Wiki Task Theme: Vertigo [UPDATED]

      This is NOT a super hero
      This is NOT a super hero
This week the theme of our Wiki Task Queue is VERTIGO.  Super awesome Comic Vine member Caligula sent me a PM asking for some vertigo love, so let's make the love. No?  Jump into the wiki task queue and assign yourself some tasks. Let's let the world know Comic Vine is NOT just about superheroes and villains in spandex.  We're not just about all things bulging, no sir.   We're also about demons and fairy tales and swampy smelly things.  

Ok, so Vertigo tasks did alright but not the greatest theme we've done.  Before that we did a villains theme that you guys really did a great job on.  This week, since THOR is playing in theaters, we're going back to all the major/minor Thor character pages and writing about their appearance/role in the movies.  You can see a blog post about that here.

I'll do a larger update on stats for April, but for now, here's a graph of top wiki task closers.

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