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How do I PM all mods at once to report an issue?

- PM Mods (or on the right of the forum. remember to use this resource only in emergency if you can't contact an individual Mod)

Contact a staff member?

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Comic News, Reviews and Videos: @ComicVine

Comic Community (run by mods): @ComicViners

Site FAQ

Found a Bug?

- How To Submit A Bug Rules

Wiki Guides

Where do I report duplicate wiki pages (whether they be movies, shows, characters, etc)?

- Deletion Request Thread [Pages & Images]

How do I get rid of images (whether they are covers, duplicate images, bad quality images, etc)?

- also Deletion Request Thread [Pages & Images]

How do I change the main image of a character, team?

- Image Change Thread

How do I fix a misspelled or wrong name (whether it is of comic, character, etc)?

-Name & Alias Change Request Thread

How do I add / remove an aliast (whether it is on a comic, character, team, etc)?

-Name & Alias Change Request Thread

How do I add a new comic book issue?

- Add a Comic Book Thread

Forum Guidelines

Look this is a nice community we've got here. I don’t think we need a huge rule set other then saying “Be Nice”. It’s the Road House rules, be nice.

  • Don't youtube spam the boards.
  • You can link to other sites IF your topic is not spam.
  • No profanity on Comicvine.
  • No sexually explicit talk or images.

For more information, check out: Static Shock's Site Rules and FAQs

Wiki Styles and Guidelines:

- Please read What is a Plot Summary?

Do not Plagiarize

  • This means do not copy and paste text from Wikipedia -- or anywhere else -- into our site.
  • If you are caught plagiarizing your points will be brought back to ZERO (You’ll get a PM first).
  • Report plagiarism to the mods over a PM: Click here
  • More on Rooting out Plagiarism .

Where Do I Start?

- Check out The Poet's Wiki Editoral Lists for lists of pages that need possible improving!

Comic Book Titles:

- Should the title of the comic book be the title on the cover or the title on the interior mast head? Short answer, the interior mast head is the proper title. See this post.

Proper Names:

- Please please please capitalize names properly. Wolverine and not wolverine. See this post.

What comic information do we want?

- Only information from officially published comics and other comic book media like movies/tv.

For more info also see: