Wiki Task Queue Theme Suggestions

I need help thinking of wiki task THEMES!!!!!!!
I need help thinking of wiki task THEMES!!!!!!!

Do you have a good idea for a Wiki Task Queue Theme? Each week when I fill up the task queue I try to stick to a theme; like adding tons of X-Men or Green Lantern characters -- in preparation for the upcoming movies. Or I'll focus the tasks on adding image captions or writing plot summaries on story arcs. If you have ideas on sections of the site you'd like to get community help with, shout out the details here. Just tell us what the theme name is and link out to example pages. If other members show interest, I'll pick your idea for a weekly task theme.

Previous weekly task queue themes:

Making a theme week out of our wiki task queue is way more fun than a boring random list of wiki pages that need help. So, got some ideas for me?