fight and moving his head to track what was going on. I agree with you with what constitutes for striking which is the speed and power of the bpnch But...

He can perceive Doomsday doing casual movements and its not like every character is going to be doing full supersonic locomotion. But if its going to be full on thrusts directly at him, chances are he is never gonna know whats coming.

You are confusing reaction and combat speed. You aren’t going to see Doomsday or Diana blitz or move around the battle at Mach speeds. Like the scene where Faora blitzed and took out a group of Soldiers in MoS. THAT was Mach speed combat speed.

I am not confusing anything. I don't see how carrying a punch at mach speed sets it apart from combat speed, or in any case this is nothing combat irrelevant.

I’m also just looking at what is right on the screen. If you noticed whenever WW struck Doomsday herself no Mach Cone was visible at all.

There doesn't have to be a mach cone to demonstrate supersonic speed, that is why I said she can be supersonic in her own way. She can react and block hits from Doomsday, and swing her arms at a speed to match automatic fire from bullets. That is more than enough to suggest she has supersonic reaction times and combat speed. It doesn't have to just be mach cones. Fictional characters don't need prerequisites to perform better feats. They just have to perform it.

Not even when she swung her sword. Not even when she blitzed. Let me post show you. Post a scene that shows WW herself move at Mach Speeds.

Like here?

No Caption Provided

She is moving her arm to match the speed of a bullet, and casually. That already says a lot about how fast she is when she swings her blades or gets into close quarters. This isn't even getting to the feats she performed from JL, or at the end of Wonder Woman where she blitzes people before gravity even takes place suggesting her perception was already leagues above anyone's or when she managed to blitz Ares which just goes to show her combat speed is comparable to her running speed.

This isn’t mental Gymnastics it’s just an observation.

What is wrong is that your observation is mental gymnastics.

She moved relative to the things around her such as the fire, other things being blown around in the Wind, and even Batman in the scene you posted where DD struck her.

Dude there are feats like catching on fire from speed, or legitimately deflecting lightning yet everything around them moves normally. You can't go around and take things from the background that aren't even important to what makes a feat. You are gonna take away thousands of feats just because you are observing things that aren't supposed to be observed. Not everyone is going to make things go in slow motion around them to demonstrate a feat and are not gonna go out of their way to make the feat realistic to everything around them. I shouldn't be telling what to look or what not to look at for you to tell that what you are claiming is an absurd claim to disprove them as supersonic.

I can by she has Mach speed reaction but when people act as if she can dance around her opponent at Mach speeds that’s when I have to disagree

The one thing I did have a problem with you was because you were constantly using Doomsday's showing of Batman being able to perceive him to show he wasn't supersonic if that was what you were getting it. DD not getting to Batman is definitely a low showing for Batman anyway you look at it.

Now if you think she can't constantly move at mach speeds is another case, but I disagree with this. Her showing of going on a blitzing spree with the end result demonstrating she went so fast the shockwave sent them flying is a one up to Faora's showing against soldiers, and she did this just by running really really fast.

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Scoot, Eli, and Bart

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Always looking for adventure, always looking to try new things, always trying to take new heights in EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! They don't care where they go, as long as there are places to go boom boom, they will take it. Looking for any interesting places to blow up, at least where it is allowed, they will take any quest or adventure and somehow, came across here.

NameMěinǚ Eterno
AgeAll Of Them twins 10 years old
Personality TraitsStupid, but smart at the same time. They excel at engineering mines
LikesHaving fun and big explosions

Not seeing explosions and alchemy


  1. Race - Goblins
  2. Class - Artificer
  3. Body - Revolver Ocelot
  4. Gear - Bombs
  5. Skillset - Fatman from MGS 2
  6. Perk - Techies mines
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Even then she was clearly outmatched by DD.

She couldn't beat or put down Doomsday in the same way Superman couldn't beat or put down Doomsday, but its not like they were in a different tier, otherwise Diana wouldn't have lasted as long as she should have, or would have even blocked his attacks.

The only reason she remained in the fight was do to hear and even then she was still outmatched.

da what?

Batman was able to do both to a Doomsday and even in the scene you posted he was clearly able to see what was happening in the fight.

Thats not the point, even if he were able to perceive it, it clearly illustrates Doomsday doing a punch in supersonic speed which is the point of the scene. It is its own way of illustrating the speed and power behind Doomsday's punches, and you can't be so nitpicky about it.

That was a shockwave not a Mach Connie. Notice how it only appeared after it made contact with WW.

A shockwave illustrated in the way they made it look like it was a mach cone, hence why Wonder Woman had a mach cone behind her when she was sent with that same punch.

Not only that that’s not Combat speed. That’s a good striking feat for him to his her so hard she broke the sound barrier.

Do you understand the physics behind a punch? If you are going to send anyone at mach speed, you have to punch for the equivalent or more than the speed the person was sent flying. That is the speed he is accelerating his fist and I don't understand why do you think that has nothing to do with combat speed.

Sure you can. Look at man of Steel. They did so perfectly with Faora and Supes school Zod.

What you are doing is scaling off their speed to minimal effects, and you can do the exact same thing with the scene where Zod and Superman were exchanging blows so you can disprove them going supersonic. They didn't do it perfectly and it doesn't matter if a movie somehow manages to pull off every bit of physics as accurate, because in the end that is just another attempt at mental gymnastics which is stupid when debating fictional mediums. Some things just aren't meant to be drawn to scale. You are only making things overcomplicated for no apparent reason rather than just getting the clear accurate message with their portrayal.

I have yet to see WW blitz or constantly move around the Battlefield at Mach speeds.

But she can deal with characters who can accelerate themselves at supersonic speeds and deflect supersonic projectiles at point blank range making her a good deal supersonic in her own unique way.

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Doomsday, I can only see Thor as a factor.

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You can’t scale her of Supes at all after JL. He so far eclipsed her in every category that is hilarious.

I didn't mean after JL, but since B v S, meaning the Wonder Woman after Man Of Steel.

And that’s not a low showing to DD that is actually consistent. The was a scene where Batman was clearly able to track wAnd Doomsday fighting.

There is a difference between tracking something and actually being able to dodge something. Fast characters forgetting to use their speeds, isn't an issue of them not being able to do so for any fictional medium.

Not only that but even the. Nothing about the WW van DD fight suggested they were moving at Mach speeds.

Yes there was. He was literally breaking the sound barrier with his punches and sent Wonder Woman at those speeds, which she tanked.

No Caption Provided

One thing I took into consideration was the fire in the background. Their movements were relative to that of the fire and everything else flying around in her background.

You cannot portray a supersonic scene in real time. Its not possible in any fictional medium to get it consistently right. Fire isn't an effect that is drawn to scale.

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Notice how he’s only posting feats of characters that would utterly destroy WW lol.

He’s scaling her off of Supes and Acting as if Dodging Doomsday is soooo special... When a peak human did it lol.

You can scale off Wonder Woman to Doomsday and Superman, because ever since her debu appearance she was segmented as around the same league as both of them. There isn't any reason to believe she wasn't on the same league previously, especially after Wonder Woman where she would possibly get much more powerful and her aoe attacks are on the high end area since B v S.

Doomsday not being able to tag Batman is a low showing from Doomsday. Its not uncommon for characters to have low showings.

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